Zone Troopers (1985)

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WWII American soldiers behind enemy lines discover an alien spaceship crash.


Science Fiction


The Sarge - Tim Thomerson

Joey - Timothy Van Patten

Mittens - Art LaFleur

Dolan - Biff Manard

The Alien - William Paulson

Col. Manheim - Peter Boom

S.S. SGT. Zeller - Max Turilli

The Radioman - Eugene Brell

The Lieutenant - John Leamer

The Medic - Bruce McGuire

The Fuhrer - Alviero Martin

S.S. Motorcyclist - Mike Manderville

S.S. Radioman - Achille Brunini

S.S. Sentry - Ole Jorgensen

S.S. Corporal - Peter Hintz

Zone Trooper Captain - Joshua McDonald

The Dream Girl - Anita Zagaria

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Detailed Synopsis

Somewhere in Italy in 1944, Joey is reading a Fantastic Fiction magazine, when Mittens asks him if he has the comic with the space alien women. Joey tells him he traded it for some Lucky Strike cigarettes and he trades Mittens the cigarettes for some candy bars. The Sarge walks over to The Medic and asks him how his feet are doing. The Radioman tries to get a hold of "Scotty One", but can't reach them. He tells The Sarge that he can't reach anyone and is getting interference. The Sarge asks to see The Radioman's compass and notices the needle on his compass is also spinning around. Dolan takes a photograph of Joey and Mittens and then introduces himself to them. Dolan then walks over to The Sarge and introduces himself. The Sarge tells The Lieutenant that he doesn't think they can wait for any of the others squads to arrive. The Lieutenant disagrees and walks away as he hears a noise, which he thinks are the other squads. The Lieutenant runs towards the sound and is shot dead. A platoon of Nazi soldiers crests a hill and starts shooting at the squad of American soldiers. The Medic is wounded and then shot and killed after pointing out his Red Cross arm band. While running to the woods with Joey, Mittens and Dolan, The Radioman is shot in the back and killed. The Sarge then circles around the Nazis and kills them. As he is walking towards the others, he appears to be shot, but miraculously survives and kills the Nazi who shot him. Joey tells The Sarge he thought he was surely dead and when Dolan brings up the myth of The Sarge's invincibility, The Sarge says the myth is fake.

As they are making their way through the woods, they are watched by The Alien. They are suddenly attacked by a mortar group and The Alien uses a device to vaporize a large tree branch that is about to fall on them. They take shelter in a building for the night and while Joey is on watch, he sees The Alien, walks back into the shelter and puts his Fantastic Fiction magazine in the campfire. In the morning, Joey asks Dolan if he has known many soldiers that have gone crazy from battlefield stress and then tells him about what he saw last night. Dolan tells Joey he probably saw a moose and Mittens tells Joey he saw a deer while he was on watch. Dolan convinces Mittens to take him to where he saw the deer. Joey is playing an imaginary baseball game with baseball cards when The Sarge walks up and The Sarge gets upset when he finds out Mittens and Dolan left to hunt a deer. Dolan and Mittens crest a hill and see an S.S. camp. Dolan wants to investigate, but Mittens refuses to go. Dolan then tells Mittens he is going to go pee. As The Sarge and Joey are searching for Mittens and Dolan, they come across weird metallic material that is cold to the touch. Dolan sneaks into the S.S. camp and sees drawings of an alien spacecraft and thinks it is a Nazi secret weapon.

