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Stringfellow Hawke


Stringfellow "String" Hawke is a pilot for Santini Air, and a former pilot for the FIRM. He was a Captain in the United States Army in Vietnam. His father Allen B. Hawke and his mother died in a boating accident when he was 12 and a former girlfriend died in a car crash. Hawke and his brother, Saint John, were on a mission in Vietnam when Saint John was left behind. His grandfather collected famous artwork for his grandmother. Hawke has Masters degree in Applied Physics, doesn't eat red meat and was born in 1950. He has a pilot commercial license and is rated as an expert helicopter pilot. Hawke lives on Eagle Lake Road. He has a dog named Tet. Hawke once beat Harlan Jenkins for a test pilot position. His friend Jerry Karston refers to him as "Stray Dog".

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 1-2 Shadow of the Hawke played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke is playing the cello on his dock when a helicopter being flown by Gabrielle and carrying Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, codename Archangel arrives. Archangel introduces Gabrielle and tells Hawke he has a job for him recovering Airwolf and Hawke agrees to take the job in exchange for information on the location of Saint John. That night, Gabrielle tries to seduce Hawke, but he rejects her advances. Hawke and Dominic are fired from a movie set when Hawke embarrasses the start Blaze and Hawke tells Dominic he was offered a job with the FIRM. He asks Dominic to help him and to fly into Libya. They return to Hawke's home and he finds all of his artwork stolen. Gabrielle tells Hawke that their agent in Tripoli, Angela, has told them that Airwolf is somewhere near the coast close to Tripoli. Dominic lands on Hawke's property and then he and Hawke make plans for Libya and Dominic takes Hawke to the Valley of the Gods and shows him a place inside of a mesa, where he can hide a large object. Archangel tells Hawke, Gabrielle was sent ahead to Libya. Hawke demands his artwork back and then punches Archangel in the face. Hawke arrives at the Orly Airport in Paris, France and is greeted by Faye, who briefs him on his mission and tells him Angela is dead and Gabrielle has taken her place. Hawke goes into Gabrielle's changing room in Libya and they kiss. Hawke tells Gabrielle to leave or he leaves and she tells him she isn't go to die on him like the others. As Hawke is leaving the club he runs into Dominic. Hawke and Dominic enter the airbase posing as Mirabelle Oil workers. They bluff their way past Libyan Officer #1 posing as Italians and see Airwolf. Co-Pilot-Mark finds Chuck Gordon and tells him Libyan Oficer #1 told him Dr. Moffet is out in the desert torturing a dancer and they are held at gunpoint by Hawke. Hawke and Dominic then get into Mark and Chuck's flight suits and helmets and are stopped by Major Kamal. Dominic gets into Airwolf, while Major Kamal orders Hawke to lift his visor. He knocks Major Kamal and Libyan Officer #1 to the ground and then jumps into Airwolf. Hawke and Dominic use Airwolf to escape after killing a group of Libyan soldiers including Libyan Officer #1. They see tracks in the desert and are spotted by Dr. Moffet who drives in his jeep away. They find Gabrielle and land and Hawke runs to her. She tells him she wanted to call and then dies. They get back into Airwolf and chase after Dr. Moffet. Dr. Moffet thinks Airwolf has been shot down by a missile and drives towards the explosion. Hawke then fires a missile at him, killing Dr. Moffet who pointed his revolver at the fuel intake. Dominic drops off Hawke and when Hawke returns to his cabin he sees Archangel inside with his artwork returned. Archangel asks him where he hid Airwolf and Hawke tells him it is wired with explosives and he is keeping it. Archangel offers to help Hawke out if he helps out the FIRM. As Archangel is leaving he asks if Gabrielle suffered and Hawke lies and tells him she didn't. Hawke then plays his cello on his dock and cries.

Stringfellow Hawke 2 - Edited.png

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 3 Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic test the capabilities of Airwolf. He is recruited by Archangel and Marella to go undercover to find an officer that is rumored to be planning to give a top secret plane to the Soviets. As he is being driven to headquarters, Jeep Driver remarks how glad he is that the jets overhead are theirs and not the enemies. When he arrives at headquarters, Hawke sees Nhi Truong, who he had a relationship with in Vietnam. Hawke's cover is that he is a flight captain as part of an Army, Air Force exchange program. After a night of drinking with Maj. Sam Roper, Lt. John Winner and Lt. Simms, Roper tells Hawke that he knows he really isn't part of an exchange program and that he was in a relationship with Nhi Truong. The next morning during flight training, Roper banks the jet multiple times on purpose causing Hawke to hit his head on the cockpit window and after they land, Hawke tells Roper he is off the next mission. Archangel tells Hawke that they found out Nhi Truong was trying to get her son into the United States. Hawke goes to Roper's house and punches him in the face twice and tells him he knows about his planned deal with the Soviets. Roper tells him his plan and after Hawke tells him it won't work, Nhi tells him it is the only way. Hawke tells Dominic to get Airwolf ready and then goes on the mission with Roper. He has Roper drop him off and then goes with Dominic to get Airwolf. As he returns on the mission, Radar Station Controller asks him what happened, and Hawke tells him he had a slight malfunction. Hawke and Dominic then attack the Soviet station holding Ho Minh Truong, Nhi's son. They escape after letting Carl Zimmer live. Hawke returns to his cabin and is given an ambiguous answer by Minh Truong about who Ho Minh's father is. She then tells him she is going to name him Stringfellow Roper and Hawke hugs Ho Minh.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 4 Bite of the Jackal played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Dominic invites Hawke to come with him to Acapulco, but Hawke declines. Later, Hawke is told by Archangel and Laura Archer that their associate Mitchell Bruck may have brought down Dominic's helicopter to try and ambush Hawke. Hawke recruits Archangel to come with him in Airwolf and Archangel agrees to join him in rescuing Dominic. Hawke then picks him up and they fly towards Mexico. They come across the crash site of Dominic's helicopter, but must retreat when their rotor blade is hit by a rocket. They land on a farm and as they are using an anvil to repair the rotor blade, they are confronted by Joachim Santos, Miriam Santos and other villagers who accuse them of scaring their livestock with Airwolf. Archangel pays Joachim and he and Miriam agree to help them. Joachim invites Hawke to stay longer, but Hawke declines and once the rotor blade is fixed, he and Archangel fly away in Airwolf. They return to Dominic's crash site and attack the forces there. Airwolf is hit with a leech missile and Hawke blows up the helicopter with Bruck's Pilot and Mitchell inside of it and another helicopter with Betz's Pilot after firing at the ground troops. He then flies away after he sees Dominic in the sky. He eventually returns to his cabin and watches as Phoebe Danner hugs her father and he looks at his picture of his brother and smiles.

Hawke and Sinjin - Edited.png

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 5 Proof Through the Night played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke is recruited by Archangel and Marella to go inside of the Soviet Union to rescue a a spy for the FIRM named Vladimir Rostoff. When he finds out that Vladimir has a family, Natalya and Tanya Rostoff, that may also need to be rescued, Archangel suggests he leave Airwolf's weapons behind to save on weight. Hawke tells Dominic the plan, which Dominic doesn't like. They fly Airwolf into Europe and refuel on Tanker Plane Pilot's plane over the Baltic. They arrive at Vladimir's farm and land. Hawke follows Vladimir into his cabin, and Vladimir tells him they have to pick up his family in a different location, where he has also left the vial with the biological weapon he stole. They fly to Kirivitz and land Airwolf some distance away from the house where Tanya, Natalya and her brother, Ivan Turgyev are staying. They walk towards the house, but stop so Dominic can check inside where he finds 1st Russian Soldier and another soldier with Ivan and Vladimir's family. They wait until the morning when 1st Russian Soldier and the other soldier leave. They then go inside and Vladimir tells his family he is a spy for the Americans and they are leaving to America. Hawke chases after Ivan when Ivan grabs the vial with the biological weapon away from Natalya and runs towards a helicopter outside. He tackles Ivan and takes back the vial but is then yelled at by the helicopter pilot. Dominic shoots at the helicopter and Hawke is able to run back inside. He then leaves again to get Airwolf. Hawke returns to the house and uses the speed of Airwolf to cause the helicopter and a Soviet army vehicle to crash. He then picks up Vladimir and his family and they return to Hawke's cabin. While he, Dominic, Archangel, Marella and Vladimir's family are eating, Tany leaves to go outside and Hawke follows her. She tells him she will never give up Russia and he tells her she doesn't have to. He then plays his cello to the tune of a Russian Revolutionary song and Tanya sings along.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 6 One Way Express played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Dominic asks Hawke to help him perform a stunt for a movie, but Hawke tells Dominic he thinks Dominic is too old to perform the stunt, which angers Dominic. Later Simon Sayes and Phillip Maurice have a meeting with Hawke and try to convince him to do the stunt, but Hawke refuses. Hawke goes to Dominic and tells him he will help him if he does the stunt instead of Dominic, but Dominic gets angry again and tells Hawke to leave. Hawke then talks to Archangel to try and get help and Archangel tells him Phillip has been involved in numerous crimes but always managed to avoid being directly involved in them. Hawke tells Simon that he will do the stunt and later that night Dominic goes to Hawke's cabin and punches him for stealing his job. Hawke refuses to fight back and Dominic leaves. Hawke has another meeting with Archangel and Meryl tells them details of the film she learned from Simon and Hawke thinks they are planning on robbing a gold train. Hawke then goes to Dominic and asks him to fly Airwolf while he flies the stunt helicopter. Hawke meets up with Simon, Phillip and Vinnie and they fly towards a train. When Hawke asks where the camera equipment is, Phillip pulls a gun on him and tells him to fly towards a semi. Hawke lands on the semi trailer and Simon gets out and pulls a gun on the Truck Driver. Before Phillip can shoot him, Hawke jumps out of the helicopter. He sees Dominic coming towards him in Airwolf and flags him down. They then fly towards where Vinnie and Phillip were flying. He forces Vinnie to land and when Vinnie tries to escape, Hawke fires Airwolf's guns at him. Hawke then blows up the stunt helicopter and contacts Archangel. Later at his cabin, Hawke and Dominic saw a log together.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 7 Echoes from the Past played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke is playing his cello when he hears a plane flying overhead. He goes outside with Tet and a package drops down from the plane. He finds a message and a bracelet with the name Saint John engraved into it. He then goes to an abandoned airstrip the note told him to go to and sees Peter MacGregor-Moore. MacGregor-Moore offers to tell him where Saint John is located and then hands him a satellite image of a building complex. He tells Hawke, Saint John is in a prison camp in Northern Vietnam and then flies away. Hawke gets into his helicopter and as he is flying he starts to feel dizzy and crashes the helicopter. He wakes up surrounded by people and then falls unconscious. He wakes up on a gurney being pulled by Female in White Coat and Man in White Coat before falling unconscious again. He then wakes up surrounded by Nurse Frida Simmons and Dr. Rothschild before again falling unconscious. He dreams of Gabrielle and wakes up in a hospital room. He pulls an IV tube out of his arm and then tries to leave before he is grabbed by Nurse Simmons and a hospital orderly. Nurse Simmons tells him he was in a helicopter accident and Dr. Rothschild tells him he has been in a coma for almost a year. Dr. Rothschild then tells Hawke that Dominic and Archangel died in a helicopter crash while rescuing Saint John. While watching the television, Anchor Man and Anchor Woman report that Prince Charles and Princess Diana are getting a divorce. Dr. Lisa Holgate walks into his room and tells him he feels groggy due to the amount of time he was in the coma. "Saint John" walks into the room and he and Hawke hug. Morton Abrams later enters the room and when Hawke guesses he is Archangel's successor, Abrams asks where Airwolf is hidden. Hawke then shows him the location on a map. Nurse Simmons goes into his room and puts something into his IV bag and Hawke removes his IV tube. Susan Hill sneaks into his room and he grabs her and asks her what the date is and whether he would still have calluses if he was in a coma for a year. He leaves his room and finds the fake studio the news reports were made. As he and Susan are trying to escape, they are captured by "Saint John" and put into straight jackets. They are put in a plane with Nurse Simmons, Dr. Rothschild, Abrams, MacGregor-Moore and "Saint John". Abrams threatens to shoot Susan if Hawke won't fly Airwolf out of the lair. Hawke then flies Airwolf into the belly of the plane. Dominic sneaks out of Airwolf and he and Hawke hold Nurse Simmons and "Saint John" at gunpoint and then place them in the straight jackets. Hawke, Dominic and Susan then get into Airwolf and leave the plane. They are pursued by some MiG's and Hawke flies towards the plane when a MiG fires a missile at Airwolf. The plane holding Nurse Simmons, Dr. Rothschild, Abrams, MacGregor-Moore and "Saint John" is hit with the missile and explodes. Hawke then fires a missile at the Cuban MiG, blowing it up. He returns to his cabin with Susan and introduces her to Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 8 Fight Like a Dove played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic test the maximum altitude of Airwolf and after reaching 86,000 feet, they return to their base. Hawke senses someone is also inside the base and orders Sarah Lebow to step out. She introduces herself and tells them she wants to use Airwolf to help her get justice against Helmut Kruger who murdered her father Harry "Dove" Lebow. After Hawke initially refuses, she offers to help him find Saint John. Hawke talks with Archangel and Marella who tell him about Harry Lebow and Archangel advises him not to help Sarah, eventually admitting that he has dealings with Kruger. Hawke decides to help Sarah and he, Dominic and Sarah leave in Airwolf. As they are flying to Paraguay, Archangel calls Hawke and again asks him not to help Sarah. Hawke and the others arrive at the Kruger Estate after noticing that their scanners are jammed and Hawke sees Archangel standing next to Kruger. He then flies off and lands. Sarah angrily tells him that he is giving Kruger time to prepare, but he walks away. Hawke is called by Archangel and then he flies Airwolf to rendezvous with Archangel. Dominic detects a pair of F-4 Phantoms heading their way and Hawke uses Airwolf to shoot them out of the sky. He then returns where Archangel and Sarah are and Archangel explains to all of them that he sold the Thor weapons system to Kruger so that the nations that bought them wouldn't buy from the Russians. He then explains how there is a device that can be used to cause the missiles to self destruct. Hawke and Dominic leave to get Kruger, and Archangel tells them that he doesn't have the device on him. Hawke attacks Kruger's estate and Kruger has Minter fire the Thor missiles at Airwolf. Hawke manages to destroy three of the missiles and uses the fourth missile to blow up the balcony Kruger and Minter are standing on. Kruger survives and Sarah arrives and points her weapon at him. She then shoots Kruger in the earlobe. Back at Hawke's cabin, Hawke, Dominic and Marella wonder how Archangel was wounded in the earlobe. Sarah initially says a sniper shot at them, but then admits to Hawke that she shot Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 9 Mad Over Miami played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Archangel and Marella go to Hawke and tell him Dominic's helicopter radioed for help in Florida. They then tell him Dominic was returning from Cuba. Hawke flies to Florida in Airwolf to look for Dominic and lands when he sees his helicopter. He goes inside of a bar and finds Dominic inside drinking a beer. Dominic tells him he was bringing money to Cuba to exchange for prisoners that he trained and who fought in the Bay of Pigs incident. As they are talking, Stella Rivera and two men walk into the bar and she points a weapon at Hawke and Dominic. She takes them to her grandfather Ivan Rivera's house and Dominic tells Ivan he was double crossed. Stella shows Hawke a file with information on the two men who were supposed to be freed, including her father. Hawke asks if any of the Cuban gangs knew of the deal and Ivan admits to Hawke and Stella that he borrowed money from Sanchez. Hawke tells them he needs Dominic's help and then he and Dominic fly Airwolf to Sanchez's camp. Sanchez fires a heat seeking missile at Airwolf and Hawke attacks Sanchez's camp. Sanchez and his men surrender and Hawke asks him where he got the money for the weapons. Sanchez then shows Hawke a phone with a direct line to Archangel. Archangel and Marella arrive and tell Hawke that they were training Sanchez and his men to fight Communists. Hawke then threatens to tell the newspapers that the FIRM is funding criminals unless Archangel gives him three million dollars and Archangel agrees. Hawke and Dominic return to Ivan's house and Stella tells them that only Cubans will deliver the money this time. Hawke then threatens to withhold the money unless Dominic goes and Ivan agrees. He meets up with Archangel and Marella and then sneaks away. He is found by a group of Sanchez's men who bring him to Sanchez. Sanchez demands he hand over Airwolf, but Hawke manages to escape and fly away in Airwolf. He helps out Dominic and Stella from being ripped off by Colonel Fernandez and then escorts them back to Florida. While escorting them, Hawke shoots down a helicopter with Sanchez in it and three MiG jets. At a bar in Florida, Dominic buys Hawke a drink.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 10 And They Are Us played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are briefed by Archangel and Marella on the situation in Limbawe, Africa. Before they can finish, Hawke tells them he is not interested in helping them, but then they show him a slide of Colonel Vidor, who was Hawke's commanding officer in Vietnam and who was shot down in the same location as Saint John. Hawke and Dominic fly to North Limbawe and land Airwolf near President Seko Logana and Lea Logana. As Hawke is looking around the area, he notices something glinting nearby and he has Seko and Lea take cover behind Airwolf. He then fires where he saw the glint of light and a Sniper runs off. He comments on how fast the Sniper ran and is accused of stereotyping by Seko. He then gives Seko a show of Airwolf's flying abilities before dropping him off. When Seko insinuates that his men can take Airwolf from him, Hawke pulls out a device and tells him it is a self destruct device for Airwolf. Seko assures him that his men are only there to protect him and Hawke reveals the device was only a lighter. He and Dominic go the the camp of General Ali Butami and Hawke tells Colonel Vidor that he wants to work as a mercenary for General Butami. Hawke asks Vidor what he knows about Saint John, but Vidor tells him he doesn't know anything about Saint John, and the reason he never went back to the United States after the war was, because the squadron was his family and he didn't have anything to go back to and wanted to start over again. He also shows Hawke the helmet he kept that belonged to Bo-Dai. As Harold Ngomo is being led to be executed, Vidor asks Hawke if he has a problem with the execution and eventually pulls his gun on Hawke. General Butami and the Sniper walk into the room with Dominic at weapon point, but Hawke and Dominic manage to fight off Vidor, Butami and the Sniper. As they are leaving, Vidor tells Hawke he will have to fight him and to take Harold Ngomo with them. As they are escaping, Hawke is shot and wounded and wakes up on a cot next to Lea who is sitting next to him. She tells him about his wounds and Seko walks out from a meeting with Ngomo and tells Hawke they have formed a coalition. The base is suddenly attacked by Vidor and Lt. Reed in their helicopter and Lea is injured. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and chase after Vidor and Reed. They fall into their trap, but Hawke shoots all but Vidor and Reed's helicopter out of the sky. He and Dominic then destroy the missile silo in South Limbawe. Vidor flies his helicopter towards Airwolf and tells Hawke he knows the location of Saint John, before purposely crashing his helicopter into the ground. At Hawke's cabin, Archangel tells Hawke, Vidor was lying and didn't know where Saint John is. He then gives him Bo-Dai's helmet Lea gave him to give to Hawke and Hawke makes a toast to those who survived and those who didn't.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 11 Mind of the Machine played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf in some canyons when Hawke complains the controls feel mushy. Dominic warns him to pull up and Airwolf crashes. Hawke gets out of the Airwolf simulation and complains to Dr. Robert Winchester about the handling and tells him he wont be back for another simulation. Back at Hawke's cabin, Archangel and Marella try to convince Hawke to return to Winchester's lab. Archangel tells him that with his help they can train other pilots against Hawke in his prime in the simulation and Marella tells him major league baseball is using the technology to map out the perfect swing. While Hawke and Dominic are getting Airwolf ready to fly, Dominic tells Hawke it is important to leave something behind and how great it would be to have future generations wondering who this Hawke and Dominic are that they are competing against in the simulator. Hawke and Dominic return to the lab and a telemetry pod is placed in Airwolf's nose. Hawke is tested in Airwolf in things like agility and accuracy in shooting and at the end of the day Winchester and Diana Norris tell Hawke his score is 87. Hawke disputes the score, but Winchester tells him the computer wouldn't lie. At their camp, Dominic tells Hawke he shouldn't take the tests so personally and then they compete on who can make the best coyote sound. The next day, Hawke demands to speak with Winchester privately when Winchester tells him he missed another target. Winchester then offers to challenge Hawke in an Airwolf versus Airwolf simulation and Hawke agrees. They meet at the lab during the night, but during their simulation, the security alarms go off and Winchester tells Hawke to leave with Airwolf. As Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf to the sky, they shoot at Alexi Provov and his men, who are assaulting the lab. The next day Archangel shuts down the project due to the security breach and later Hawke tells Winchester he was a great competitor and maybe someday he will take him in Airwolf. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf next to Archangel and Marella's limo and Hawke and Dominic are able to identify Alexi from some photos they show them. As they are flying away, Archangel asks them for help and tells them Diana and Alexi stole tapes with information on Airwolf's specifications. Hawke and Dominic fly back and order Alexi to land his helicopter. Alexi starts firing at Airwolf and Dominic tells Hawke their weapons are off line. Archangel calls Hawke and tells him to stop using the computer and Hawke and Dominic manually use the weapons to shoot Alexi's helicopter out of the sky. They then return to pick up the wounded Winchester to bring him to the hospital. Hawke notices Winchester grabbing for the controls and Hawke lets him fly Airwolf until Winchester succumbs to his wound.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 12 To Snare a Wolf played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are in Dominic's helicopter filming war games for a training film. Archangel, radios Hawke and Hawke tells Col. Ellinson one of the camera mounts might be missing a piece and he is going to land. Hawke and Dominic land and meet up with Archangel and Marella. Archangel tells Hawke that D.G. Bogard is coming after him and Airwolf. Hawke mentions how others have tried to get Airwolf, but Marella tells him Bogard is both organized and well financed. Archangel then hands Hawke a file with gaps where the satellite wont scan and Marella tells them Archangel is going to be busy answering questions from a Senate Subcommittee. Later, Hawke and Dominic hide Airwolf. They receive a mayday and Dominic flies to its location. Hawke makes Italian food for dinner and he becomes skeptical of Antonia Donatelli, who Dominic rescued, over dinner as she tells her story. Hawke tells Antonia he is going to get firewood and asks Dominic for help. When they go outside, Hawke tells Dominic he doesn't trust Antonia. The next day they drop Antonia off at her plane and Antonia flies away. Col. Ellinson tells Hawke and Dominic where the B-52 bomb run will be. Hawke walks up to Sgt. Nash when he notices him messing with Dominic's helicopter. Hawke notices a helicopter chasing them and finds a tracking device in Dominic's helicopter and blames Antonia. They follow a truck and Hawke drops the tracking device in the bed of the truck. They fly to where Antonia is staying and Dominic accuses her of lying to him. Hawke and Dominic then fly away. At his cabin, Hawke hears a noise and Bogard enters his cabin. He tells Hawke he can either give him Airwolf or he will take it. Hawke tells him to leave and Bogard tells him he has a search warrant. Bogard then leaves after telling Hawke if need be he will blow him and Airwolf out of the sky. Dominic goes to where Antonia is staying and offers her a job and they leave in his helicopter. Hawke, who was hiding, then flies away in Antonia's plane. Hawke gets into Airwolf, but is surrounded by Bogard and a group of helicopters. Hawke flies away with Bogard following him. He flies into the path of the bombing run. Hawke flies Airwolf as the B-52's drop their bombs and maneuvers around the explosions. Back at Hawke's cabin, Archangel tries to hire Antonia, but Dominic tells him Antonia is coming to work for him as his top stunt pilot.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 1 Sweet Britches played by Jan-Michael Vincent

