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Roa is the goddess of the Desert People. She appeared from nowhere with other people of her kind who were found trapped in ice.

During the events of Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983) played by Ayshe Gul

Yor, the Hunter is brought to Roa who tells him she came to the land of the Desert People with a group of people who were trapped in ice. She tells Yor that he is to be sacrificed to placate the gods. Yor is brought to a stone alter to be sacrificed as Roa watches. He breaks free and uses the sacrificial sword to fight his way free, taking Roa with him. As he does, the cave starts to collapse. Yor throws the sword at the last Desert Person blocking his path and exits the cave as Ka-Laa and Pag arrive. Ka-Laa runs to Yor and then stops when she sees him holding Roa, who was stunned by a falling stalactite. Later, Ka-Laa walks up to Roa carrying twine and demands to know who she is and Roa steals the twine and gives it to Yor while looking back at Ka-Laa. Later, Roa calls Yor to her. She tells him she has never been with another man or felt desire for another man until she met him and he tells her she is beautiful. Yor and Roa have sex and after Yor leaves, Ka-Laa confronts Roa and challenges her to a fight. As they are fighting, Ukan and a couple of Purple Cavemen appear and Ka-Laa calls for Yor. Yor and Pag rush to help her and Roa is hit in the head with a club. Yor rushes to Roa and she tells him dreams are only dreams and tells him of an island with a castle on it. She then tells Yor to give her medallion to Ka-Laa and dies after she and Yor kiss.