Joey goes to look over a hill and sees the crashed alien spacecraft. Dolan is discovered by an S.S. Radioman who is then shot by Mittens. An S.S. Motorcyclist and his passenger arrive and Dolan is shot in the shoulder. Joey and The Sarge enter the spacecraft and make their way to the cockpit as Nazi soldiers surround the spacecraft. They find the remains of The Alien's co-pilot. The Sarge uses the spaceship's periscope and sees they are surrounded by Nazis. Col. Manheim sends an S.S. Corporal to investigate the spaceship. Joey finds an escape hatch from the cockpit and he and The Sarge sneak out of the spaceship. The S.S. Motorcyclist arrives and tells Manheim that they have captured some Americans including Dolan. As the Corporal and his squad are searching the spaceship, The Sarge has Joey drop a grenade into it, killing them. Mittens and Dolan are placed inside of a cage surrounded by German Shepherds. An S.S. Sentry comes and pulls Dolan and Mittens out of their cage and they are brought for questioning to Manheim. Mittens is beaten by S.S. SGT. Zeller for not answering questions. Manheim is brought to the cage holding The Alien and is shown how it is cocooned. Dolan is then brought to its cage and Manheim demands to know what he knows about The Alien. The Fuhrer arrives and is shown The Alien and as The Fuhrer is laughing in front of Mittens, Mittens punches him in the face. The Alien is put into a truck and Mittens and Dolan are put back into their cage.

Joey shows up wearing an S.S. uniform and tells Dolan and Mittens, The Sarge has a plan to rescue them. Zeller walks up to Joey and Joey knocks him unconscious. Manheim sees Zeller and initiates an alarm. Joey, Mittens and Dolan get into the truck holding The Alien and driven by The Sarge and they escape from the S.S. camp and also kill Zeller. A nazi fires a rocket at the vehicle, but The Alien uses a device to create a force field and Joey thanks The Alien. The Sarge parks the truck and has Mittens disable it. They find a tomb and hide inside of it for the night. The Sarge tells Dolan to take a walk with him and asks him what agency sent him, but Dolan tells him he was sent to to do a story about him, because the rumors that he can't die. Mittens pulls out a cigarette to smoke and The Alien takes it from him and eats it and then shows Mittens and Joey a glowing green device which he trades for another cigarette. Joey activates the device and The Dream Girl appears suddenly. Joey walks up to The Dream Girl and they kiss. Mittens takes the device and as he is trying to use it, The Dream Girl disappears. The next morning they discover The Alien missing and head towards the crashed rocket ship. They arrive and find another spaceship landed. The Zone Trooper Captain, The Alien and three more Zone Troopers walk towards the spaceship. Joey and Mittens run up the Zone Trooper Captain and introduce themselves and he uses a device to translate their words. The Zone Trooper Captain and the others then start to walk away and after Mittens ask if they have any women, the Zone Trooper Captain tells him The Alien is a female. The Alien shakes Joey's hand and then walks onto the spaceship with the others.

Suddenly a Nazi tank enters the clearing and as Joey goes to help The Alien, the tank fires a round and Joey is hit. The Alien then uses a device to evaporate the tank. The Sarge runs to Joey and before dying, Joey asks Dolan to write about their story. They bury Joey and Mittens takes Joey's helmet. Dolan tells The Sarge that a Nazi platoon is heading in their direction. The Sarge asks the Zone Trooper Captain for help, but he tells him they will not help them. The Sarge, Mittens and Dolan ambush the Nazis, but they run out of ammunition. The Sarge holds up a white flag and asks to surrender to Manheim. Manheim offers to allow The Sarge and his men back to Allied lines if The Sarge takes the Nazis to the aliens and The Sarge agrees. As they are about to shake hands, The Sarge shoves a grenade into Manheim's jacket. The grenade explodes killing Manheim and The Sarge falls to the ground. Mittens and Dolare are about to be killed when the Nazis start to evaporate. The Alien runs to them and brings them two laser guns and they kill the Nazis with the help of the Zone Trooper Captain and the other Zone Troopers. The Alien and the Zone Troopers leave, but before they do, Mittens shows Dolan the Kilroy was Here scribble he drew on their spaceship. Dolan tells Mittens he can't write about their story, because no one would believe it and Mittens suggests writing it for one of the magazines Joey liked to read. Suddenly a person appears and he reveals himself to be The Sarge, alive and well. It is later shown that Dolan's story made it into Fantastic Fiction.