The phone rings at Dominic's hangar and Hawke answers it. Harry tells him he and James Blake broke out of a prison and James told him to call Hawke and let him know. Hawke then tells Dominic how James helped him in Vietnam and is now in trouble in Texas. They get into Airwolf and fly it out of its hiding place. As Caitlin O'Shannessy is being assaulted by Buck, Billie and some other men, Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf and tell them to let Caitlin go. After Caitlin is released and drives off, Hawke uses Airwolf to knock over Billie's truck. Hawke walks into the bar and after ordering a beer, Sheriff Bogan walks up to him and grabs him and arrests him for being a vagrant. Bogan takes Hawke to the sheriff's office and Hawke tells Bobby his name is James Blake and Bobby recognizes the name. Hawke tells Bogan his identification and car were stolen in El Paso, but Bogan tells him he thinks he is a liar. Caitlin arrives with a court order and when she goes into the jail area, Hawke asks to speak to her. He calls Dominic and tells him to bust him out of jail. Bogan walks in and takes the phone away from Hawke and hangs it up. He tells Hawke he killed James and he is going to take him hunting. Hawke is brought to the African Hunt Club Ranch by Bogan and forced to run while Sam Houston and Buddy hunt him. He is rescued by Dominic in Airwolf and they use Airwolf to knock over Sam's jeep. Hawke and Dominic arrive at the Sheriff's Office in Airwolf and blow up Billie's truck and Bogan's Bronco. Hawke orders Bogan to let Caitlin go. Hawke then fires Airwolf's weapons and kills Bogan, Buck, Billie and the rest of the men. Caitlin thanks Hawke and then chases after them in her helicopter and tells him he can't leave. Hawke and Dominic then fly off and Dominic starts singing The Yellow Rose of Texas.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 2 Firestorm played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are testing the performance of Dominic's helicopter, when Dominic mentions they should be doing regular flights with Airwolf to keep it maintained. They land and Everett tells Dominic that he got a call from Angie. They get into Dominic's jeep and ride towards the Four Corners area. At the Last Chance bar, Eddie Donahue lunges at a Soldier and they start to fight as Dominic and Hawke enter the bar. Hawke and Dominic grab Eddie and Dominic drives his truck home while Hawke follows in Dominic's jeep. They leave after Hawke asks Dominic how many times he is going to help Eddie. Back at the hangar, Dominic tells Hawke they should check out the area to see if Eddie was seeing things. They then get into Airwolf and take infrared and thermal scan photographs of the area. Dominic tells Hawke, Eddie used to be a pilot, but took to drinking when a plane he was flying crashed, causing numerous casualties. Hawke is looking at photos of the area they scanned yesterday when he comes across an area with a structure near Eddie's trailer. He asks Everett if he has seen Dominic and Everett tells him he went to Eddie's place last night. Hawke drives to Eddie's trailer and finds it empty. He drives to the location from the photo and sees a camp and while using binoculars, sees Dominic and Eddie being escorted by armed men. A helicopter flies overhead and tells him to stop. He tries to run away, but is captured and bought to the camp. As he is brought into the camp he sees a missile on a launch pad. Hawke is brought into the headquarters and General Sandower asks him what he is doing sneaking around. Hawke tells him he is there to find a friend and Sandower asks him about Firestorm. Sandower has Hawke brought outside and Tanya injects him with a drug. Hawke starts to hallucinate and have flashbacks of Vietnam and of Sandower giving a press conference as Sandower asks him about what Eddie told him. Hawke wakes up in a room with Dominic and Eddie and Dominic tells him Sandower and his group are getting ready to fire the nuclear tipped missile at Moscow to start World War III. They start a fake fight to attract the guard, and then grab him and choke him unconscious when he tries to stop them from fighting. They break out of the room and Sandower starts the launch of the missile. Dominic is shot in the chest as he and Eddie drive away in a jeep and Hawke jumps onto a motorcycle and rides away. Dominic and Eddie arrive at Eddie's trailer, while Hawke gets into Airwolf. A group of Sandower's men arrive at Eddie's trailer, but Hawke kills two of them, and the others surrender. He lands Airwolf and Dominic and Hawke tell Eddie that he has to help them. Eddie gets into Airwolf with Hawke and they fly back towards the camp. Hawke has Eddie pop two anti-rocket sunbursts and then has him fire a rocket as the nuclear missile is launching. The rocket hits the missile causing it to explode and Sandower and everyone in his camp is obliterated. Hawke, Dominic and Eddie drive Eddie back to his trailer and Eddie tells Dominic he is going to try to get sober. Hawke and Dominic then leave Eddie's property.

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During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 3 Moffett's Ghost played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are transporting Dr. Burton in Airwolf to a secret meeting with Soviet scientists. As they cross the Bering Sea, Hawke promises to pick Dr. Burton up when the meeting ends. They land in Russia and Dr. Burton is greeted by the Soviet scientists. At Hawke's cabin, Marella notices Tet looking up her dress and crosses her legs away from him. She mentions to Hawke and Dominic if Dr. Burton didn't have to work in secret, he would have won numerous Peace Prizes. Archangel tells Hawke he has to make sure he picks up Dr. Burton, or it would be a propaganda nightmare. Archangel asks him if he has had any problems with Airwolf and then tells Hawke, while Marella was monitoring the NORAD map she saw several stray targets. After Archangel and Marella leave, Dominic mentions to Hawke how the computers in Airwolf were acting up. That night, Hawke has a nightmare of the time he and Dominic took Airwolf from Dr. Moffet. He and Dominic are flying Airwolf when the navigation system starts to run itself and takes over flying Airwolf. The weapon system automatically comes on and fires upon and destroys a drone. They land Airwolf and Dominic asks Hawke how they are going to pick up Dr. Burton if they can't control Airwolf. Dominic then suggests asking Archangel for help, but Hawke refuses. They go to the research office of Dr. Hanson. Hawke tells Dr. Hanson he came to see her about Airwolf and that Airwolf is having computer problems. He and Dominic take a blindfolded Dr. Hanson to Airwolf's secret lair and she notices the computer is on. They watch the video and learn that Moffet put a program in place that would take over Airwolf if he was ever imprisoned or killed. Dr. Hanson explains to Dominic and Hawke how a logic bomb works and how complicated it will be to fix the logic bomb Moffet left in Airwolf. Hawke takes Dr. Hanson outside for some fresh air, and Dr. Hanson recognizes the area as the Valley of the Gods. Hawke, Dominic and Dr. Hanson take Airwolf out to test it and the weapons system auto locks on a Cessna plane. It fires towards the plane, and Hawke tells Dr. Hanson they installed blank rounds in the chain guns. Dr. Hanson figures out how to temporarily take control of Airwolf again and they land. She tells Hawke if she had a more powerful computer she might be able to override the program. Hawke and Dominic show Archangel and Marella, Moffet's video and Archangel tells them Airwolf should be grounded. Marella tells Hawke that the FIRM will try to pick up Dr. Burton, but Hawke refuses. As Hawke and Dominic are leaving, Archangel tells them the computer they requested is outside on a ramp. Before they leave, Marella gives them classified detailed designs of Airwolf to give to Dr. Hanson. In the morning, Dr. Hanson tells Dominic and Hawke she doesn't know if she fixed Airwolf and as they about to lift off, she tells them that she planted an explosive in Airwolf and threatens to detonate it. Hawke tells Dr. Hanson he needs her help to save Dr. Burton and gives her the option of detonating the bomb or helping them. Hawke and Dr. Hanson take Airwolf and pick up Dr. Burton and then head towards Washington D.C. Radar picks up Airwolf and Jet Pilot 1 and Jet Pilot 2 are scrambled to intercept. Jet Pilot 1 orders Hawke to identify himself, but Moffet's program causes the signal to not work. Jet Pilot 2 goes into attack position, and Airwolf starts gaining altitude. At 8000 feet Airwolf levels out and Moffet gives one last message and causes what appear to be Russian bombers to show on NORAD's radar. Hawke has an idea to depressurize Airwolf and Airwolf suddenly nose dives towards the ground. Right as Airwolf is about to hit the ground, Hawke manages to take control and he lands Airwolf. Hawke and Dr. Hanson then contact Archangel and Marella and tell them the logic bomb has been purged.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 4 The Truth About Holly played by Jan-Michael Vincent

