Julie Romanov

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Julie Romanov


Julie Romanov is a software developer for voice and image recognition in Silicon Valley, California. Her mother is Julie McNeal and her father is Tom McNeal. Julie knows how to code in Java, Ada, C++, XML, and HTML. She was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is a graduate of Grant University's Computer Science Department with an MS. Julie won the Alan Turing Computer Science Award in 1994. She founded JB Software with Raju Patel. Her best friends are Susan, Gina and Tammy. She was once in a relationship with Richard Smith.

During the events of Julie and Jack (2003) played by Jenn Gotzon

Jack Livingstone goes home and logs on to Cupidmatchmaker and sends a message to Julie. Jack and Julie meet up in front of a cafe and they exchange more background information. They go on a date to the museum and Julie stares at a painting of Ada Lovelace and tells Jack about Ada. They go to Golden Gate Bridge and hug each other and take a boat ride. They go on more dates around San Francisco and Julie asks Jack if he would like to live for a thousand years. After more dates, Jack asks Julie if they can move the relationship further, but Julie asks for more time. During dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Jack gives Julie a bracelet and Julie gets defensive when Jack asks about her past. Jack tells Julie he loves her and she asks him if he means forever. During another date, Julie tells Jack she never had time to have fun and regrets working so much over experiencing life. Jack points out all of their dates have been in virtual reality and tells Julie he wants to meet her in person. Julie tells him she can't and Jack tells Julie he doesn't think she cares about him as much as he cares about her. Julie then tells Jack she has to go and Jack leaves the virtual reality date. Julie contacts Jack over the internet and she asks him to meet her virtually. They meet and Julie tells Jack she doesn't think they should see each other anymore, but Jack tells her, he will keep looking for her. Jack goes into the virtual reality world and confronts Julie for not telling him the truth. She tells him she uploaded her mind into a neural computer she developed. Jack tells Julie he can't love her anymore and she thinks it is because they will never be able to have sex. Jack goes back into the virtual world and he tells Julie he wants to be with her. Julie tells Jack she has to leave due to the impending failure of the neural computer. They kiss one last time and then Julie leaves.

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