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Pag is a tribal member who watches out for Ka-Laa, the daughter of the former king.

During the events of Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983) played by Alan Collins

Pag and Ka-Laa are hunting when they come across a baby Tricerasaurus. They trap the animal, but its parent attacks them. Yor, the Hunter kills the Tricerasaurus and screams in victory. While the village celebration is going on, a group of Purple Cavemen attack the villagers celebrating. Yor, Ka-Laa and Pag escape from the village, but Pag goes back to look for any survivors. He returns to the village and finds all the men and children dead except for the Village Elder who tells him to go with Yor. Pag finds Yor after Ka-Laa has been captured by Ukan. They go to the cave of the Purple Cavemen. After Yor saves Ka-Laa, they continue towards the land of the Desert People. Yor tells Ka-Laa and Pag to stay, and he kisses Ka-Laa and then leaves. Pag and Ka-Laa follow Yor's path and Ka-Laa demands they go to help Yor if he is in trouble. They find him as a cave is collapsing and he is holding Roa. Pag and Yor build a raft and follow a river. At camp, Ka-Laa tells Pag she is going to look for Yor, but he knows she is just jealous. Ka-Laa calls for Yor and Pag and Yor rush to help her and Roa is hit in the head with a club. They kill the Purple Cavemen and Yor kills Ukan by smashing a rock on his head. Yor rushes to Roa and she tells him dreams are only dreams and tells him of an island with a castle on it. She then tells Yor to give her medallion to Ka-Laa and dies after she and Yor kiss. They bury Roa and Ka-Laa leaves a flower for her. They arrive at the sea and while sitting at the campfire, Pag and Yor hear a roar and run towards a cave where a Dimetrodon like creature is attacking Tarita and her siblings. They and Ka-Laa then fight and kill the creature. Tarita takes them to her village where they meet her father Kay. As Pag goes to retrieve his weapons he hears a noise coming from a remnant piece of the man who fell from the sky. All of a sudden the village is hit with lasers and Kay is killed. Pag, Yor and Ka-Laa hear a voice coming from the remnant piece telling "Eagle 1, mission complete" and Yor throws the talking box. They say goodbye to Tarita and her people and then leave on a boat. They sail into a storm and Yor is thrown overboard. He and Ka-Laa land on an island and helped by a Survivor of the Great Destruction. They are brought to Ena and she tells them that Yor is okay. The Blind Old One walks into the room and tells them the history of the Overlord and his people. Ena tells Pag and Ka-Laa that the Overlord has forbidden the outside world and has told his people it is still radioactive from nuclear fallout. The Blind Old One tells Pag that they are ready to start a revolution now that Yor is there. Ena leads a revolt against the Overlord and Yor swings onto the atomic generator and sets a bomb. Pag swings across and grabs Yor and they swing back across. Pag stays behind to fight a group of Androids of Overlord while Ena and others escape. As he is about to be killed, the Androids of the Overlord shut down. He and the others get into a spaceship and fly away as the generator explodes and the Overlord and the Blind Old One die in the explosion. Pag then returns to the mainland.

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