In Taxquetl, Mexico, Hawke sneaks inside of a mansion. Gabriel opens the hallway closet door and Hawke grabs him and asks where Holly Matthews is. Gabriel then takes Hawke to a room and Hawke tells Holly he is a friend of Dominic. Hawke and Holly escape out of the mansion and run to Airwolf as an alarm goes off and Ed Aarons' security chase and shoot at them. They return to the United States and Lieutenant Grodin questions them about Holly and if she was kidnapped. They then argue with Grodin about whether Holly was being held against her will. At Dominic's hangar, Caitlin O'Shannessy walks up to Hawke and he asks her how she found him. She tells him she took a leave of absence from the police force and asks him about Airwolf, but he refuses to acknowledge it exists. Caitlin then tells him she found the remains of Hawke's friend James in the desert. On a movie set, Hawke arrives on set and he and Holly flirt with each other. Mr. Carlson runs over to Hawke and asks him and Dominic to do the stunt in one take to help with the budget. Mr. Carlson brings Hawke and Caitlin together and sets up the scene that involves a kiss. At first Caitlin is hesitant to kiss Hawke, but then they give each other a long kiss. Caitlin then gets into the helicopter to perform the stunt. As she is flying, a bolt comes loose and falls out of the cyclic control. She manages to land the helicopter on the set of a Roman film being shot. Hawke and Dominic run to Caitlin and she tells Hawke the cyclic was jammed. Everett runs to Dominic and points out Tony and Hernando. Dominic and Hawke chase after Tony and Hernando, but they get away. They drive to Edw. Aarons Inc. and Worker asks what he can do for them. Hawke asks to see Aarons and when Worker tells him he isn't there, Hawke keeps on walking. They are stopped by Mancini and Hawke tells him he wants to see Aarons. Mancini tells Hawke, Aarons is in Mexico and Hawke and Dominic tell Mancini to tell Aarons to stay away from Holly. At Dominic's hangar, a Delivery Boy arrives with a package for Holly. In the package is a live tarantula and a note from Aarons telling Holly to come back. Hawke takes Holly to his cabin and she brings up Caitlin and tells Hawke, Caitlin isn't right for him. Holly then tries to kiss Hawke, but he pushes her away and she walks off after accusing him of liking Caitlin and afterwards she tries to put Caitlin down. Hawke goes after Holly and apologizes if he said anything that gave her the wrong idea between them. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf and meet with Aarons who tells them he is glad Holly is gone and he just wanted his coded account book which she stole. Aarons then tells them that Holly is crazy and makes up lies and once sent herself a dead cat and cut his break lines. Aarons then asks for a truce and after accepting, Dominic punches him in the face. Everett contacts Dominic and tells him Caitlin and Holly took his helicopter to go to Hawke's cabin. A jet fires a missile at Caitlin and Hawke has Dominic fire a sunburst. At Dominic's hangar, Holly tells Hawke that her grandmother told her she is going to a nice place for vacation and then she is put in a car and taken away to a mental ward.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 5 The Hunted played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf in the desert when the port engine goes out. They land Airwolf in its lair and Dominic tells Hawke they need to do maintenance on Airwolf. At Dominic's hangar, Caitlin again asks Hawke about Airwolf, but he denies it exists and she was only imagining it. Rosalind Gregory arrives and tells Caitlin she is there to see Dominic. Rosalind then introduces Tony Spandel to Dominic and Dominic starts to introduce Hawke, but Rosalind already knows who he is. She tells Dominic that she would like to contract Santini Air for thirty days to fly company staff when needed. When Hawke asks who is paying, Rosalind tells him Carter Anderson III. Rosalind and the others leave and Dominic tells Hawke how excited he is over the deal, but Hawke doesn't agree. Hawke and Dominic again take out Airwolf, but one engine continues to stall. Hawke tells Dominic he doesn't trust the Anderson deal. They arrive at Santini Air and ask Everett who all the people are searching through the hangar. Hawke asks Tony what is going on and Dominic notices one of the people is photographing his personal paperwork. Hawke goes to Anderson's mansion with Tony following closely by. Rosalind drives up to the gate in a golf cart and Hawke tells her they wont be accepting her offer of work. Anderson tells Rosalind to let Hawke in and Hawke follows Rosalind inside. He asks Anderson who wants to kill him and Anderson tells him he has a plan to revitalize factories that are closing and keep the workers employed. Anderson then tells him that he needs him to get him to a meeting to sign paperwork and Hawke agrees to work for him after he learns Anderson knows of Airwolf and knows Archangel. While Dominic is fixing a fuel control unit, Hawke tells Dominic he worries maybe Anderson is trying to steal Airwolf. Caitlin is flying with Hawke and Dominic when Hawke tells her she is the one that is going to fly Anderson. Dominic and Hawke take Rosalind and Tony to a bar and discuss how the operation will go. Later, Robert Villers pulls along Caitlin's plane and she calls Hawke for help. Robert starts firing missiles at Caitlin's plane and Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf to help. Robert then starts firing at both Airwolf and Caitlin's plane. Hawke gets behind Robert's Corsair and fires his chain guns, disabling the Corsair. Robert gets on the radio and tells Caitlin he will see her and tells Hawke and Dominic good show and then the Corsair explodes. At Hawke's cabin, Dominic tells Hawke he can't get Caitlin to feel better and Hawke goes outside with his cello and Tet. Caitlin tells Hawke not to bother trying to make her feel better, and he plays songs to follow her mood. He then denies the existence of Airwolf as a joke. Caitlin gets riled up and Hawke tells Dominic, Caitlin must be feeling better.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 6 Sins of the Past played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke goes inside the offices at Santini Air and finds Dominic sitting at his desk. Hawke tells Dominic, Archangel, wants them to go on a mission. Dominic then tells Hawke that his daughter Sally Santini died and she is to be buried the next day. They take Airwolf to San Remo island and on their way Dominic tells Hawke of how he hadn't seen Sally in years. Dominic and Hawke are walking along the beach when Dominic sees Aaron Martin. Dominic thanks Aaron for calling him and telling him about Sally and Aaron asks him if he is going to control himself at the funeral. They go to the Our Lady of the Bay church and Dominic kisses the head and kneels in front of Sally's body. Lila Santini walks into the church and she and Dominic exchange looks. At the cemetery, Father Donovan leads the eulogy for Sally, but is interrupted by Lila, who declares that the only reason anyone is at the funeral is to collect money. Lila continues to pester Dominic about why he is at the funeral. Before leaving, Lila tells Dominic that Sally hated him and she isn't sure that Sally was even his daughter. At the San Remo Yacht Club, Aaron tells Hawke stories about when he and Dominic were young. Hawke asks about the casino and Waitress tells him the casino offered money for her and her husband's house for less than the amount it would cost to buy a new one. Dominic and Hawke then start on the mission for Archangel and when they return to the hangar, Caitlin runs up to them and tells them Lieutenant Grodin is there to speak with Dominic. Grodin walks up to them and asks Dominic where he was the night before and hands him a picture of Lila and then arrests him for suspicion of murder of Lila who was beaten to death. Grodin tells Hawke and Caitlin that it could be days or weeks before Dominic is processed and sent to San Remo. Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and asks Archangel to give Dominic an alibi, but Archangel tells him he was ordered not to overtly help Dominic. He then offers to help inadvertently, but can't make any promises. Hawke visits Dominic at the County of Los Angeles Central Jail and Dominic tells Hawke he is having memories of being locked up in a North Korean prison camp. Hawke flies Airwolf back to San Remo island. He goes to Lila's home and walks inside and is questioned by Captain Babbitt. Babbitt tells him they believe Dominic is the killer and Lila was known by other members of the town to be promiscuous. Hawke sees Vince Decter and asks Babbitt how close she was to him. Babbitt then tells Hawke a new breed of people have come to the island since the casino opened. Hawke goes to a country club and buys Vince a drink. Vince tells Hawke he was about to buy the country club with Lila's money and his contacts, but it fell through. Vince then recognizes Hawke from the funeral and tries to hit Hawke, but Hawke easily knocks Vince down. Vince then tells Hawke Lila would give him money. Aaron takes Hawke to the house Dominic bought and lived with Lila and Sally in. They then watch home movies of Dominic's family, Aaron's family and Beatrice Moretti. Aaron then tells Hawke, he thinks Dominic killed Lila for what she did to Sally. Hawke is woken up by Darius' Heavy searching the house and they fight, but Darius' Heavy manages to get away. Hawke goes to see Beatrice who is preparing for a fashion show, and as Beatrice talks about Lila, she continues to poke a Model with a pin accidentally. Beatrice then tells Hawke that Dominic was tricked into marrying Lila when she told him she was pregnant, but wasn't. As they are talking, Darius' Heavy tells Hawke, Jason Darius wants to speak to him. Jason asks Hawke what he is doing on the island and tells him Lila didn't have any money and tells Hawke to go home. Aaron tells Hawke he didn't tell him about Lila's connection to Jason, because he was worried what Jason might do to him. Hawke visits Vince again and Vince tells him that Lila said if anyone tried to kill her, her daughter would protect her. Hawke calls Aaron and Aaron tells him to meet him at the house. Hawke goes to the house and finds Aaron dead and Darius' Heavy in the house listening to a tape telling Sally she sent Dominic a package with the identity of her killer Jason. Darius' Heavy chases after Hawke, beats him up and him and Vince are about to drop him overboard when Hawke manages to get loose and jump overboard. Babbitt finds Hawke washed ashore and gives him CPR and then tells him to go home. Hawke tells him Jason murdered Lila when she was blackmailing him for skimming from the casino and Babbitt tells him Jason has connections and was sent to the island to avoid prosecution for a murder. Hawke arrives in Airwolf to the casino and Jason tells his men to shoot at Hawke. Hawke fires back and the crowd of people run outside the casino where Jason and Darius' Heavy are arrested. Hawke then uses Airwolf to destroy the casino to the cheers of the locals. Later, Dominic arrives with Hawke and they celebrate his release from prison.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 7 Fallen Angel played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are flying a bi-plane for a movie shoot. Hawke performs a maneuver which puts him behind the other bi-plane. The Director asks Dominic what he is doing and Dominic tells him he called cut and Hawke is just messing around. The Director tells Dominic he will tell him when to cut and then has him perform the barn stunt. Hawke and Dominic crash the plane into the barn and remark the roof didn't feel like it was balsa wood like it was supposed to. They end up in the hospital and tell Caitlin that the balsa wood was placed on the wrong side of the barn roof. Marella walks into their hospital room and tells Hawke and Dominic that Archangel, is a prisoner in East Germany. She tells them that Zeus and the rest of the committee will not be sending a rescue party and his section has been closed. She hands Hawke a data device with information on what Archangel was doing and tells him, Archangel was in East Germany trying to rescue an agent called Maria Von Furster who had made the KGB white list. Hawke agrees to go and as Marella is leaving she tells them good luck. Caitlin walks back into the room and Hawke and Dominic have the idea to have her help since Dominic is too injured. Hawke takes Caitlin out in Airwolf and trains her on its weapons systems. Hawke and Caitlin get Dominic out of his hospital bed. A Nurse walks into the room and asks what they are doing. Dominic tells her he is leaving just for a little while to do some stunt work and she folds her arms across her chest. Caitlin flips the Nurse onto the bed and Hawke wheels Dominic out of the hospital. Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin take Airwolf to the coordinates listed in the file Marella gave them. As they are heading in the direction, four MiG-25's appear on Airwolf's radar screen. They manage to use their radar dampener to avoid detection. In East Berlin, Hawke meets up with Maria and tells her Archangel has been captured trying to save her. After some persuasion, she agrees to help him. Polizie One and Polizie Two walk up to Hawke and then grab him and start to take him away when he doesn't answer their questions and acts like he is a mute. Maria walks up and starts to sign language at Hawke. Polizie One and Polizie Two start to question Maria, and eventually let Hawke go. She tells Hawke where Archangel is being held, but refuses to help in any other way due to Dr. Karl Kruger once being her lover. Hawke promises if he helps him that Kruger wont be hurt. Maria takes Hawke into the catacombs of the castle. Olga and two other nurses get Archangel out of his torture tub and Maria and Hawke walk into the room and grab Archangel, who is happy to see Maria. Hawke and Maria help Archangel get in Airwolf, but Maria is shot by Kruger. Airwolf then flies off. At FIRM headquarters, Archangel and the others, including Marella walk into a meeting with the committee. Zeus welcomes him back and thanks Caitlin, Dominic and Hawke for rescuing Archangel. He then says Marella will have to be suspended until a review board can determine if she is capable of following orders. Dominic argues with Zeus and Archangel demands his staff back. When Zeus refuses Archangel's demand, Archangel pulls out a gun and fires at Zeus. Kruger runs back to the lab area during an attack and sees Archangel taking the Titum 1221 drug vials. Archangel then tells Kruger that Hawke figured out their plan and put blanks in his gun. Hawke starts to walk into the room with the drug notes and when Kruger points a gun at him, Archangel shoots and kills Kruger. Maria walks up and threatens to kill Archangel, and demands the notes and vials. Archangel puts his gun away and as Maria goes to shoot him anyway, Hawke shoots and kills her. Hawke and Archangel get into Airwolf and they fly away. They shoot down two MiG's and Archangel realizes that Maria was working with Kruger to set him up. Dominic wants to go get beer and bratwurst and when Caitlin suggests they can discuss their next mission, Dominic, Hawke and Archangel act like Airwolf doesn't exist.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 8 HX1 played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf out to search for the missing HX1 on orders of Archangel. Hawke thinks his brother Saint John is involved in the helicopter heist. He mentions the technique that they used could only be done by four people, Saint John, Colonel Vidor, Mace Taggart and himself, and Mace Taggart and Colonel Vidore are dead. Hawke has a flashback to Vietnam to when he is forced to leave Saint John and Mace when the Co-Pilot tells him the ropes are full. They pass over the DAVSCO corporation and don't find any signs of the HX1. Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and tells Archangel he thinks the FIRM has HX1 and thinks Saint John is working with the FIRM. Hawke tells Dominic that some of the men he served with in Vietnam became mercenaries and maybe Saint John is working with them. Hawke goes to a mercenary camp and speaks to Joe Ganns. Hawke looks at Joe's M16 and comments he must be making some good money, which Handley hears. Hawke asks about the HX1 raid and Joe tells him some people thought he might have done it. Hawke mentions how Mace and Saint John used to pull similar operations as the HX1 heist, and Joe says they are both dead. Hawke goes to the home of Mrs. Taggart and Mr. Taggart. They tell him they kept track of everywhere Mace went in Vietnam. Mr. Taggart shows Hawke a photo of Mace, Saint John and Hawke and Hawke has a flashback to when he, Saint John and Mace had their picture taken by Ellie. Hawke brings up the theft of the HX1 and tells the Taggarts it is similar to what Mace and Saint John used to pull off. Mr, Taggart tells Hawke to leave and Mrs. Taggart tells Hawke she thinks Mace did it and isn't dead. Mr. Taggart then accuses Hawke of leaving Mace and Saint John behind to die. Hawke has another flashback to Mace, Saint John, Ellie and himself at a bar. Hawke goes to see Ellie who is now married and has a son. Hawke asks her if she is happy and Ellie remembers how she cheated on Saint John with Mace which ended their relationship. Hawke tells Ellie, he thinks Saint John is still alive, but Ellie tells him to let it go and Saint John is gone. He goes to a bar where Dunkirk is telling Decker and Handley about work in the Persian Gulf. Decker asks Hawke why he hasn't been around lately and Dunkirk asks Hawke what he wants. Decker accuses Hawke of leaving Saint John to die and Hawke back hands him in the face. Hawke accuses Dunkirk and the others of working with Saint John. Hawke leaves and is confronted by Joe, Decker and Handley who beat him up. Hawke sees someone in the shadows and thinks it is Saint John and then collapses. Hawke goes to Santini Air and Ellie walks up to Hawke and tells him Dunkirk had come to see her a month ago and asked her to do his accounting for him. She then tells him that Dunkirk is now an arms dealer. Hawke goes to Dunkirk's ranch and asks him if he has the HX1, which Dunkirk denies. Later, Hawke follows Dunkirk's car. Hawke sneaks into the warehouse Dunkirk went into. Dunkirk tells Joe, Decker and Handley, Hawke came to talk with him and Joe tells him he doesn't want to hurt Hawke, but Hawke is getting too close to their operation. Hawke points a gun at the group and Mace walks towards him with his own gun drawn. Hawke tells Mace he's been told Saint John is dead, but he doesn't believe it and asks Mace where Saint John is. Mace then accuses Hawke of leaving him to die. Another flashback happens of Mace and Saint John escaping from the Vietcong. Hawke asks why he stayed "dead" and Mace tells him he wanted to make money on the cocaine trade. Hawke demands to know where Saint John is and Joe hits him in the back of the head with his pistol. Hawke wakes up in the desert and stumbles to the road. A Passing Motorist stops to help Hawke and after giving him some water, she takes him to a payphone. Hawke calls Dominic and Dominic arrives in Airwolf. They head towards Red Rock Flats. Airwolf arrives and Hawke asks Mace, who is flying the HX1, where Saint John is. Mace tells Hawke he knows what happened to Saint John and starts attacking Airwolf. Hawke asks Mace again to tell him, but Mace continues to attack Airwolf. Dominic yells at Hawke to fire back and Hawke eventually does, causing the HX1 to blow up in the sky. The wreckage of the HX1 lands on the people watching the demonstration, killing them all. Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy try to comfort Hawke and Hawke smiles and drives his motorcycle away.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 9 Flight #093 Is Missing played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic walk into the Santini Air hangar and Hawke reminds Caitlin, her flight leaves in an hour. Caitlin tries to make an excuse for not going, but they end up taking her to the Los Angeles International Airport. Dominic tells Hawke a joke about break dancing and then tells Hawke his accountant told him, Hawke is going to jail if he doesn't file his taxes. Dominic then tells Hawke that a special accountant is being flown to his cabin to do his taxes. Laurie is helping Hawke with his taxes, while Tet watches. She decides to take a break and asks for Vodka. Hawke apologizes to Laurie for having to help him out and she tells him she saw him in her boss's office before and volunteered. They hear a helicopter flying over and as Hawke and Laurie are getting comfortable, Dominic bursts in with food. Later, Marks plays a recording from the terrorists to Hawke, Dominic, Ingrid Kendall and an ATC Representative,demanding 50 million dollars in ransom for the passengers. Hawke thanks Marks for allowing them to help. The ATC Representative tells Hawke and Dominic that the plane has essentially vanished. Ingrid wants to start raising the money and Hawke tells her, even if they gave the terrorists the money, they would never see the plane again. Ingrid then tells Hawke that she has loved Edward since the day they met, but never told him. Marks tells Hawke and Dominic that if the hurricane continues north they will have to call off the search. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf out and photograph the area. The Coast Guard tells them to come in due to the weather, but Hawke ignores them. Dominic and Hawke go over the photographs they took and Hawke finds the plane. Hawke shows Marks the photo and tells him they will radio back if they find it. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf over the water and Dominic spots the shape of a plane underwater and Hawke radios it in to air rescue with their location. Hawke jumps overboard in a diving suit and the passengers celebrate when they see him. Dominic sees Hergos' boat and mistakenly thinks it is a rescue ship and drops a marker in the water. Joskins fires the missile launcher at Airwolf and barely misses them with a direct hit. Joskins then drops a depth charge into the water causing the plane to rock and the passengers to panic. Dominic is forced to hotwire the weapons systems due to the damage from the missile while Joskins continues to fire at them. Dominic fixes it and Hawke shoots the .50 cal at Joskins, killing him and then fires two rockets into the ship, blowing it up. The Coast Guard arrives. Back at Santini Air, Caitlin tells her mother over the phone that she is sorry she missed her sister's wedding. Dominic tells Caitlin there are tons of eligible men and then points at Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 10 Once a Hero played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke is walking through Chinatown when he is followed by a group of three men. He is surrounded by the men, but saved by Tommy Liu who tells the men to leave. They go into a bar, where Archangel is sitting at a table and Loo is standing next to him. Loo demands two thousand dollars and after Hawke pays him, Loo hands him an envelope with photographs, including one that appears to show Saint John. Archangel tells Hawke that the prison camp is run by a warlord in Laos. Hawke thanks Archangel and Tommy warns Hawke that Laos is heavily armed. Hawke shows Dominic the photos and suggests a plan to form a unit to help break out Saint John. They go to the All County Dirt Bike rally to recruit Kearns. Kearns is at first hesitant to go, but agrees in the end. They then go to the Convention Center to hear a speech by Gary Wallace. Dominic doesn't think Gary will join them, but Hawke tells him they need him in order to get visas with his political clout. After his speech, Gary walks into his office and tells Hawke, he can't go along with his plan as he doesn't think it can be done. Hawke tells him he doesn't have to apologize and as he, Dominic and Kearns are leaving, Gary tells them he will join them. Hawke shows Kearns and Gary a miniature representation of the prison camp. Gary asks how Hawke plans on taking out all the guards and guard towers and Hawke shows them Airwolf. Dominic in Airwolf then does a demonstration of its fighting abilities. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf over the prison camp and use their cameras to record the camp before flying into the camp. The prison camp guards shoot at Airwolf and eventually Hawke flies Airwolf away. In Bangkok, Thailand, Hawke and Dominic wait for Kearns and Gary to arrive so they can store their gear before meeting Chin Mou. Charmaine Beaucaire walks up to their table and kisses Hawke and Hawke introduces "Chin Mou" to Dominic, Kearns and Gary. Hawke, Dominic, Gary and Charmaine start removing the lids of the crates holding their supplies. Kearns arrives and they remove their weapons and Hawke tells everyone thanks. There is a knock on the door and Kearns and Gary hurry and get the weapons loaded onto the truck while Charmaine stalls the Government Official at the door. Charmaine opens the door and the Government Official walks in with two military personnel. The Government Official asks what they are transporting and then comments on their truck. Kearns starts the truck and Hawke punches The Government Official when he tries to stop Kearns. The others get into the truck and drive off as the government personnel shoot at them. They park the vehicle in the jungle and cover it with brush. Hawke, Charmaine, Gary and Kearns walk through the jungle, while Dominic flies overhead in Airwolf. They find some punji sticks in the ground and Hawke notices Bandit Leader pointing a rifle at them. They are then surrounded by other bandits and taken hostage. They are brought before the Bandit King and made to kneel. The Bandit King asks if they are mercenaries and Hawke jokes and says they are combat Archaeologists. The Bandit King insults Charmaine and Hawke threatens that if the Bandit King doesn't show better hospitality, he won't do business with him. Hawke offers to pay the Bandit King for knowledge on where any American POW's are and then shows the Bandit King some money. As Hawke goes to give the Bandit King some money, he puts a knife to his throat and takes him hostage. They put the Bandit King in a jeep and drive off. They then push him off into the river and continue to drive away. At night in camp they make a toast to Saint John and Dominic walks up. The next day before they enter the camp, Gary hesitates until Hawke calls his name. They sneak into the camp and then into the prisoner barracks, but only find Laotians in it. Gary wants to leave, but Hawke insists they let the Laotian prisoners out. Gary admits to Kearns that he told the Vietnamese guards about the escape tunnel Kearns had dug while they were both prisoners. Gary tells Kearns, he thought by coming on the mission to save Saint John, he could make up for betraying Kearns. Kearns points his rifle towards Gary and fires it, killing a guard that was walking in, but also alerting the camp. Hawke and the others are pinned down and he calls Dominic on the radio for air support. Charmaine points out to Hawke that the guards are pulling a different group of prisoners out and putting them into a truck. Dominic arrives in Airwolf and starts killing the guards. Hawke and the others lead the Laotian prisoners into the jeep and then Kearns, Charmain and Gary drive off. Dominic destroys most of the base in Airwolf and then picks Hawke up. They chase after the truck with the prisoners. Hawke shoots at the truck and the guards run away. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf and Hawke runs to the back of the truck. He asks for Saint John and Roach tells him the other American prisoners were taken away. Kearns and Charmaine arrive in the jeep and Hawke tells them Saint John wasn't in the truck. A jet starts firing at them and they transfer the American prisoners into the jeep with the Laotians. Hawke get into Airwolf while Kearns and Charmaine park the jeep in the jungle. Hawke and Dominic then shoot down three jets. Hawke uses the loudspeaker and tries to send a message to Saint John that he is coming back. Hawke, Dominic and Kearns return to the United States and attend Gary's funeral. Kearns invites Hawke and Dominic for a beer, and after initially telling him no, they agree to have a beer with him and Dominic tells a saying about those that drink with friends never put on weight.

