Old Man (AYAOTD)

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Old Man


Old Man is the true reality of Peter.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 7 The Tale of the Captured Souls played by Griffith Brewer

Danny goes to open the hotel door, but it is locked. Peter opens the door and introduces himself. Sally asks Peter if his parents are the innkeepers, but he ignores her and goes to shake Danny's hand. He takes Danny, Sally and Doug inside and tells them that they are the only guests he has. He brings them to their room and Danny notices all the mirrors in the room. Peter tells her that his family has a tradition of collecting mirrors and when Danny touches one, she shocks herself. Peter says the wiring is old and then takes Danny to her room. Sally again asks where Peter's parents are, and he tells her that his parents are on a cruise. Danny and Doug are playing catch when Doug invites Peter to join them. Peter at first declines the offer, but then joins them, but is terrible at catching the ball. Peter tries to throw the ball, but it just rolls to Danny and Doug. Sally comes out with a Polaroid camera and Peter quickly covers his face. He then offers to take a photo of Danny, Doug and Sally and laughs as the photo develops.

Danny goes to Peter's bedroom and Peter opens a door and asks her what she thinks of his room. He tells her that sometimes he is alone for the entire summer or longer and he does what he wants when he wants. Danny starts to do pullups and Peter tells her that he admires a girl with great physical strength. Danny finds a photo from 1920 with a person that looks like Peter, and he tells her that the person is his grandfather. Danny sees a machine with wires connecting a rose bush to geraniums on the table and Peter tells her it is a transference experiment his grandfather designed. Danny goes to touch the machine and Peter stops her and points out she is breaking out with acne. Danny runs to her room and when she touches the large mirror, it shocks her. Peter touches a hidden button, and the walls open up revealing hidden machines. He pushes another button, and three tubes appear with a red substance inside of them. A screen also appears which shows Danny, Doug and Sally in the rooms they are at. He presses more buttons and goes into a cylinder and closes the door.

Danny, Doug and Peter play baseball and Doug is noticeably worse at it then earlier, while Peter is somehow much better. Doug tells Danny that he needs to rest and when Danny goes to get the ball, Peter insists he gets it. Later, Danny throws water on the camera in her bathroom and Peter stumbles out of the cylinder, which is filled with smoke. During the day, Peter gives tea to Doug and Sally.

Danny goes to the family cemetery and is caught by Peter. She asks him what he is doing to her and her parents and he tells her that he is using the mirrors to drain her family and after that night, she will be all alone. He offers to let her stay at the house with him and threatens to drain her youth if she doesn't join him. Danny pulls out the Polaroid camera and takes Peter's photo and then runs away. Danny runs back to Peter's bedroom and starts messing with dials and uses a mirror to force him into the cylinder. She locks him inside and reverses the transference machine and the equipment starts to explode. She goes back to the room her parents are in and they have regained their youth. Danny, Doug and Sally pack their things and as they are about to leave a now old Peter calls out to Danny. He tells her that he is going to the cemetery to join his family and tells her to enjoy her youth. Sally shows Danny a photo she found, and it's Peter as an Old Man and Danny leaves it at the steps of the hotel.