Wing Commander (1999)

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Two new pilots must help fight against an impending Kilrathi invasion of Earth.


Science Fiction


Blair - Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Deveraux - Saffron Burrows

Maniac - Matthew Lillard

Paladin - Tcheky Karyo

Gerald - Jurgen Prochnow

Sansky - David Suchet

Tolwyn - David Warner

Forbes - Ginny Holder

Obutu - Hugh Quarshie

Wilson - Ken Bones

Bellegarde - John McGlynn

Hunter - Richard Dillane

Polanski - Mark Powley

Knight - David Fahm

Flight Boss - Simon McCorkindale

Helmsman - Fraser James

Radar Man Falk - Craig Kelly

Peterson - Kieron Phipps

Pegasus Radar Man - Jamie Treacher

Security Officer - Cyril Nri

Concordia Radar Man - Jari K. Kinnunen

Rodriguez - Raph Taylor

Com Officer - Paul Courtenay Hyu

Kilrathi Admiral - Mark Jones

Kilrathi Captain - Graham Riddell

Medic - Christopher P. Kibbey

Voice of Merlin - ?

Concordia Rescue and Recovery - Chris Roberts

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Detailed Synopsis

News report tells the audience about the Pilgrims and their charting of the stars. Another news report mentions the initial attacks of Confederation ships by the Kilrathi and the eventual war that followed.

At the Vega Fleet Headquarters, Pegasus Asteroid Base, Ulysses Corridor on March 15th 2654, a ship takes off. Pegasus Radar Man steps away from his work station right before the radar notes incoming vessels. A large group of Kilrathi spaceships attack the Pegasus Base, and Pegasus Radar Man tells Wilson that forty Kilrathi Capital ships are inbound. The Com Officer then tells Wilson that the Io and Kobe ships have been destroyed. The Security Officer tells Wilson that there are station breaches in numerous levels. They watch a video feed as Kilrathi invade the base and Security Officer tells Wilson the Kilrathi are heading towards command and control. Wilson realizes that the Kilrathi are trying to get the Pegasus Navcom A.I. and he tells the Com Officer to destroy the Navcom A.I., but the self destruct malfunctions and Com Officer tells him the command codes have been overwritten. Wilson then makes a coded message to be sent on a drone telling the Confederation that the Pegasus Station has been breached and the Kilrathi are after the Navcom. Wilson releases the drone as a group of Kilrathi enter the room.

Bellegarde and Tolwyn watch the message from Wilson and Bellegarde tells Tolwyn it would take the Confederation fleet longer to reach Sol than the Kilrathi fleet. Tolwyn then orders all ships to head towards Earth. Tolwyn asks if there are any ships near the Kilrathi and Bellegarde tells him the Tiger Claw is nearby but too far to communicate, however there is a merchant ship called the Diligent captained by Paladin with two replacement pilots, Blair and Maniac, that is close enough for communication. Maniac tells Blair that Paladin wants him on the bridge. Paladin then tells Blair that he has a message from Tolwyn. Tolwyn tells Blair that he needs him to deliver a coded message chip to Sansky. Blair tells Paladin, Maniac has taken over flying and Paladin asks Blair if he can see Blair's Pilgrim cross. Paladin tells Blair people used to look up to the Pilgrims and since the Pilgrims were defeated in the war, no new quasar has been charted. An alert goes off and Paladin and Blair run back to the bridge. Maniac tells Paladin he increased the speed and Paladin tells him the beacon is marking a gravity well and while Paladin goes to fix the Navcom system, Blair is forced to fly the ship and plot the jump through the gravity well. Hunter radios the Diligent and asks them to state their business. Blair and the others then land on the T.C.S. Tiger Claw which is on patrol in the Enyo System, Vega Sector. Gerald takes Blair to see Sansky and Blair gives Sansky the coded disc with the message and tells him the Pegasus has been destroyed. Sansky then has Obutu prepare the disc for decryption. As Blair is leaving, Gerald asks if it is true that his father married a Pilgrim and that Pilgrims don't think like them. Blair stops at a Rapier ship and sits inside of it and imagines himself flying it. Deveraux walks up and starts asking him what he would do in different combat scenarios and when Blair gets both answers wrong, he gives a backhand comment about taking tips from a mechanic and Deveraux reveals herself to be his Wing Commander. Blair and Maniac walk into the mess hall and introduce themselves to the other pilots including Hunter, Forbes, Polanski and Knight. Sansky reads the message and Gerald tells him he doesn't trust the message. Blair mentions how he sat in Commander Chen's Rapier and a fight almost breaks out between him and Hunter. Deveraux walks in and tells them to stop fighting. She explains to Blair that once someone dies, everyone acts like they never existed to avoid facing the reality that they too will probably die in combat. Paladin is brought before Sansky and he shows him a ring from Tolwyn proving the message is real.