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During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 11 Random Target played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are talking with Kowal, who is trying to subcontract them to do a job he is contracted to do. Dominic angrily accuses Kowal of low balling the bid and how he wants them to do it for less. Model arrives at the hangar and calls to Kowal. Kowal begs them to accept the job and Hawke agrees to do it. Hawke and Dominic fly in Kowal's helicopter and film locations for film survey work. They pass over Dent's compound and Dominic films the models hanging out by the pool. The next day, Dominic and Hawke arrive at Kowal Air Service and when they try to go inside, they are told by a police officer to speak with Anne Brannen. Anne asks them if they were employees of Kowal and then asks if they know anyone that might have a grudge against Kowal. Anne tells them she thinks it was probably junkies that murdered Kowal, but Hawke disagrees. Dominic then tells Annie some of Kowal's back history including that he has been divorced three times and gambles. Caitlin is brought to the Kensington General Hospital after being attacked where she is questioned by Anne. As Anne is leaving, Hawke makes a sarcastic comment about the progress of the case, and she tells him with the lack of evidence, the case is low priority. Hawke and Dominic go back to Kowal Air Service. They hear a knock and surprise Delivery Boy. He gives them the film and tells them the film lab was burned down. Hawke and Dominic figure out the importance of the film and sit down and watch it. Anne arrives and Hawke tells her they have a film that will help solve the mystery of Kowal's death. Hawke plays the film for Anne, but she doesn't agree it has anything to do with Kowal's death. Anne then invites Hawke for breakfast. Anne tells Hawke the history of her family and their poverty. As they are passing a crime scene, Anne decides to stop. Anne speaks with an Officer who tells her about the crime scene. Hawke tells Anne, Annie's jeep was hit by rocket fire,but she doesn't believe him. After the Santini Air hangar is set on fire, Anne arrives and Hawke tries to convince her the fire is connected to what happened to Kowal, but she doesn't believe him and Dominic thinks maybe it was machine parts that started it. Anne asks how many people knew about the film and Dominic mentions he told Everett about the film and a few other guys and Anne suggests anyone could have heard about the film. Dominic and Hawke take out Airwolf and photograph the area they filmed for Kowal. They go back to Hawke's cabin and look over the photographs they took and they figure out what they have been looking for. Hawke calls Anne and asks her if the name Kenneth Langhorn means anything to her and after she tells him, Kenneth disappeared, Hawke tells her they have photographic proof he is still alive. Anne tells him not to tell anyone about what he knows and he agrees. Anne drives Hawke out into the desert to supposedly meet her captain and Hawke notices she is acting nervous. A car arrives and Anne pulls a weapon on Hawke. Stark tells Anne that Kenneth has decided Hawke needs to die. Hawke attacks Stark and Kenneth's other guy and tells Anne to get into her car and they drive off. They are chased by Stark and the the other guy who start shooting at them. Hawke calls for Dominic and Hawke tells Anne he figured out she was the leak, but didn't want to believe it. Dominic and Caitlin arrive and blow up the car with Stark and the other guy. Hawke pulls over and Anne tells him Kenneth is leaving that day before dying from a gunshot wound. Hawke gets into Airwolf and they fly over the compound. Caitlin identifies two helicopters in the area and Hawke figures they are part of Kenneth's escort. They fly Airwolf over Kenneth's limo who orders his helicopters to shoot it down. Both helicopters are shot down and after some of his bodyguards are killed, Kenneth runs to the plane that is supposed to fly him away. His suitcase full of money opens up and three police vehicles arrive and arrest Kenneth. Later at Hawke's cabin, Caitlin asks him what he told the detectives and he tells her, he told them Anne died while doing surveillance on Kenneth.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 12 Condemned played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Archangel, gives Hawke a briefing on a viral outbreak in Afghanistan that escaped from a Soviet lab. He tells Hawke a sample was recovered and brought to a World War II bunker in the Aleutian Islands that was turned into a lab. He hands Hawke a tape player and tells him they haven't heard from the lab in 72 hours and the team of four that the FIRM sent haven't returned. Hawke tells Archangel that Dominic won't be back for a couple of weeks. Hawke and Caitlin fly Airwolf to the island. They scan the area and see the grounds of the lab full of dead bodies. Hawke and Caitlin get into HAZMAT suits and walk to the lab. As they are searching the lab, Caitlin is grabbed by Dr. Morton. Dr. Morton, Hawke and Caitlin fight, and during the fight Hawke and Caitlin's suits are damaged, exposing them to the virus. They get out of their suits and chase after Dr. Morton, who manages to get away. They see a group of Soviet sailors land on the beach. While Hawke is making his way towards Airwolf, he is caught by Sailor 1. Hawke stalls Sailor 1 while Caitlin sneaks up on him and Caitlin knocks Sailor 1 to the ground. Torgovitch and his patrol hear the commotion and after Hawke and Caitlin escape. Hawke and Caitlin find the body of Jennings Rudolph and then go into his office. They watch the VHS tape that Jennings made and watch as he describes the symptoms and mentions a secure lab. Hawke and Caitlin are captured by the Soviets. Lt. Cmdr. Leoni Zirukov introduces himself and Lt. Elena Loupani to Hawke and Caitlin. They argue whether, if an antidote exists, it belongs to the United States, the Soviet Union or the world. Hawke pulls back Zirukov's jacket, revealing a blotchy patch of skin and then reveals he too is infected. Caitlin pulls back her sleeve and finds out she is also showing symptoms of the virus. They agree to work together, which Loupani doesn't like. Hawke and Catilin use Airwolf to triangulate the signal being sent out by the secure lab. Hawke sees Zirukov and his group trying to beat them to the lab and fires a missile at a bridge, causing Zirukov and his group to have to walk to the lab. The lab door is blown open and the two groups enter the lab. Inside the lab are a series of containers with dead rabbits named after the Marx brothers and a different antidote formula written down. Hawke finds "Harpo" who was given Formula B, still alive and he also finds the source of the signal. The antidote is located and Zirukov takes the first injection. That night everyone celebrates and dances. Zirukov congratulates Hawke and Hawke reveals that he knows a search party was sent out to find Airwolf. Dr. Morton is brought into camp and tells everyone a side effect of the antidote is acute paranoia. A Soviet sailor suddenly screams and falls into the bonfire setting himself on fire. Dr. Morton tells them that if they tranquilize themselves for ten hours, the effects will wear off. Sailor 2 becomes paranoid and Hawke grabs his AK and tells the others to throw their weapons into the ocean and Zirukov tells them to listen to Hawke. Zirukov suddenly becomes paranoid and calls the Soviet submarine to conduct an airstrike on the island. Hawke, Caitlin and Loupani walk to Airwolf and Loupani orders Torgovitch and his men to throw down their weapons. Torgovitch starts to become paranoid and Loupani shoots him in the leg. Hawke and Caitlin get into Airwolf and manage to shoot down the three missiles fired at the island. They land Airwolf and Loupani thanks Hawke and Caitlin. Hawke and Zirukov shake hands and then Hawke, Caitlin and Dr. Morton get into Airwolf and Hawke blows up the lab.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 13 The American Dream played by Jan-Michael Vincent

