Nicholas (Black Sails)

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Nicholas Irving is a pirate in the West Indies.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 3 XI. played by Tyrel Meyer

John Silver introduces Vincent and Nicholas to Captain Flint, who then tells them that their mission is to go back to the Urca shipwreck and to spy on the soldiers guarding it.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 7 XV. played by Tyrel Meyer

Silver walks up to Flint and tells him that they need to talk and Flint looks and sees Vincent and Nicholas standing nearby. Vincent and Nicholas tells Flint that they watched the Spanish get put their gold into another ship and didn't leave a single gold piece on the beach.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 8 XVI. played by Tyrel Meyer

Silver tells the crew a story of when he was on a merchant vessel and when he first saw Charles Town. He continues about how he and the rest of the crew saw the execution of Solomon Little. Silver ends his story by telling the pirates that the entire population of Charles Town is eager to see them dead. At the end of his speech, Silver notices Nicholas laughing. Silver has a meeting with Nicholas and Vincent and angrily reminds Nicholas that if anyone detects their story about the gold was a lie, they will be dead men. Nicholas then walks away. De Groot sends Tyson, Howard and Nicholas to unfurl the sails. Silver runs to the deck and then sees Nicholas fall to his death.