On March 16, the Concordia Battle Group is 18 hours away from Earth. Bellegarde tells Tolwyn that Earth doesn't think its defenses can withstand a Kilrathi attack. Maniac and Forbes are patrolling in their Rapiers when they decide to compete in their landings back on the ship. Maniac accelerates towards the ship and Flight Boss tells him he is coming in too fast. Maniac lands, almost running into Peterson. Later, Forbes brings Deveraux a glass of liquor and thanks her for stopping the Flight Boss from bringing her and Maniac up on charges. Blair goes to speak with Paladin, and Paladin tells him the history of the Pilgrims and that the Navcom A.I. were based off of the abilities of the Pilgrims to navigate space. He then tells him the Pilgrim War started when they believed they were gods and lost their humanity. On the bridge, Paladin takes over the navigation and when the Navcom tries to resume control he tells Sansky to override the Navcom and Sansky tells the Helmsman to maintain Paladin's course. The Tiger Claw then arrives at the Ulysses Corridor. Sansky has Obutu put them in stealth mode and Radar Man Falk tells him the scanners are picking up an asteroid field. Deveraux and Blair scout the asteroid field and find a communication module and are forced to fight a pair of Kilrathi fighters when they scan Deveraux's ship. At the Tiger Claw, Gerald accuses Blair of being a traitor and compromising the ship by attacking the Kilrathi and warning them of their presence. Sansky asks Gerald what he suggests, and Gerald tells him they should send out fighters to attack the communications module, but Paladin disagrees and thinks that will leave the Tiger Claw too vulnerable, but he is overruled.

Blair walks into Deveraux's room and tells her he isn't a Pilgrim and he keeps the cross as a reminder of his dead parents. She then tells him that her parents died when she was young. Maniac and Forbes talk and he mentions being with her makes everything worth it. Deveraux briefs her pilots and when she tells Hunter that Blair will be his wingman, Hunter tells her he doesn't want a Pilgrim as his wingman and she assigns Blair as her wingman. While about to attack the communication module, Paladin tells Deveraux to abort the mission and reveals himself to be an officer in naval intelligence, and the Kilrathi ships are nothing but discards. The Tiger Claw comes under attack and the Flight Boss orders all fighters into space to counterattack. Radar Man Falk then tells Sansky that there are three dozen Kilrathi ships in the area. Obutu tells Sansky that their shields are down 40 percent. Rodriguez tells Sansky that torpedo tubes three and four are damaged. Deveraux and her fighters arrive and engage the Kilarthi. During the attack, Knight is killed escorting Paladin on his bombing run of a Kilrathi Battleship, and Sansky suffers a head injury when the Tiger Claw is hit with a missile. Forbes' ship is damaged when she and Maniac disobey orders and attack a group of Kilrathi fighters and one of the debris hits her fighter. She crash lands on the Tiger Claw and her fighter is pushed off of the ship when she doesn't respond to communication. Deveraux lands and orders Hunter to give her his gun. She then threatens to kill Maniac if he ever endangers any pilot again.

Gerald has the Helmsman land the Tiger Claw in a crater and Obutu tells Gerald a decoy has been sent out to trick the Kilrathi fleet. The majority of the fleet follow the decoy, but a destroyer stays on course and starts bombarding the craters. Peterson tells those in the bay that the doors are failing. Blair tries to help bring a large piece of metal to plug the door, but falls and is pulled toward the hole. Maniac ties a cable around himself and then grabs and pulls Blair to safety. Maniac is injured from the cable and Blair tells Deveraux that she needs to forgive Maniac. As their fuel supplies start to run low, Paladin comes up with an idea to steal fuel cells from the Kilrathi ship. Blair, Deveraux, Paladin, Gerald and a group of marines land on the Kilrathi communication ship and fight their way to the fuel cells and helm. Blair then finds the Pegasus Navcom. Gerald has Obutu prepare a drone with the Kirlathi jump coordinates they got off of the Pegasus Navcom. Obutu tells him the drones are offline and Paladin suggests Blair go to deliver the coordinates with Deveraux as his backup. Blair is hesitant to go and Paladin reveals he is a Pilgrim. Blair and Deveraux then leave to deliver the coordinates.

A skipper missile is launched against the Tiger Claw and Deveraux goes back to shoot it. She manages to destroy the missile, but her ship is damaged in the process. She then orders Blair to complete the mission. Blair has Merlin check his coordinates and then makes the jump into hyperspace. A Kilrathi Captain tells the Kilrathi Admiral that a confederation fighter is heading for the Quasar jump point. The Kilrathi Admiral then orders the ships to follow the fighter. Blair makes it through the jump point and radios the Kilrathi jump coordinates. Bellegarde tells Tolwyn, Blair is broadcasting the Kilrathi jump coordinates and the Concordia Radar Man tells them a Rapier is flying towards Earth. Merlin tells Blair that a beacon has been detected and Blair recognizes it as a gravity well. He then leads the Kilrathi Snakier ship towards the gravity well. Paladin tells Obutu that he is going to look for Deveraux. The Kilrathi Admiral realizes the signal is a gravity well, but his ship is pulled into it and destroyed. The Concordia fleet then destroys the Kilrathi ships as they exit the jump point. Blair is rescued by Concordia Rescue and Recovery. He reports to Tolwyn who shakes his hand and tells him his parents would have been proud. Blair returns to the Tiger Claw and watches as Paladin brings Deveraux onto the launch pad. She wakes up and she and Blair kiss. The Medic then comes and takes her to sick bay.