During Minh and Mae's wedding ceremony Hawke and Dominic give Caitlin a hard time for crying. Hawke gives a gift to Tru, who thanks him. While Hawke and Minh are talking outside they hear a scream and run back to the wedding. Sama tells Minh that Diem and Tommy were killed and then tells Hawke that Col. Tranh Van Zung has been collecting protection money from the farmers. Tranh and Hua show up at the wedding and Tranh gives a vase as a gift while bringing up preserving their traditions. Minh hands back Tranh's gift and Sama calls Tranh a liar and a thief. Sama charges at Tranh and is punched by Hua, who is then punched by Hawke. After Minh is attacked, Hawke and Caitlin visit Mae. Caitlin tells her the doctors said Minh will be okay and Hawke offers to help harvest their cabbage crop. Mae tells them none of their neighbors will come to help due to their fear of the warlord Tranh, who even uses the insignia of the moon spider to keep people in line. Sama runs to them and tells them they have a crop to pick and excitedly juggles and takes a bite from a cabbage. Dominic comes to help and they have a competition to see who can pick cabbages the fastest. Tru wins and celebrates. Sgt. Bryant stops at the farm and questions Hawke and others about rumors that someone is trying to extort the local Vietnamese farmers. Sama tells Sgt. Bryant that Tranh is the man responsible for shaking down the farmers. Sgt. Bryant gives Hawke his card and tells him to call him if he has anymore information. Hawke and Dominic go to where Diem and Tommy were killed and Hawke finds what he thinks is a trigger mechanism from a grenade. Hua flies overhead in his plane and drops gasoline on Hawke and Dominic and then drops an incendiary grenade. Dominic and Hawke run for cover and manage to jump into some nearby water before they are burned. The next morning Minh finds Sama's body and Hawke tells Sgt. Bryant that people might be reluctant to give information due to the corruption of cops where they come from. Hawke gives Sgt. Bryant the trigger mechanism and they go into town to see what the lab says. Hawke and Dominic drive to the Saigon Bar and confront Tranh. Hawke then threatens Tranh and warns him not to hurt anymore of the farmers. As Hawke and Dominic leave, Tranh tells Hua to kill Minh. As Minh and Tru are driving their produce to market, Hua drops gasoline on their truck, even as Minh shoots at his airplane. As Hua is about to throw a grenade down, Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf and force his plane to crash. Hua is arrested and taken to the Saigon Bar and Minh tells Tranh, he is finished. That night, Minh holds a meeting with the local farmers and tells them, he will lead them if they help him harvest. He asks for help and Mae's Mother steps forward, followed by Caitlin and the others. The next day, a large group comes together to pick cabbages. Ko and another pilot drop gasoline on the farmers, but are forced to temporarily fly off when Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf. Hawke blows one plane out of the air and then the other one with Ko in it. Tranh arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and brags it is not the machine, but the man that gives the edge in battle. Hawke hits the rudder of Tranh's plane and Tranh parachutes to the ground with a parachute bearing his spider logo. Tranh lands on the ground and demands the farmers get his parachute. Minh citizen arrests Tranh and brings him to Sgt. Bryant and the police and the farmers stomp on Tranh's parachute. At Hawke's cabin, Hawke receives boxes of vegetables, a small American Flag and a note thanking him, Dominic and Caitlin, and Tranh's parachute.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 14 Inn at the End of the Road played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Archangel, gives a briefing about LOKI to Hawke and Dominic and tells them that terrorists using LOKI could strike anywhere in the world using any type of aircraft. He tells them the getaway vehicle was seen entering the Hallinan National Forest at Ranger Station 47. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and fly towards the Hallinan National Forest. Archangel asks for Hawke and Dominic's status and they tell them they haven't found anything yet. Hawke and Dominic spot the discarded stolen vehicle and see a helicopter flying off. They chase after the helicopter and Steele tells Jason "Doc" Gifford to signal they are having radio difficulties. "Doc" manages to lose Airwolf when he flies into a tunnel and Airwolf's tail rotor is damaged when Hawke doesn't manage to pull up in time. Later, "Doc" runs into Hawke and Dominic and tells them about his friends. "Doc", Hawke and Dominic arrive at the Golden Otter Lodge and as Hawke is trying to open the door, he injures himself. "Doc" works on Hawke's shoulder and then promises justice for Sheriff Frank Dudley. They take Airwolf into the air and Hawke flies injured. They tell Archangel they have located LOKI and Archangel tells Hawke that the thieves match the description of paid assassins from Europe. He tells them he thinks the assassins might be trying to kill Killebrew. The Pilot catches up to Killebrew's plane and helicopter escort and blows up the escort. LOKI takes control of the Pilot's helicopter, and starts firing at Airwolf. Hawke goes unconscious from his wound and Dominic kills the engines. At the Golden Otter Lodge, they watch as a newscast says Killebrew arrived at the peace conference. "Doc" holds up a plaque honoring Frank with the words "He caught the big ones" made by Badger. Dominic offers to hire "Doc" as a pilot after he took over for Hawke, but "Doc" tells him he is happy where he is, unless the pay is huge.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 15 Santini's Millions played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Dominic tells Hawke and Caitlin about last night and meeting Carl Barron. After the death of Clark and Dominic receiving part of his will, Graydon calls Hawke and asks to speak with him and Dominic and then offers 500,000 dollars to Dominic to walk away from the will. Dominic refuses and tells Graydon he will see him at the next board meeting. At Universal City studios, Director explains to Hawke the scene he wants to film. Dominic takes Director in his helicopter and while they are flying, the helicopter begins to malfunction. Dominic manages to land the helicopter and later at the hangar, tells Hawke and Caitlin he doesn't understand what happened. After they demand to see Margo Brewster, Dominic shows Graydon and Cooper that it obviously wasn't him that picked up Margo due to his helicopter being out of commission. Caitlin mentions that Angelo paints Dominic's helicopters and Angelo tells Dominic that an old man paid him to paint up a helicopter like Dominic's. Graydon shows Angelo a photo of Carl and Angelo tells him it was the guy that paid him. Cooper pulls a gun on Dominic, Hawke and Angelo and he locks them in a spray booth and turns on the paint thinner spray. Caitlin turns off the paint thinner and removes the trap Graydon left to cause an explosion and saves Hawke, Dominic and Angelo. Dominic and Hawke use one of Angelo's helicopters to fly to Airwolf. They arrive near Big Bear and blow up two of the attack helicopters, before being forced to retreat when Graydon threatens to kill Margo and Carl. Graydon waits to kill Clark and Margo so he can savor the moment, and before he is about to kill them, Airwolf returns and blows Graydon and Cooper out of the air.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 16 Prisoner of Yesterday played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Jason are camping and fishing and Hawke notices Jason is constantly listening to the news on the radio. A jeep drives up and Emilio and another man from the hospital escape walk up to Hawke and Jason. Emilio tells Jason, someone from the Golden Otter Lodge told him he could find him there and that someone needs medical attention. Jason asks who it is and when he finds out it is President Marios Guzman that needs his help, he says no. Emilio shoots Dominic's jeep's tires and then takes Jason as a hostage. Dominic and Caitlin arrive at the campsite and Hawke tells them he thinks Jason is being taken to Suriana in South America. Hoffman tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin that Jason used to be employed locally as a crop duster and met President Marios during that time. He tells them that President Marios only trusted Jason as his doctor, but eventually started taking a quack serum from Dr. Jensen. Hoffman continues that once President Marios took power he became a dictator, until the military overthrew him. Before they leave, Hoffman warns them not to takes sides. Dr. Jensen tells Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin he has been harassed by government officials and secret police from two different countries, but refuses to admit he gave President Marios the serum. He admits Jason came with two other men and then left. They scan the villages looking for signs of radioactivity that could be from the serum and find a house with high radioactivity. Hawke sneaks into the building and goes into the room and tells Jason to come with him, but Jason doesn't want to leave. Teresa enters the room and she tells Hawke, Jason can leave in a week no matter what. Teresa goes back on her word and orders Hawke to be taken hostage. Luis runs inside and tells the others a group of soldiers are coming. A battle erupts and during the battle, the box of serum is shot. After Hawke saves them by using a bazooka to blow up the armored truck, Teresa takes away his pistol and orders him to help with the stretcher to get President Marios to another location. Jason makes an escape plan with Hawke and Hawke manages to escape after Jason notices Teresa doesn't shoot after him. Caitlin and Dominic then rescue Hawke. Caitlin is left at Hoffman's resident while Hawke and Dominic go to save Jason. Airwolf arrives and scares away the soldiers surrounding the warehouse and then lands. Teresa gets inside Airwolf after Jason tells Hawke and Dominic about the car bombs and Teresa is the only hope to stop them. They hack into the government radio and Teresa asks the van drivers to stop. A pair of F-4's chase after them and Dominic notices three of the vans have listened to Teresa's plea. As Tomas is about to blow up the ambassador's residence, he is blown up by Airwolf. Hawke lands Airwolf back at the warehouse and Jason tells Hawke that he is going to stay for a few weeks and then waves goodbye.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 17 Natural Born played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic fly past Kevin and Winter and Kevin wonders who they were. Dominic tells Hawke he needs more power than what they have in their secret Airwolf base to fix the radar image scope. They decide to take it to Dominic Air to fix it in the hangar overnight. Later, Kevin walks up to Dominic, who is getting frustrated while working on his plane, and starts to stammer. Hawke and Caitlin walk over and Caitlin tells Dominic that Bert now wants three helicopters for the advertisement. Kevin shows Dominic the photograph, but Dominic doesn't recognize any of the men. As Kevin is walking off, Hawke offers him a job doing maintenance. Bert arrives with Wiley and Marcia and Dominic tries to convince Bert to use two helicopters, but Bert sticks to three. Marcia tells Dominic she knows Bert can be difficult, but he is a great artist and is too good to be making commercials. After Marcia walks away Caitlin asks if Marcia was serious in her comment about Bert, and Wiley jokes that he is the next Olivier. Kevin shows Dominic a photo of a helicopter from The Aviator's Source Book and asks him if he has seen one, and Dominic suggests he ask Hawke. Hawke tells Kevin he saw helicopters like that in Vietnam, but now they are rare. Hawke suggests to Dominic they try and work on Airwolf that night due to there being a new moon. Caitlin tells Dominic and Hawke that she can't find any pilots available to fly the third helicopter and Kevin tells them he can fly. Hawke takes Kevin out to test his abilities and then chastises him when Kevin tries to pull a stunt. That night, Hawke and Dominic fly Airwolf into the hangar and Kevin is caught sitting in Airwolf's cockpit. Kevin tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin about the murder of Chester Hansen and they contact Archangel, who tells them that Blue Stone Flying Service is the only aircraft company in the area to use the particular helicopters. Hawke suggests they visit the Blue Stone Flying Service together and Caitlin tells them she and Kevin are going to drop off some film canisters. Hawke and Dominic find out Caitlin and Kevin never went to the ad agency and get into Airwolf. Caitlin and Kevin are put into a helicopter with Schecter, but manage to get free and knock him unconscious. Kevin, who is still tied up, takes the controls and as Jake O'Donnell is about to shoot Caitlin out of the air, Airwolf blows them out of the sky. They land and Kevin goes to live with the Reverend and Winter.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 18 Out of the Sky played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At Roxanne "Roxy" Marvel's rehearsal, Nick De Soto cues Dominic to fly overhead as Nick drops a lit up UFO, while Hawke flies another helicopter and Caitlin films it. Hawke takes Roxy back to her hotel room while Dominic and Caitlin go back to their hangar at Dominic Air. On their way to her hotel room, Hawke flirts with Roxy and he tells her he saw her in concert last year. She tells him she and Nick are divorced, but since both of their names are on the music contract, they are kind of stuck together. They arrive at the Kevington Hotel and are immediately swarmed by paparazzi. They go into her hotel room and Roxy tells Hawke she only has two more weeks on the tour and then she can take a vacation to Paris. Hawke tells her about his cabin in the mountains and invites her to come with him. Hawke picks up Roxy and they and Dominic and Caitlin fly to Hawke's cabin. He takes Roxy out to see if they can spot a doe and her fawn and they talk about her and Nick's relationship and history together. At night Caitlin, Dominic, Hawke, Roxy and Tet have dinner together at a campfire. Caitlin and Dominic leave and Hawke and Roxy kiss and she tells Hawke she isn't going to go back to Nick or singing. At the Twin River Restaurant, a Waitress hands Hawke and Roxy a menu and Trucker 1 recognizes Roxy and walks up to her and Hawke's table. Trucker 1 starts to grab at Roxy and Hawke punches him to the ground. Trucker 2 walks up to Roxy and Hawke and apologizes for his friend, Trucker 1's behavior. Roxy tells Hawke she is burned out from singing, but decides to do her last show. As Caitlin is filming the rehearsal, she happens to capture Roxy being put into a car and driven away by Sal and Mickey. Later, Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin watch the film Caitlin shot of the rehearsal and they see the part where Roxy is being kidnapped. They go to Sally/Roxy's trailer and she fails to recognize them. They are confronted by Rusty Crawford who tells them they aren't allowed backstage. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and head towards where the car with Roxy was headed, towards Barstow, California. They find the vehicle buried in the desert. Hawke and Dominic use Airwolf to listen in on a conversation between Nick and Rusty as they talk about getting rid of both Roxy and her doppelganger Sally/Roxy. Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf and force Mickey and Sal to run away. Airwolf lands and Hawke runs to Roxy and they kiss. They leave in Airwolf and head towards the concert. Caitlin calls Hawke and tells him Rusty and Nick are in the helicopter and are up to something. Nick drops the UFO, but Dominic is able to jam the signal and stop the UFO from falling on Sally/Roxy. Nick and Rusty fly away and threaten to blow up people below with explosives. Nick starts shooting rockets at Airwolf and Hawke eventually shoots Nick and Rusty out of the sky over a park area. Roxy tells her fans she will be back and blows a kiss towards Airwolf as it flies overhead.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 19 Dambreakers played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At Santini Air, Dominic and Caitlin tell Hawke they can't take Kelly Dayton to the religious commune and he will have to take her. Kelly walks up with her gear and stows it inside the helicopter. As they are flying to their destination, Kelly complains that her colleagues were sent on better assignments and she blames it on blow back after she reported on the mayor and his girlfriend. She tells Hawke the history of the commune and how they sold their original church in Los Angeles to an oil company and used the money to buy land. They fly over the Tidewater Project dam, which was finished a year ago. They arrive at the commune and walk towards the sound of people singing hymns. Johann Rector gives a sermon about simpler times to his flock, including Sara Longwood and Estelle Longwood and Rector's Man. Johann takes Kelly and Hawke on a tour of the commune and tells them they must sleep in different quarters, but Hawke tells Johann he is leaving at the end of the day. Johann suggests to Kelly that she might choose to stay and as Johann and Estelle walk away, Kelly tells Hawke she just had a little shiver, which is a sign the Devil walked by. Kelly interviews Sara and Estelle and Sara tells her she wanted to show the outside world how they live in peace. During the interview, Johann walks into the room and Kelly asks him how it feels living so close to a new technological invention, referring to the Tidewater Project. As Johann talks about what is happening in the outside world, Hawke interrupts him and asks him how he would know what is happening outside the commune. Hana walks in and says the noon meal is about to be served, ending the interview. During the meal, Kelly asks Sara if she misses the modern activities she used to do. Sara looks at Johann and then when he gives her the okay, says she enjoys hearing the modern music when she goes into town to exchange goods, but that life isn't for her. Hawke asks her if she gets lonely, being the only child in the commune and Estelle starts to cry. Hana and Salazar walk over and take Estelle away. Johann tells Hawke and Kelly there are other children, but they are at another retreat at Lake Joshua. Kelly asks if she can see the retreat, but Johann tells her no. As Hawke and Kelly are watching the women till the soil, Sara walks over to Hawke and she asks him to meet her later. Hana sees them talking and yells at Sara that it is time for her Vespers. As Sara and Estelle are walking in the woods in the evening, Sara looks back at Hawke, who is nearby. Hawke is stopped by Salazar, who asks what he is doing. Before they can argue, Johann gets between them and apologizes to Hawke. While Hawke is sneaking around camp, Kelly sneaks up to him and they both search around the camp together after Hawke tells her, he checked the maps and there isn't a Joshua Lake in the area. They see the bomber hidden under netting and Hawke figures out they must be planning on bombing the dam as Kelly recalls the dam bombing that happened the year before, which killed hundreds of people. They try and escape in Hawke's helicopter, but the battery has been removed. Johann and Hana walk up to them and Hana pulls a gun on them. Kelly and Hawke are shoved into a room guarded by Salazar, and Kelly has another shiver. Kelly calls to Salazar and when he opens the door, she is only wearing a slip. As Salazar is distracted, Hawke charges at him and knocks him unconscious and they tie him up. They jump into the back of a jeep that goes to a lone building. Hawke beats up two guards and forces them into the building, which is holding the Longwood family as hostages, including Sara, Estelle and Brother Ahab. Brother Ahab tells them the terrorists came in the night with weapons and took over the camp and Estelle says the terrorists threatened to kill the children if anyone tried to fight them. Sara is chosen to take a horse to try and make it into town to get help. Hawke gives Sara some money and Dominic's number and tells her to ride away as he distracts the terrorists. He and Kelly are caught when Johann shoots at their jeep with the bomber's machine gun. Hawke tells Johann he won't get away with blowing up the dam, and Hana tells him they will continue to attack America until their fellow comrades are released from prison. Johann tells Kelly he is taking her with him so she can record their success. As Hawke is being taken away by Rector's Man to drown with the others when the dam explodes, Kelly convinces Johann she will need Hawke's help to record the events. Hawke and Kelly escape as they are being brought to the bomber and Johann takes off with Hana and Salazar. Hawke and Kelly drive to the hostage building and free them and Airwolf lands nearby. Hawke gets into Airwolf and he, Dominic and Caitlin fly after Johann and the bomber. Airwolf catches up with the bomber, and Johann fires at Airwolf. Hana drops a torpedo and Hawke fires a rocket and blows up the torpedo, and then blows up the bomber. They return to the commune and Kelly tells Hawke she promises not to report about Airwolf. Hawke offers to take the children on a ride in Dominic's helicopter and Brother Ahab tells the children it is okay after telling Hawke he now realizes not everything in the outside world is to be feared.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 20 Severance Pay played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At Santini Air, Dominic tells Hawke he took apart the percolator in order to use its parts to fix the infrared scanner on Airwolf. Larry Mason walks in and invites them to the bar after telling them he and Joe Kline bought a coffee barge in Mexico. Larry tells them he thinks there is a mole and the Soviets know about Airwolf and the missions it goes on. Hawke is told by Archangel and Marella that Larry set off a bomb and requested he be present when he speaks with Archangel. Arthur Barnes walks into the office and Larry calls and demands the bonus check he and Joe deserve or he will reveal information to the press. Arthur tells Larry he will personally check into his grievance if Larry turns himself in, but Larry demands his money. After the call, Archangel tells Hawke, Larry and Joe failed to sign paperwork changing their status when OSI was absorbed by the FIRM. Hawke demands some time to bring in Larry and later, Archangel asks First Member Zeus permission to allow Hawke time to bring in Larry, and Zeus gives him 48 hours. Larry, dressed as a Parks and Recreation Department worker, tells Hawke he took classified information and Hawke asks him to talk with Archangel. They get into Larry's van, but are tailed by Henderson. Larry and Hawke manage to get away when Larry sets a trap for Henderson outside of a police station. Larry tells Hawke to get out of his van and leaves him on the side of the road. Arthur tells Archangel about the report on Airwolf, Larry gave him and suggests the mole might be Henderson. Marella walks in and turns on the television and, her, Archangel, Hawke and Arthur watch a report by Carling about the mercenaries. Arthur and Archangel decide Larry has to be dealt with. At night while Hawke is working at Santini Air, someone puts a fuel hose into the hangar, but Hawke manages to shut it off before he causes an explosion while welding. Marella calls Hawke and tells him to watch the news, and Carling reports on information that led to the murder of two agents, including a pregnant agent. Larry sees the report and calls Hawke and tells him he didn't provide the information. Hawke goes to speak with Carling and she gives him the transcripts of information that were sent to her. Hawke meets with Marella and Archangel and they tell him more agents have been killed. Arthur walks in and Hawke shows them the transcripts and notes the differences in how they were written. Gopher walks up with a phone and gives it to Hawke and Larry is told to go to Los Hermanos airstrip in Mexico. Hawke calls Carling and she tells him they changed a word from chifforobe to wardrobe in the report as chifforobe is a rarely used Southern word. Archangel and Marella pick up Larry and are flying him back to the FIRM when a plane starts to fire at them. Hawke and Dominic in Airwolf shoot down the plane. The FIRM committee holds another meeting and Zeus tells Arthur plane wreckage was found along the Gulf and they suspect Archangel, Marella and Larry are dead. Zeus commends Arthur for catching and killing Henderson, but then asks Arthur why a pilot was hired by a Soviet agent in Mexico. Archangel and the others walk in and Arthur is taken away to be killed. Marella and Archangel tell Larry that he and Joe's wife will be getting the bonus he and Joe earned and Larry is flown to Mexico in Airwolf.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 21 Eruption played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf near Mount Catherine, which is currently showing signs of activity, to collect seismic and other scientific readings. Mt. Catherine erupts as Hawke and Dominic are just finished getting their readings. Hawke and Dominic are forced to land Airwolf which they land near Officer Hadeen's vehicle. They check on Officer Hadeen and decide to take his body into town. As they are driving, they get a call from Lester Bowden asking for help. A Woman sees them drive up and thinking they are Officer Hadeen yells its the police, and a group of people run out with items from the company commissary. Hawke and Dominic walk into the commissary and see Nick Cranovich and Dan breaking into a crate and Hawke demands they leave the crate alone. Bowden walks out of the main office and tells them they need to stay to help protect Davenport property, which Hawke points out should be a priority after helping those who may be injured. Dominic gets the commissary generator working while Hawke and Bowden bury Officer Hadeen. Hawke and Dominic go further into town and tell the public that there is light and heat available at the company store. Mrs. Cove walks up to them and tells them John is with his friends out hunting and Nick stole her heater. She points out the trailer Nick lives in and demands her heater back and Nick arrested. They go to the trailer and speak with Mrs. Cranovich who gives back the heater and they decide to take her to the commissary where there is heat. Bowden calls Hawke and Dominic over the radio and asks for help. They drive back to New Gideon and the commissary where Bowden is holding Nick by gunpoint. Nick tells Hawke and Dominic the company stole the emergency supplies and left them with nothing. He then tells them how the company charges them for using the heaters, but takes them back if they are sick or their quota drops. Bowden admits what Nick said is true. Nick says they need Dr. Fisher who was arrested with Mary Avery and placed into a condemned mining tunnel. Hawke, Dominic, Bowden, Nick and the other miners break into the mining tunnel and manage to rescue Mary and Dr. Fisher as Mt. Catherine continues to erupt. Dr. Fisher checks on Mrs. Cranovich and Mary thanks Dominic and Hawke. She tells them she started to question company policies and when she and Dr. Fisher found out the health and pension plan money was being diverted elsewhere she was arrested for attempting to tell Amelia. Amelia Davenport drives up in her limo and Mary says she doesn't want Amelia in the commissary with the others. Hawke demands Amelia be allowed in and anyone else that is injured. John Cove and Chief Crammins arrive and Amelia tells John she is bringing some of the workers to Denver to report on the doings of the company. When Chief Crammins goes to arrest Mary, Nick and Dominic grab him and Hawke takes away his gun. Amelia tells John he is fired, but he tells her he answers to the board of directors and not her and walks away. Amelia tells everyone the company is hers in name only and she only controls a third of the company stock. Bowden walks out with accounting records showing fraud and offers to go with Amelia and Avery to report everything to the board. Nick sees Chief Crammins and John fly away and runs and tells Dominic and Hawke they might be trying to stop Amelia. Airwolf arrives and manages to have the three helicopters destroy each other and John, Chief Crammins and Pilot are killed. Back in town, Amelia tells Dominic and Hawke she is going to recommend Mary be added to the board of directors as a member at large. Nick walks up and tells everyone Mrs. Cranovich just had triplets, Betty, Laura and Nick Jr. and then faints.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 22 Short Walk to Freedom played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Caitlin are flying Kay Freestone, Ozzie Hathaway, Cookie, Ernie and Jonathan to an archaeological field school to excavate Mayan ruins. Jonathan reads facts about the Mayans to the others in the plane and Kay comments that when her mother took her to China, there were places without hot water. The plane lands and Chema Comargo greets Ozzie. Caitlin sees Miguel forging parts for the bus Ozzie and his students are going to take to the archaeological site. Miguel mentions there have been lots of guerrilla activity lately including those led by Colonel Arturo Alazar, who hates Americans. Hawke flies the plane back while Caitlin stays with Ozzie and the students. After Caitlin and the others are captured, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic about Colonel Alazar, who he thinks may be backed by a larger organization. Hawke and Dominic in Airwolf detect a large encampment and when Caitlin hears Airwolf she has everyone in the cell stand up and walk around as she switches the light off and on to send a Morse Code message detected by Airwolf on its thermal scanner. Airwolf fires on the ammo cache, causing it to explode and attacks other parts of the guerrilla base before shooting a hole in the cell wall and landing. Hawke runs to the cell after riding inside a net basket hanging from the bottom of Airwolf, but Airwolf is hit with bazooka fire. During the escape, Ozzie falls out of the basket and Hawke jumps down to alleviate the weight hanging from Airwolf. Colonel Alazar accuses Hawke of being a spy and accuses the students of stealing his countries' heritage. Colonel Alazar then tells Hawke he will be tried in a people's court. Hawke uses the glass piece from his watch to start the hay in his bed on fire. A guard opens his cell door when he sees the fire and Hawke knocks him unconscious. As Ozzie is being taken away, he grabs a rifle from a rebel and starts shooting rebels until he is shot dead. Hawke manages to escape in a jeep during the confusion. Hawke comes across the body of Sergeant and continues on his way. Miguel repairs Airwolf and Hawke arrives shortly after. Colonel Alazar arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and Marella's plane. Hawke then blows up Colonel Alazar and the rebels in the truck they were in. The MiGs arrive and start firing at Marella and Airwolf, but are shot down one by one by Hawke. Marella lands and picks up the students and Hawke tells her good job.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 1 The Horn of Plenty played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At Dominic Air, a limo pulls up and "Mr. Van Dorian" steps out of the limo with Angelica Bolotin Horn in order for Hawke to fly him to Scottsdale, Arizona. Hawke wonders why he chartered him for three days when the flight only takes three hours and "Mr. Van Dorian" tells him he needs Hawke to fly a briefcase full of special gems to a buyer. Hawke gets in the helicopter with Angelica and they take off. They land and Hawke and Angelica go to their respective rooms and she tells him to meet her in the lobby later, with a tie. She and Hawke have dinner and dance. As they are getting into an elevator to return to their rooms, John Bradford Horn disguised as "Neal Streep", tells Angelica the buyer now wants the gems delivered to him in the Palo Duro, Texas area. They fly to Texas and as Hawke and Angelica get out of the helicopter, Horn welcomes Hawke, who is then ambushed by a group of armed men who take him captive. Hawke is placed in a chair with his eyes taped open and shown a video of Horn's face floating around, while Lab Technician, Dr. Fairling and Dr. Gastner repeat the same phrases over and over. Later, Dr. Gastner and Dr. Fairling take Hawke to a room full of men in suits, including TJ, with a large painting of Horn hanging from the wall. Horn asks Hawke if he knows who the man in the painting is and Hawke tells him he does and he owes him his allegiance. Angelica asks Hawke how he feels about her and how she deceived him and she tells him he owes her many thanks for bringing him to see Horn. Horn, still disguised as "Neal" removes his disguise and reveals himself to Hawke and says he needs Hawke's help. Later, Airwolf lands and Dominic gets out, while Caitlin stays hidden. Hawke shoots and seemingly kills Dominic and Airwolf is brought to the kidnappers base. Angelica goes to Hawke's room and Caitlin follows her. She asks Hawke if they have a chance together even with the way she deceived him and he kisses her. The Lab Technician brings Hawke's food and Angelica kisses Hawke before leaving. As the Lab Technician leaves Hawke's room, Caitlin enters it and uses the serum Archangel gave her as Hawke attacks her. Hawke comes to and remembers shooting Dominic, but Caitlin tells him Dominic is still alive. Later, Hawke is brought to Horn by Dr. Fairling and Dr. Gastner. Horn tells Hawke his plan is to take over a country in the Caribbean called Moro, for men like him who believe intelligence makes right. Horn tells him his mission is to destroy a rebel outpost on the island and then radio back. TJ gives Hawke a map with a rendezvous location. In the morning Hawke takes off in Airwolf but attacks Horn's base instead. Caitlin frees Dominic and they are then rescued by Hawke in Airwolf. TJ picks up Horn and Angelica in a car and they drive away. Airwolf catches up to the car, but find only TJ inside, who has committed suicide.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 2 Airwolf II played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year presentation, Speaker is a giving a speech about courage. Roy Starky complains to Hawke about how tight his tuxedo is. Speaker calls Roy onto the stage a few moments before Archangel walks into the room with Amanda. Archangel motions for Hawke to come over and demands to knew where he was the night before. Archangel tells Hawke a military train was hijacked by a Santini helicopter and 50 gallons of jet fuel were stolen along with missiles. Hawke denies that he, Dominic or Caitlin had anything to do with the hijack. Amanda plays a tape of the hijack which shows what appears to be a Santini helicopter. The next day, Hawke goes to Santini Air and takes a photograph of holes in one of Dominic's helicopters. Dominic tells Caitlin the holes don't look like bullet holes and Hawke tells them the FBI is going to be asking them lots of questions. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin have Cortuvo look over the video Archangel showed Hawke. Cortuvo blows up the image of the helicopter and Hawke notices a discrepancy from Dominic's helicopter. While playing Pac-Man, The Admiral calls Cortuvo's office and tells Hawke, Archangel has been fired and tells Hawke to find him. Hawke and Dominic search for Archangel in one of Dominic's helicopters. They find Archangel playing on a polo field and Archangel apologizes to Hawke and Dominic. He then tells them there is an Airwolf II and tells Hawke and Dominic, Harlan Jenkins is the pilot for Airwolf II. They arrive at the test grounds as Harlan is leaving with Airwolf II and Harlan challenges Hawke to a duel, Airwolf versus Airwolf II. Hawke and Archangel arrive at Santini Air around the same time and find Caitlin missing and a letter telling them they have Caitlin. Hawke contacts Dominic and tells him Caitlin has been kidnapped and taken to El Dorado Canyon. Archangel and Hawke sneak onto Alonzo de Lomo's base and get into a fight with Alonzo's men. Alonzo points a gun at Caitlin and has a stand off with Hawke and Archangel. Alonzo surrenders and Hawke and Harlan duel in the sky. During their duel, Hawke taunts Harlan and then blows up Airwolf II. Afterwards at Hawkes cabin, The Admiral makes makes roast pig for Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel, Amanda and Brunette and they all toast him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 3 And a Child Shall Lead played by Jan-Michael Vincent

