Zombie Nightmare (1987)

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A voodoo priestess resurrects a young man so he can enact vengeance on those who killed him.


Horror, Supernatural


Teenagers - Tony Blauer and Mark Kulik

William Washington - John Fasano

Louise Washington - Francesca Bonacorsa

Young Tony Washington - Jesse D'Angelo

Young Molly Mokembe - Tracy Biddle

Bob - Allan Fisher

Amy - Tia Carrere

Peter - Hamish McEwen

Susie - Manon E. Turbide

Jim - Shawn Levy

Man at Disco - Philip Pretten

Man's Date - Linda Smith

Bouncer - Michael D'Amico

Tony Washington - Jon Mikl Thor

Mr. Peters - Walter Massey

Molly Mokembe - Manuska Rigaud

Mary Batten - Gail Garfinkle

Fred Batten - James Rae

Maggie - Linda Singer

Janitor - Charly Biddle

Frank Sorrell - Frank Dietz

Cops - David Gow, Andre Savard, Gaston Perreault, Jay Boivin

Medical Examiner - Dean Hagopian

Churchman - Adam West

Punks - Tony Bua and Yvon Grise



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Detailed Synopsis

In the past, William Washington is coaching a little league baseball game while Tony Washington, Louise Washington, Molly Mokembe and two Teenagers watch. Molly walks away and the Teenagers follow her. The Teenagers start to sexually assault Molly and when she screams, William runs over and saves her, but is stabbed to death in the process.

In the present, Tony is walking home from playing baseball when Louise reminds him that he was supposed to pick up groceries. Man at Disco and Man's Date are at the club sitting next to Bob, Amy, Peter, Susie and Jim. Man at Disco asks Jim to quiet down and Jim pulls a knife on him. The Bouncer then walks over and kicks them out. Tony is buying groceries from Mr. Peters when two Punks walk into the store. They pull out guns and tell Mr. Peters to give them the money from the register. Tony beats them up and throws them out of the store. As Tony is walking home, Jim hits him with his car and drives off. Mr. Peters flags a car down driven by James and Earl and they take Tony back to his house. Louise tells James and Earl to get Molly. Jim parks the car and tells Peter he enjoyed the feeling of taking someone's life. Molly arrives at Louise's house and tells James to get a live animal. Molly does voodoo over the body of Tony and Tony rises from the dead and screams.

Mary Batten is cooking when Jim walks into the kitchen. She asks him where Fred Batten's car is and Jim throws spaghetti at her. He goes outside and takes a different car to the Twist & Creme to meet up with Bob, Amy, Peter and Susie. He tells Peter that he dropped off Fred's car at his cousin's auto body garage. Bob tells the others that there is no news of a hit and run in the paper and Susie thinks maybe Tony wasn't killed. Jim flirts with Maggie, but she rejects him. After Peter and Susie play tennis they start kissing and the Janitor walks towards the court and Peter tells him that he will lock up. While Susie and Peter are in the hot tub, she thinks she hears something and asks Peter to go investigate. Zombie Tony attacks Peter and breaks his neck. He then chases after Susie and chokes her with a baseball bat before beating her to death with it. Later, the Janitor is questioned by Frank Sorrell. As Frank is looking at the onlookers, he sees Molly. One of the Cops tells Frank that the Medical Examiner wants to talk to him. The Medical Examiner tells Frank that the assailant was a very large person. Jim goes back to the Twist & Creme to meet with Bob and Amy and Bob reads from the paper that Peter and Amy supposedly overdosed on angel dust. Jim starts to laugh and tells Amy and Bob that he thinks Tony killed Susie and Peter. Jim goes and grabs Maggie's butt and she pushes him away.

At the police station, Frank tells Churchman about the Medical Examiner's report. Churchman then tells Frank that he gave the press the wrong cause of death on purpose. As Maggie is leaving work, Jim grabs her and starts to sexually assault her. Zombie Tony walks over to Jim and shoves the baseball bat through his chest. Frank questions Maggie who tells him a giant killed Jim. The Medical Examiner recognizes Jim and Frank finds a knife at the scene. Amy calls Bob and tells him that Jim is dead and she thinks they are next. One of the Punks is brought into the police station and Churchman tells Frank that the Punk is the killer. Churchman takes Frank for a drink, and Frank tells Churchman that he doesn't think the Punk is the killer. Zombie Tony continues to decay as Molly makes him rise from the dead again. As Frank is going through the case photographs he notices Molly is in multiple crime scene photos in the crowd. Frank shows Churchman the photos and Churchman recognizes Molly from when he was a Teenager and tried to rape her. Churchman calls Fred and tells him Molly is involved in Jim's murder. As Fred is going to his car, Zombie Tony attacks him and breaks his neck. Bob and Amy decide to rob Jim's uncle's garage to get some money. Frank arrives at Fred's house and a Cop tells him that Fred was killed similar to how the others were. The Medical Examiner tells him, he thinks the killer is the same one. Frank sees Molly and starts to follow her. While Amy and Bob are searching for the money at Jim's Uncle's garage, they are attacked by Zombie Tony. Zombie Tony kills Bob and Molly locks Frank in the garage. Zombie Tony kills Amy and attacks Frank, but then walks away. Churchman drives up and pulls a gun on Molly and tells her to get inside his car. Frank follows Zombie Tony to the cemetery where Churchman and Molly are also at. Molly tells Frank about how Churchman killed William and tried to rape her. Churchman shoots Zombie Tony which disintegrates. He then shoots Molly dead and is about to shoot Frank when Zombie William comes out of his grave and drags Churchman to hell.