Simon Sayes

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Simon Sayes


Simon Sayes is a director who has fallen on rough times. He has shot films in every part of the world and directed actors Errol Flynn, John Wayne and Henry Fonda.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 6 One Way Express played by Paul Carr

Simon watches as Vinnie crashes the helicopter trying to perform a stunt for a film. He runs to check on Vinnie and Vinnie tells him the stunt can't be done. Simon talks to Phillip Maurice who tells him to hire Dominic to perform the stunt. He and Phillip have a meeting with Dominic in which Dominic promises to pay the costs of the film if he can't perform the stunt and after the meeting, Phillip tells Simon to contact Stringfellow Hawke and also offer him the job. He and Phillip then have a meeting with Hawke, who refuses to take the job from Dominic, but later agrees to do it. Simon is at a bar when he meets Meryl and starts bragging about past films and the current one he is working on. He, Phillip and Vinnie meet Hawke in the morning and they fly towards a train and when Hawke asks where the camera equipment is, Phillip pulls a gun on him. He then has Hawke fly and land on a semi trailer. Simon gets out and pulls a gun on the Truck Driver. The helicopter eventually flies off without Simon and as he yells out to Phillip, the assistant Truck Driver knocks him off of the semi and he rolls onto the ground.