As they are showing Hawke, Alexandra the Goat, Dominic tells them his friend Monique gave him Alexandra as a present for his virility. Sister Monica overhears Dominic's talk of virility and confirms that Dominic is still going to St. Julian's School's picnic. She asks Hawke if it is true that he has a deal with Bobby Phelps, and Hawke tells her they do have a deal and he will also be at the picnic. At the picnic, Hawke trades a necklace made from alloy used in the NASA Pollo missions in exchange for a drawing Bobby drew of Hawke and Tet. Hawke takes Bobby on a helicopter ride and Bobby tells Hawke that his mom died and is watching him from above. Hawke and Bobby land, and Bobby watches as Robert Phelps is kidnapped by Keller and his men. Dominic and Hawke get into the helicopter and try and find the ice cream truck, but loose sight of it. They return to the picnic and tell Bobby they couldn't find Robert and Hawke makes a deal to bring back Robert. Archangel, Hawke and Dominic go to Robert's home and find out it was bugged with audio devices. Denise hands Archangel a file on Robert and Archangel reads it to Hawke and Dominic. Clinton Maxwell calls Archangel and tells him they will exchange $300,000 for Robert. Archangel tells Bobby, Robert will be back by tomorrow and then tells Hawke Maxwell said Robert collapsed. They add a radiation dipped twenty dollar bill to the ransom money so Airwolf can track it and Dominic heads to Burger Barn while Hawke and Caitlin prepare to leave in Airwolf when needed. Dominic is sent from one place to another to pick up clues to the next location to go to, before finally heading to Route 295. Hawke and Caitlin recon the area in Airwolf and Dominic drops off the money and meets them at a different location. They fly back to the money, which hasn't been picked up and Hawke figures out they wanted Bobby. They fly to St. Julian's and Sister Monica tells them Bobby left with some FBI agents to take him to see Robert. Archangel tells Hawke to contact all the nearby medical supply stores to see if anyone made any recent purchases for heart monitors. Caitlin calls the hangar and tells Hawke a medical supply service near Oakwood Hills recently sold heart attack equipment to a Dr. Stuart, who has gone missing. Dominic and Hawke scan the area and pick up the Beryllium from Bobby's necklace. They land and Jenkins starts to shoot at Hawke and Dominic, until Hawke shoots him dead. Bobby gives Hawke the note, but can't remember where Robert is. Dominic has the idea to have Bobby draw what the building looked like. Collins, Rogers and Keller get into a van to try and escape when Airwolf arrives, but they and the van are blown up along with Machine Man and the other guards. Hawke lands Airwolf and Dominic goes to rescue Robert with Bobby, while Hawke chases after Maxwell. Hawke destroys the BX16 Gunship with Maxwell in it. Back at Robert's house, Archangel offers to have the FIRM guard him the next time he is working on a sensitive project. Robert tells everyone he is going to take Bobby to Camp Crystal Lake. Bobby gives Hawke a drawing he made of him and tells Hawke he should smile more and Hawke promises him he will.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 4 Fortune Teller played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Archangel is waiting in a jeep in Crazy Horse Flats for Dominic and Hawke to arrive in Airwolf to pick him up. They arrive and find the jeep empty and Archangel no where to be found. They contact the FIRM, who arrive later and Dublin accuses Hawke of playing dumb with him and warns Hawke not to get in his way. Before leaving, Hawke tells Sam, he will see him later. Hawke and Dominic go to a water park to speak with Sam, who is there with Tina. Sam tells them the FIRM has discovered very few clues and there is a rumor that Archangel defected. He tells them if Archangel isn't found in 48 hours, Zebra Squad, which is the FIRM's assassination squad, is going to be activated. Hawke and Dominic go to the Sunshine Day School to talk with Megan Ravenson. Hawke shows Megan a photo of Archangel and she tells them she can't do psychic searches anymore, and Hawke tells her if Archangel isn't found soon then he is a dead man. Caitlin tells Hawke and Dominic, none of the local law enforcement agencies have any information and Megan walks in and says Archangel is still alive and agrees to help. They fly to where Archangel disappeared, and Hawke tells Dominic he has doubts about psychics. Hawke and Megan argue about how real her abilities are and she storms into the helicopter. Megan demands they land the helicopter and walks out and yells out she is tired of the way Hawke is treating her. He walks up to her and they discuss his PTSD from the war and her PTSD from always finding the kids she was searching for already dead. Megan starts to touch the map of the area they are flying around and tells them Archangel was taken north to Julian Vortac and then Warren Springs. Dominic spots a helicopter and lands as the helicopter takes off. They see a body in Archangel's clothes and are happy to see it isn't him. They walk inside the barn where Roberts was taken from and Megan tells them Archangel was taken to a dungeon in a castle. Hawke finds a calendar book with a note mentioning a meeting between Gurvovich and Archangel on the day Archangel was kidnapped. Hawke and Dominic take Megan in Airwolf and Caitlin calls them and tells them Sam told her Gurvovich lives in the Valley at 1439 Shotgun Lane. They go to the location, but find no one there and the place in a mess. Megan tells them some men found a book hidden in a piece of furniture and sees Archangel, Gurvovich and Roberts building a castle or Scottish Terrier dog. She starts to scream and tells them she felt death. Dominic finds a location marked Scotty's Keep and they fly to the location. He tells Hawke the scanners have picked up a Huey helicopter heading in the same direction they are going. The Zebra Squad arrive and start killing off Stoner's henchmen, while Hawke sneaks into the castle. As Henchman 2 is about to shoot Archangel, Hawke shoots Henchman 2 in the head. Stoner flies off as Hawke and Archangel are picked up by Dominic in Airwolf. Hawke chases after Stoner, who is able to control his jet with his mind, and shoots him down. Later, Archangel yells at Dublin for almost having him killed and makes Dublin put his jacket on him. Megan asks Hawke to take her to his cabin to meet Tet, and Hawke realizes he never told her Tet's name.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 5 Crossover played by Jan-Michael Vincent

In Baja, Mexico, Hawke is sitting in a vehicle, waiting. A rubber boat arrives on the beach and Hawke picks up Victor Janek and Inge Janek. As they are driving, a truck blocks their path and two men including Jones, get out and start shooting at their vehicle. Hawke returns fire and then turns around and drives away. A helicopter with Shrankov and Garcia starts chasing them and shooting at them. Victor is shot and killed and Hawke tells Inge to jump before he drives the vehicle over a cliff into the ocean. Inge breaks down and blames herself for Victor's death. Hawke comforts her and tells her Victor escaped Czechoslovakia for her and himself. They comes across a farm and Hawke approaches the farm to get help. A jeep drives up with Jones and the other guy and they start shooting at Hawke. Hawke injures Jones and kills the other guy. He and Inge hide inside of a mine and she tells Hawke about her past and Victor. Two helicopters fly towards the mine and Latino Soldier tells Hawke and Inge they can't escape. Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf and shoot down the two helicopters and pick up Hawke and Inge. On their flight back, Hawke blames Huffman for the mission screw up. Back in the United States, Hawke and Inge start to drive up to a miltiary base gate until she asks him to stop. She tells Hawke she isn't ready to defect yet. Archangel and Huffman walk up to the vehicle and Hawke tells them Inge is having second thoughts. Huffman demands Hawke drive Inge into the base and Hawke threatens him. Hawke then drives away. Hawke takes Inge to his cabin and they kiss. Archangel lands in a helicopter and is upset with Hawke for not contacting him in the past five days. As Archangel is walking away, Hawke notices dust on Archangel's shoulder, and Archangel realizes Huffman must have put surveillance dust on him. He tells Hawke to take Inge somewhere else while he gets back into his helicopter and flies away to lead off Huffman. Inge tells Hawke she knows a person who she trusts with her life and Hawke drops her off at the home of Garrett Colson. He goes to Archangel's office and asks for access to his computer to look up Garrett. Marlene turns on the computer and Hawke types in Garrett's name, but the response is coded. He asks Archangel to decode the information and Archangel tells him Garrett is a KGB agent. Hawke and Dominic fly Airwolf to Garrett's house and the scanners pick up a helicopter flying towards the water. The scanners also pick up a Soviet Delta III class submarine. The submarine starts firing missiles at Airwolf and Airwolf blows up the submarine. They fly towards a boat carrying Inge, and when Jones starts shooting at Airwolf, Inge knocks him overboard. Hawke orders them to drive the boat back to the shore and Garrett and Shrankov surrender. At Santini Air, Archangel picks up Inge who agrees to cooperate and she hugs Hawke before leaving with Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 6 Kingdom Come played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic arrive at Maxitech Corporation and Ken Sawyer makes a comment about Hawke and Dominic working for the FIRM. Archangel informs Hawke and Dominic about what happened the night before and asks them to use Airwolf to scan for high levels of radiation. They pick up a strong radiation signal from the Livermore Biological Research Center, but keep looking. Hawke and Dominic find a Santini Air helicopter and they tell Archangel someone kidnapped Caitlin. Archangel then tells Lydia to contact the governor to deploy the National Guard to help look for the detonators while Hawke and Dominic search for Caitlin. Sawyer calls Archangel and tells Hawke he has Caitlin and orders him to bring Airwolf to him. Hawke and Dominic pick up Sawyer and he tells them where to go after showing them a bomb which he places on Airwolf. Hawke realizes the detonators were never stolen and they are still at Maxitech. Hawke and Dominic are forced to put the detonators, which where hidden in the trunk of a car at Maxitech, into Airwolf. Sawyer tells Hawke and Dominic the plan is to place the detonators in a plane he has waiting for him. Hawke lands Airwolf and the detonators are placed in a plane and Sawyer flies away in one plane while Tracey Cooper flies away in another. Sawyer arms the bombs on Airwolf and strapped to Caitlin, but Dominic manages to jam the signal for both bombs. Hawke and Dominic chase Sawyer and Tracey down in Airwolf and then shoots their planes down, Sawyer's first and then Tracey's. They land Airwolf and Babe tells them they missed all of the fun. Archangel walks Caitlin to them and she hugs Dominic and Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 7 Eagles played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At the 22nd Annual Reno Air Races, Hawke and Dominic are flying overhead. The races start and Roan Carver wins the first heat. Hawke and Dominic walk up to Roan and introduce themselves. Later, Dominic gives Hawke a hard time about his attraction to Roan and Roan walks up to them and invites them to lunch. At lunch, Hawke tells Roan about himself, but she thinks he is telling her a line. Roan tells him and Dominic about her job and how much she enjoys flying. Hawke sees Haver and Morgan dragging Roan away and knocks both Haver and Morgan to the ground. Hawke asks Roan if she is okay and she storms off. As they pass by a carnival game stand, Dartman asks Roan and Hawke if they want to try their luck. They both play and win cymbal monkeys. Hawke and Roan go to dinner and she thinks he is still not telling her the truth about what he does. They dance and go back to Roan's hotel room and finds it trashed. Roan tells Hawke about the flight data she stole and she leaves with Hawke. Hawke tells Roan that he and Dominic are going to take her to meet General Hillman so she can tell him about the data. Roan doesn't think Lou Stappleford will do anything to hurt her, which Hawke disagrees with. She insists on racing and Hawke calls Archangel and tells him about the data Roan has. Roan takes Dominic and Hawke on a tour around the X-400 being displayed at the air show and describes its flaws. Hawke asks Dominic to get Airwolf and Dominic leaves to get it. Before the race, Roan shows Hawke the two cymbal monkeys they won that she is keeping with her in the cockpit. During the race, Roan's oil line comes apart and sprays oil across her cockpit window. Hawke jumps into a plane and flies to help Roan. He helps Roan land her plane by guiding her down. Lou flies by in the X-400 and shoots at Roan. Dominic arrives in Airwolf and shoots at the X-400. He lands and Hawke gets inside and they shoot Lou out of the sky. They land and find Roan standing next to the burnt out remnants of her plane. She tells Hawke when she was young she wanted to soar with the eagles and Hawke tries to comfort Roan and she tells him after she gives the government the flight data, she wants to hide out by herself. She tells him maybe after she will look for his cabin in the woods and they walk to Hawke's plane.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 8 Annie Oakley played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At Hawke's cabin, Hawke and Kiki are getting ready to leave for Oahu. As they are about to leave, Archangel shows up in a helicopter. Hawke asks Kiki to wait outside and Archangel tells him about the stolen Mongoose weapon. He tells him Slade offered to give up Karl's name in exchange for 1 million dollars. Archangel tells Hawke he is to go to Silver City to pretend to be a stunt man in order to meet with Slade. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy arrive in Silver City. The Barker welcomes the crowd shortly before Villain walks out of a bar and demands to see Louise Mackey, playing as Annie Oakley. The Barker assures the crowd, "Annie" will be able to take care of the Villain and shortly after she comes out of a General Store building and shoots the gun out of Villain's hand and the hat off of his head with trick shooting. After the show, Rex runs up to Louise and tells her she is the greatest. Hawke walks up to Louise and tells her he and his friends are looking to try out for the stunt positions. Slade and Hawke use code words to identify themselves to each other and Slade hands Hawke an application with the words barn 5:00 pm on it. Hawke tells Dominic and Caitlin he found Slade. After Slade is found dead, Hawke tells Archangel, Slade is dead and, Archangel tells him he has a feeling the Mongoose is nearby. Lydia briefs Hawke on the background of Louise. The next day, Caitlin shows off her riding skills, while Dominic and Hawke perform a fight which ends up with Hawke getting knocked off the second story of a building onto the ground. Louise offers Hawke and Dominic a job if Hawke can manage a Gatling gun. Hawke catches Rex using chewing tobacco and Rex tells Hawke he wishes he could go on the road with Louise instead of having to stay with his grandparents. Hawke tries to dissuade him from using chewing tobacco, but Rex doesn't listen to him. Later, Louise thanks Hawke for bringing Rex to her after Rex gets sick from the tobacco. At the Gatling gun tryout, Hawke manages to hit all of the targets, but the gun explodes from a hot barrel. Louise apologizes to Hawke and then tells him he is hired. Karl arrives and Hawke has Caitlin watch Louise and Karl while Dominic goes to follow Larson as he takes the Gatling gun to be repaired. Lydia hands Hawke an envelope. Hawke looks at the piece of paper that Lydia gave him and puts an overlay of the Mongoose on top of the Gatling gun, which matches in size. Caitlin tells Hawke she heard Karl try to convince Louise to go on tour in Europe and they go to help Dominic in a Santini Air helicopter. They see Dominic's burning vehicle and land and find Dominic alive. Dominic leaves to get Airwolf. Hawke tells Louise about Karl, but she doesn't believe him. Louise overhears Karl's phone conversation and runs and tells Hawke and Caitlin. She helps them attempt to stop Karl, but Burt sneaks up and makes Hawke and Louise drop their weapons. Valentine and Burt stay to kill Hawke while Karl and Larson leave with the Mongoose and take Louise as a hostage. Hawke manages to knock both Valentine and Burt unconscious and he rides a motorcycle after the truck carrying the Mongoose and Louise. Larson spots Hawke chasing them and Karl starts shooting at him and Airwolf with the Mongoose. Karl manages to damage Airwolf, but Louise jumps out of the truck and she and Hawke get into Airwolf. Hawke then blows up the truck with Karl, Larson and the Mongoose shortly before they reach Mexico and Hawke apologizes to Louise for killing Karl. After they land, Louise tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin that she has decided to take Rex on tour with her. Archangel's helicopter lands nearby and Hawke tells him about the destruction of the Mongoose and Archangel in turn gives Hawke a note from Kiki with one word on it, Aloha, which she handed to Archangel as she was with an attractive man.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 9 Jennie played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Gustavo lights a flare and Hawke lands Airwolf nearby. Hawke introduces him to Dominic and Caitlin. He tells them he wants Jason Keith out of his country so he can't design anymore tanks for the government. Dominic tells Gustavo the tanks are called Automated Land Vehicles or ALV's. Caitlin tells Gustavo, Jason was kidnapped by the Soviets a year ago. Gustavo shows Dominic on a map where he can keep Airwolf safe while he and Hawke rescue Jason. Dominic gives Hawke a walkie-talkie and Gustavo tells Caitlin they are destined to have dinner together after the mission. Hawke and Gustavo sneak into the camp Jason is being held in and quietly kill the guards and Hawke notices the ALV's are not in camp. They reach Jason and he tells them he doesn't want to be rescued unless they can promise that they have enough firepower to get him out. He tells them Colonel Ross moved the ALV's out of camp in preparation for Operation Blackstone. As they are escaping from camp, they are spotted and Colonel Ross and the rest of the camp go after them. Gustavo is shot and Jason tells Hawke they have to leave him or they will be killed. Gustavo agrees with Jason and tells Hawke to leave him as he is needed to fly Airwolf. As Hawke and Jason take a break, they are ordered to drop their weapons by Jennie Burton and her students. When she realizes Hawke and Jason are Americans, she tells her students to come out of the jungle. She introduces them to her students including, Raf, Irene, Lorena, Clemente, Ayud, Xavier, and Solita. She tells Hawke all of her students are deaf and are learning English. Hawke introduces himself and Jason and Jennie tells him government troops destroyed the children's village when they were out hiking. Hawke hears a group of soldiers coming and tells everyone to get down. Patrol Leader 1 drives up with his platoon, looks around and leaves. Jennie tells Hawke her and the children are heading to Santa Teresa and Hawke offers to escort them, which upsets Jason. Another patrol passes by Hawke and the children. Hawke and the children cross a river and Jason complains about helping the children once more and tells Hawke if all of the children died that day, they could all be replaced, while he couldn't be replaced. Hawke gets upset and tells Jason to go and sit down away from him. Jennie tells Hawke more about the background of the children and teaches him some sign language. They are forced to take cover again when another patrol walks by and a helicopter hovers overhead. Raf saves Jason from being bitten by a bushmaster snake, but Jason blames Raf for pushing him towards it. Hawke and his group are ambushed, but they manage to kill their attackers. An Old Woman leading a cow walks up and exclaims oh my god in Spanish when she sees the children. The Old Woman tells Jennie that government troops raided her village. Jennie tells Hawke the people have hope that Gustavo, who they know as El Gato, will lead a successful revolution and Hawke tells her Gustavo is dead. Hawke and the others reach the village of Santa Teresa. They are greeted by the villagers and Jennie introduces Sister Agnes Marie to Hawke. Hawke sees a black stone feature and Jennie tells him it is a relic from a Mayan outpost. Freedom Fighter walks up to Hawke and confirms that Gustavo is dead. The village is suddenly attacked by Colonel Ross and his tanks. Hawke tells Jason to take Jennie to shelter. The Old Woman gets the children to sing as the battles rages outside. Jason grabs a rifle as the rebels are quickly being whittled down. Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf and destroy the tanks and land in Santa Teresa. Colonel Ross joins the fight in a helicopter. Caitlin asks about Gustavo and Hawke tells her he is dead. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and shoot down Colonel Ross's helicopter. They land and Hawke invites Jennie to visit him at his cabin and the children run up to Hawke and hug him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 10 The Deadly Circle played by Jan-Michael Vincent

At the Condor Squadron 135, Dominic pins up his jacket from World War II and tells Hawke and Caitlin stories about his time in the war. Lia Van Luong walks up to them and jokingly gives Dominic a hard time about telling old war stories. Art walks in and grabs Lia and tells her they need to talk. Hawke sees Art pushing Lia around and confronts him. As Art is about to fight Hawke, Bartender grabs him and tells him to leave. Caitlin invites Lia to sit with them, and later Hawke takes Lia home after leaving the restaurant. Archangel, and Francesca arrive at Santini Air and he tells Hawke about Jimmy Oshiro, Ralph and Ray's families being kidnapped. Archangel brings up that they all have a connection from Vietnam and they still keep in touch. Archangel then warns him that if Hawke had a family, they might be at risk of being kidnapped also. Lia calls Santini Air and asks him for help. Hawke goes to her apartment and she tells him Art helped get her out of Vietnam and afterwards tracked her down. She tells him Art changed and she tried to break it off with him, but he has made her life miserable ever since. He calls Caitlin to see if she can stay at her place for a short while and while they are talking, a group of masked men run into the Santini Air hangar and kidnap Caitlin and Dominic. Hawke and Archangel go to Santini Air and Archangel tells Hawke he thinks the kidnappings may be retaliatory for something and he is going to hold a meeting with Hawke, Jimmy, Ralph and Ray at Hawke's cabin. At the meeting, Archangel plays a video the hostage takers sent with the kidnapped families. Archangel asks them to think of something from their past that might explain things and insinuates it may be something they don't like to think about.

Lia is walking Tet when Archangel leaves with the others. She comes inside and sees Hawke re-watching the video the kidnappers sent. Lia calls Hawke and tells him she knows someone who may be able to help. Lia takes Hawke to an alley to meet with the person she said had information and they are confronted by Dao Van Lat and some men. They attack Hawke, but he manages to knock them away and tells them to stop. Afterwards he tells Lia he thinks she might be in on it. Tran walks into the alley and mentions Village 108 and then walks away. Hawke calls Archangel and tells him what Tran told him. He tells Lia he was scheduled to go on a mission code named 108, but asked to interrogate a prisoner who may known the whereabouts of Saint John and was taken off the mission. Francesca pulls up the list of helicopter pilots that were on the mission Code Named 108 and it includes Hawke's name on the roster. Hawke asks what the mission was about and Francesca pulls up information stating it was believed to have been infiltrated by the Viet Cong and during the mission, multiple innocent villagers were killed. A list of survivors comes onscreen and Hawke recognizes three of the names. Hawke, Archangel and Francesca go to Tran's car dealership and find Lia dead in an elevator. While Hawke and Archangel are searching Tran's office, Hawke sees a large blown up photo of Quang Tho after it was destroyed and realizes the anniversary of its destruction is in two hours. They look at a map showing Tran's large property in the Los Osos Canyon. They get into Airwolf and head towards Los Osos Canyon. They pass over a group of cowboys and head north towards some more structures. Hawke and Archangel arrive in Airwolf. Two helicopters fly over a hill and Hawke flies to stop them from killing everyone. The helicopters start firing at Dominic who drives towards a group of tall trees concealing the road. Hawke shoots down the first helicopter with Art inside of it, while Tran and Dao fire another missile at the van, causing it to crash. Hawke then shoots down the helicopter with Tran and Dao inside of it. He lands Airwolf and helps Dominic out of the van wreckage. At the Condor Squadron 135, Bartender brings everyone a drink as Dominic relays the events after he was pulled from the van and how it was Caitlin's idea to leave the kidnapped families hidden in the trees and everyone cheers.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 11 Where Have All the Children Gone? played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin and Archangel are at the funeral for Hawke's friend John Fargo. Hawke is given the U.S. flag and John's Congressional Medal of Honor to give to John's brother, Fargo. Hawke travels to the town of Beaudy, California. He pulls over at a mechanic's garage and notices the town is full of kids. He asks to speak to Hal's boss and Hal tells him, he is the boss. Hawke asks Hal if he knows where he can find Fargo and gives his address and Hal tells him he doesn't know a Fargo, but directs him towards the address. Hawke drives to the address and Cotton answers the door and tells him Fargo doesn't live there. He asks Cotton if she is Wendy Fargo and she tells him her name is Cotton and her parents are in San Francisco. When he asks her if any adults live in Beaudy, she rushes back into the house. Hawke goes to the police station and asks Deputy 1 and Deputy 2 where he can find Fargo. They tell him Fargo used to live in town, but moved to Connecticut or Maine. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him about the town and Cotton and asks him to contact Archangel to get information on the town. He stops at the Post Office and asks Randy to speak to the Post Master and Randy tells Hawke he has never heard of a Fargo. A van pulls into town and Fargo and Sabrina Cooke get out and the residents chant father and surround Fargo. Caitlin tells Hawke that the FIRM confirmed that Fargo still lives in Beaudy and Fargo is Cotton's guardian. Hawke tells Dominic he is going to try and find Fargo one last time in the morning and then head back. Hawke goes back to Cotton's house and tells her he knows Fargo lives there and her real full name. She tells him the same lie over and over again and he tells her he is going to have to go back and tell government agents about what is going on. As Hawke is leaving town, he is pulled over by Deputy 1 and Deputy 2. They arrest him and bring him to Fargo who explains the town to Hawke. Hawke gives Fargo, John's flag and Congressional Medal of Honor and Fargo calls John foolish and has Hawke brought to a cell.

Fargo visits Hawke and tells him bits of his plan and how he shall cause peace to happen and use any money gained to look for POW's. Hawke sees through Fargo and tells him John earned respect, which Fargo won't be able to buy. As Fargo gets close to Hawke to scream at him, Hawke grabs him and orders Deputy 2 to open his jail door. Hawke puts both Fargo and Deputy 2 inside the jail and then drives away as Deputy 1 shoots at him. Deputy 1, Deputy 2 and Randy get into a police car and chase after Hawke. Dominic in Airwolf sees them shooting at Hawke and fires at the police car, causing it to crash. Hawke pulls them out of the police car and starts to question them. Dominic contacts Archangel and Hawke tells him Fargo has a plan to blow up the world. Hawke and Dominic meet up with Archangel and Caitlin and Dominic sees a jet has been launched. Fargo orders Dr. Watkins to deliver 20 million dollars to a Swiss bank account or he will use the drone aircraft to launch a nuclear missile against Moscow in fifteen minutes. Hawke contacts Fargo and asks him to cancel his demands, but Fargo refuses. Fifteen minutes elapse and after Dr. Watkins refuses to pay, Sabrina starts the launch sequence. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf to try and stop the missile. Sabrina changes the trajectory of the missile to hit Washington, D.C. When Fargo sees that Sabrina changed the path of the missile he tells her to destroy the missile, but she says Americans destroying their own capital will make more of a statement. Hawke and Dominic are able to catch up with the missile cluster in time and shoot them down. awke, Dominic and Caitlin return to Beaudy later and Aunt walks up to them with Cotton and thanks Hawke. Aunt tells Dominic all the other children are being taken care of and thanks Hawke again. Cotton hugs Hawke and then leaves with Aunt.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 12 Half-Pint played by Jan-Michael Vincent

While Hawke and Dominic are searching for a Soviet submarine in American waters, they tell Archangel that the submarine has left and he tells them to return to base so he can tell Hawke about news concerning Saint John. In Archangel's limo, Archangel gives Hawke a report that he says he and Samantha checked, which includes a photo of a young boy. They drive to Hughes Junior High and Hawke meets a Teacher who takes him towards a group of kids including Le Van Hawke, Freddie, Mike, and Steve who are playing quarters. Le wins the game and the other boys accuse him of cheating. Le offers to show them how to play better, but they attack him and Le beats them up. Hawke introduces himself and hands Le a photograph of Saint John and tells Le, Saint John's name. Hawke tells Le he thinks Saint John was Le's father and Le runs away after telling Hawke he already has a father, Darren McBride. Hawke stops at 5324 Nagle Avenue and speaks with Minh Van McBride who takes him inside their house. She shows Hawke a trunk with her sister's things which include a photograph of her and Le and a photo of Saint John. Minh tells Hawke she never met Saint John and while digging through the trunk he finds Saint John's ring. Darren comes home and Hawke introduces himself and Darren says he knew Saint John, but he died while on a mission. He says they served together in MACV-SOG, but Saint John died during an ambush in North Vietnam.

Hawke goes to Archangel's office and Samantha brings up Saint John's profile which lists him as missing in action. Hawke angrily insists that Darren served with Saint John and saw him die in an explosion, but Archangel thinks Darren might be lying. Hawke tells Samantha to bring Darren's profile on the screen and she waits until Archangel tell her to bring it up. Darren's profile includes numerous commendations, but Archangel brings up there is no record of Darren serving in any secret units. Before walking out of the room, Hawke threatens that if Archangel doesn't start working with him then there will be changes. Hawke, Le and Tet go for a walk near Hawke's cabin. While looking at the view of a lake, Hawke tells Le he sometimes wishes he had been born 200 years earlier and he might have been a cowboy. The next day, Darren asks Hawke about the area around his cabin. As Le walks in with two beers for Hawke and Darren he overhears Hawke tell Darren he wants to adopt Le and when Le overhears Darren tell Hawke they can work it out, Le runs back into the house. Hawke uses bolt cutters to open Saint John's footlocker and finds a letter for Hawke. In it, Saint John writes he has been assigned to a special unit in Vietnam, and Dominic starts to cry when Hawke hands him the letter. Hawke, Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin have a meeting and Hawke tells them he is going to adopt Le and is going to start living a quiet life. He asks Archangel to find Saint John's remains. Hawke drives back to Darren and Minh's house and Minh tells him Le ran away and Darren suggests they get in contact with Glen Carson. Carson drives up and he, Hawke and Darren drive into the city to find Le. Hawke spots Le running away from Jimmy and Jimmy's friends and he, Darren and Carson chase after Le and Jimmy and his friends. Darren starts to attack Jimmy and his friends and they run away. Hawke tells Darren and Carson he will take Le home and Le tells Hawke he is worried Hawke will tire of him like Darren. Hawke brings Le home and Darren tells Hawke a friend called and said Saint John's remains are coming in.

Hawke and Dominic sneak onto the base the caskets arrived at and find Saint John's casket. Archangel, Samantha and a group of military personnel walk into the warehouse and as they open the casket they find it full of drugs. Hawke takes the casket that supposedly has Saint John's remains and buries it. Hawke asks Le if he ever met Saint John or if his mother ever mentioned him. Hawke has Caitlin look after Le while he takes Airwolf into the air. Darren and Carson dig up the casket and find it full of sandbags. Hawke shows up in Airwolf and Carson, Darren and their two helpers start shooting at Airwolf. Darren runs into the treeline while Carson and the other two get into their helicopter. Carson crashes his helicopter into the side of a mountain and Hawke goes back to find Darrren. He finds him and lifts him up with Airwolf's nose and threatens to kill him after almost knocking him off the edge of a cliff. Darren admits that Carson knew Saint John while Saint John was in the hospital. At his office, Archangel tells Hawke the two that died with Carson were Airmen and Carson was indeed in the hospital with Saint John in 1973. Minh walks in and tells Hawke, Darren made her do it in order to get into the United States. She tells him she doesn't know if Le is Saint John's, but she was with an American. Le asks Hawke if he will still love him if he is not his nephew and Hawke tells him he will always love him and hugs him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 13 Wildfire played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Caitlin are at Frank Ochoa's mechanic shop having the starter generator repaired on Airwolf. Dominic walks in and Hawke and Frank tell him it will take two days to have the generator repaired. Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin fly to an oilfield to meet Dominic's friend, Cecil Carnes Sr. When they land, Cecil Carnes Jr. runs over and hugs Dominic and then introduces him to Noble Flowers. He tells Dominic, Cecil Sr. is at home due to an injury and Noble lets Cecil Jr. leave early. Hawke asks what happened to Cecil Sr. and Cecil Jr. quickly answers it was due to a work accident. They land and Dominic and Cecil Sr. hug and Cecil Sr. asks Cecil Jr. what he is doing off the job early. Things are awkward at dinner when Cecil Sr. and Jr. continue to not get along. Cecil Jr. offers to take Hawke and Caitlin into town and Cecil Sr. tells him not to go to the bar and to be home by midnight. Dominic calls Hawke and tells him they need Airwolf and to meet him at the refinery. Hawke flies Airwolf to catch Noble, Moose and the Mule who get into a helicopter with Pilot. Noble tells Pilot to shoot Airwolf down and Hawke shoots the helicopter out of the sky. At the hospital, Cecil Sr. shows Caitlin, Hawke, Dominic and Cecil Jr. all the get well cards he received. Hawke tells Cecil Jr. the prosecutor said he can fulfill his probation in California, but Cecil Sr. says Cecil Jr. will stay in Texas where he can teach him how to fly.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 14 Discovery played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf into a hurricane near the Virgin Islands to collect data for Archangel. They return to their base and Dominic tells Hawke about the damage Airwolf sustained in the storm. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin hear an alarm and realize someone has entered Airwolf's hiding spot. Dominic and Hawke land in Dominic's helicopter and when they go inside the lair they find Alma Grace Harrison unconscious. Dominic and Caitlin meet with Archangel and Hawke at a FIRM secret location disguised as a barn, where Grace is being treated. Caitlin asks how Grace is and Archangel tells her, Grace will be fine. Archangel questions Grace and she lies to him and says she was taking photographs and was shot by a motorcycle gang. Archangel walks outside the room and tells Hawke, and the others he doesn't think Grace is a spy and Hawke wonders why someone shot Grace. Grace runs to the road and flags down an incoming vehicle and Hawke, who is the driver pulls over and lets her in. She lies to Hawke and tells him she was dumped on the side of the road when she refused to do things with a guy. Hawke pulls up with Grace and drops her off. After dropping Grace off at the hotel, Hawke parks and Desk Clerk tells him Grace never picked up her room key. Hawke tells Archangel he lost Grace and Dominic suggests they move Airwolf. Archangel and the others listen in using a remote hearing device as Quist threatens to shoot Grace, but then offers to help explain things to Horn. Archangel realizes if Horn steals Airwolf, then he can take over an island country. Grace is in the hotel pool when Quist walks towards her with a gun and Hawke sees her and Quist and warns Grace. Hawke shoots at Quist, but he escapes. Grace is brought back to the FIRM lair in the barn and Archangel questions her again and she lies again. Hawke and Dominic go to Airwolf's lair and discover Horn has taken Airwolf. Archangel contacts Hawke and Dominic and tells them Airwolf is being taken to the harbor in San Pedro, California. Hawke and Dominic are picked up by Samantha in a limo and they travel to the harbor with Archangel and Caitlin. As Horn's 3 Man is about to shoot Grace and Quist, the Zebra Squad arrive along with Hawke and the others. A firefight erupts and Quist is shot dead and Grace is shot by Horn's 3 Man. Horn escapes in his helicopter with Horn's 3 Man and Horn's 4 Man and Price and the Zebra Squad defeat Horn's men. Hawke runs over to Grace and she tells him she is cold and dies. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and chase after Horn's helicopter. They shoot it down, but Hawke thinks it was too easy and Horn taunts Hawke over the radio as he rides a ship out into the ocean.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 15 Day of Jeopardy played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Tess Dixon is brought to shore by a rubber boat and is met by Archangel and Vivian. Both Hawke and Dominic are also on the beach and Hawke and Tess have surprised looks on their faces when they recognize each other. Archangel tells Hawke that a congressional committee has been formed to hear testimony from Tess. He continues that Hawke and Dominic's mission is to fly Tess to an undisclosed location whose coordinates will be sent to Airwolf's onboard computer. On their flight, Dominic tells Hawke where they are located at and then tells him when two helicopters start chasing them and firing at them. They shoot down the two helicopters and Hawke demands to know from Tess what is going on. She tells them she knows people who are part of a conspiracy to assassinate key politicians around the world. Hawke contacts Archangel and reports the helicopter attack and what Tess told him. Hawke tells Archangel there is a leak in the FIRM and they will be flying on their own flight plan until Archangel finds out who the mole is. Tess starts to have a panic attack and tells Hawke and Dominic she can't trust anyone, even them. Archangel contacts Hawke and tells him they think they have found the mole, Peters and assures him they are safe to again put Airwolf in the FIRM's control. Two jets start chasing Airwolf and one of them manages to hit Airwolf with a rocket. Airwolf appears to crash and as the jets pass over the crash site, Hawke shoots them both down with a surface to air missile. On the ground, Hawke tells Dominic about his and Tess's past and how she aborted their baby. Hawke walks over to Tess and she apologizes for thinking he may have been on Cullen Dixon's side.

A helicopter rises above the horizon and starts shooting at Tess and a group of motorcycle riders ride up and join in the attacks. Dominic gets Airwolf into the air and shoots the motorcycle riders dead and then chases after the helicopter. Tess runs away and is chased by a red truck full of men. Hawke grabs one of the motorcycles and chases after the truck. Tess flags down a semi driver and gets inside of his truck. Tess takes control of the semi and Hawke manages to jump inside the semi and takes over driving and Dominic blows up the truck and the men riding in it. Tess starts to have pains and Hawke realizes she is pregnant. She apologizes for aborting their baby and tells him they were too young and tells Hawke the baby isn't Cullen's but the child of an Arab prince dignitary. Tess tells Dominic after the heads of state are assassinated, the plan is for the criminal committee to take over the banking committee for the world. Archangel and Vivian arrive at the meeting at about the same time as Airwolf lands. As everyone is walking to the meeting, Hawke senses something is wrong and as Vivian is about to shoot Tess, he shoots her first. Tess testifies in front of Committee Chairperson, Kase and the rest of the committee. Kase shoots and kills himself in front of the committee and later Dominic and Hawke explain to Archangel they figured out Vivian was the mole when Dominic was able to track a listening device she was wearing. Archangel tells them the Mexican government arrested Cullen, Businessman 1 and Businessman 2. Dominic tells him, Tess promised to name the child Stringfellow if it is a boy or Dominique if it is a girl.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 16 Little Wolf played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Hawke is test flying Greg Stewart's plane, while Dominic, Greg and Arnie watch from a hangar. Suddenly a plane flown by Herb Waldron starts to fly closely behind Hawke in a dangerous manner. They land and Hawke tells Herb that Herb could have killed them both with his dangerous flying. Herb then insults Hawke, his flying and Vietnam War pilots and Hawke tells Herb, if he Herb was in Vietnam, his own men would have fragged him. At a party at Martha Stewart's house, Hawke and Dominic talk about Greg and how the town was named after his ancestors. Waiter offers hors d'oeuvres to Hawke and Dominic. Greg walks up to Dominic and Hawke and hugs them and asks them to stay until he gets back from dropping the plane off in San Jose. They agree to stay if they get to meet his son when he gets back. Rainy Jennings walks up to Hawke and Dominic and asks Hawke if he will drive her and little Greg into town. Prentiss sees them leaving and stops Rainy and asks Hawke and Dominic not to intervene. Martha Stewart tells Dominic and Hawke that Rainy isn't in her right mind and it is best for her and little Greg to be confined to the property. Before leaving, they see Rainy one more time and she thanks them. As Hawke and Dominic are driving back, they discover little Greg is in the backseat of their car. With little Greg is a note from Rainy telling them how Martha is trying to steal little Greg. Hawke and Dominic stay at a motel and when Hawke calls later, he is told both Greg and Rainy are gone. Hawke leaves to go to Rainy's parent's house while Dominic stays with little Greg.

In the morning, Hawke calls Dominic and tells him Rainy's parents told him they haven't seen her. Hawke arrives in his car at Martha's house. Herb walks out of the house and Hawke realizes Herb is also the county sheriff. Hawke demands to see Greg and Martha demands little Greg back. Martha okays Herb to kill Hawke and as he is escorting Hawke out, Hawke manages to get away. Harry shoots at Hawke, but misses and a deputy points Arnie to where Hawke went. Arnie drops smoke to try and smoke Hawke out and Hawke knocks the deputy unconscious and steals his uniform. He calls Caitlin and tells her to bring Airwolf and then calls Dominic about Herb coming for little Greg. Hawke sneaks inside of Martha's house and finds Rainy and she tells him Greg is dead. They find Greg's body and drive away, but are chased by Harry and Security Man and another deputy in a car. Dominic and Caitlin help Hawke and Rainy after Security Man starts shooting at their car. Hawke and Rainy get into Airwolf. Herb in his plane gets into a dogfight with Airwolf and loses. Martha and Harry are arrested by the U.S. Marshals and as she is being taken away, Martha lists a series of demands for how she will be treated in prison.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 17 Desperate Monday played by Jan-Michael Vincent

During the hostage situation, Hawke and Dominic arrive and tell Archangel that Caitlin is on the ship. Archangel asks Hawke and Dominic to get him a layout of the Queen Mary after he is given charge of the operation. Caitlin starts to tap Morse Code on the door and J.J. Hollis almost shoots Hawke and Dominic as they are waiting outside of the door. Robert Hollis calls and Archangel answers the phone, but Robert hangs up the phone when Archangel tells him his demands will take time. After the call, Archangel asks Dominic and Hawke to bring Airwolf. Dominic flies towards the ship in Airwolf, while Hawke flies in on another helicopter to fulfill Robert's demand. Hawke lands his helicopter and Robert talks with Hawke and Hawke convinces him he isn't a threat as Archangel tells Robert that they are playing by Robert's rules. The hostages are brought out of the ship and most of them are released by J.J. and Zach Daks except for Alicia Kincaid, Caitlin, Barbara Scarelli and Ellie Camlane. Hawke takes off and shortly after Dominic in Airwolf follows him. Alicia starts to have a panic attack and as Zach points his gun at her and pulls the trigger, Caitlin pushes his hand up and he shoots the top of the helicopter, causing the helicopter to crash. Robert escapes with J.J., and Caitlin and Ellie as hostages while Barbara escapes and Hawke saves Alicia. Hawke tells Robert to give up and after hearing a gunshot, finds Robert holding a dead J.J. Robert admits to killing J.J. and Hawke, understanding why, leaves Robert to mourn by himself before the police arrive.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 18 Hawke's Run played by Jan-Michael Vincent

While Hawke is visiting Jerry Karston, Jerry introduces Hawke to Jennifer, who asks if everything Jerry has said about himself is true. Hawke and Jerry go into Jerry's private office and Jerry tells Hawke about his company. Jerry gives Hawke a ticket to an art show given by the artist Tolnor and then offers Hawke and Dominic jobs working for his company. Jerry gets a call and Hawke goes out to get coffee. Hawke passes by an Intersect Security Guard who tells Hawke where he can find the coffee. He sees Jennifer dead and throws his cup of coffee in Rogue Agent's face. He goes into Jerry's office and is shot by Victor Resnick, but manages to get away and jumps in Marilyn's car and tells her to drive away. She drives him to a phone booth after comparing their situation to a romance novel she read. Hawke calls Archangel and asks him why the FIRM killed Jerry. Archangel denies any knowledge of the hit and Zeus orders Hawke to come in for a debriefing, but Hawke refuses. Marilyn offers to drive Hawke to where he needs to go and Hawke offers 300 dollars for Marilyn's car, but she refuses. She tells Hawke she was supposed to go to a job interview to be a catalog model and he directs her to Santini Air. Hawke notices the door is open, even though Dominic is practice flying. He goes inside and finds the office trashed, before collapsing from blood loss. Hawke wakes up in a hospital bed and Marilyn tells him the bullet nicked an artery. Hawke puts his clothes back on and he and Marilyn run away after an Officer tells them to hold it. Hawke and Marilyn get onto a charter bus and manage to get away.

They break into one of Marilyn's ex-boyfriend's houses and Hawke makes a phone call to Archangel. Archangel tells Hawke, Zeus has people looking for him and doesn't know why Jerry was killed. Hawke calls Dominic and after removing a bug from the phone, Dominic tells Hawke he is in the news. Hawke then asks Dominic to pick him up and Caitlin to have Airwolf ready. Marilyn asks to come with Hawke and they kiss. A helicopter with Victor, Edwards and Rogue Agent lands and they start shooting at Hawke. Hawke grabs Marilyn and they run away towards a party. Hawke leaves Marilyn while he runs to the helicopter Victor and his men flew in. Rogue Agent and another agent shoot at Hawke as he runs to the helicopter, but he makes it and flies away. Hawke contacts Dominic and tells him to land and then tells Archangel where to meet him. Archangel, along with Rhonda, wait for Hawke and Archangel shows Hawke some photos. Hawke identifies Victor and Archangel tells him, Victor disappeared in East Berlin six months ago. Archangel reveals to Hawke that Jerry was a double agent and had promised the FIRM schematics. A FIRM helicopter comes over the horizon and starts shooting at Hawke and Archangel and Archangel tells Rhonda to drive away after calling the incident in while he leaves with Hawke. The helicopter continues to shoot at Hawke and Archangel and Hawke flies into a tunnel, while the other helicopter crashes into the side of a mountain. Hawke drives to the art show and Attendant takes his ticket and tells him he is enrolled in a raffle for a Tolnor original painting. Hawke turns and looks at Caitlin, who is in disguise along with Archangel. Marilyn walks towards Hawke, along with Victor, Edwards and another agent. Marilyn tells Hawke all they want is his raffle ticket. Victor asks Hawke for the ticket for his and Marilyn's life, but Hawke runs away with Marilyn. The Zebra Squad arrives with Sullivan and they kill two of the agents, but Victor and Edwards get away in a helicopter. Dominic lands in Airwolf and Hawke and Marilyn get inside. Victor contacts a ship for retrieval, but Hawke is able to shoot Victor and Edwards' helicopter out of the sky. Archangel congratulates Marilyn for helping Hawke and she shows him all of the raffle tickets she took from the art show.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 19 Break-In at Santa Paula played by Jan-Michael Vincent

A limo drives up to Santini Air and Eleanor gets out. She walks up to Hawke and they speak for the first time in 15 years, the day of Eleanor and Hawke's friend Mike's funeral. Hawke tells Eleanor he thought Mike could have been someone if he had never married Eleanor and Eleanor tells Hawke that Terry Haines is in a Central American jail. She asks Hawke to help get Terry out of prison and then tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin how Terry was framed for transporting drugs and sentenced to 14 years in Santa Paula prison. She tells Hawke that Terry has a heart condition and Hawke at first refuses to do it, due to its illegality. Dominic thinks it is a bad idea, but Hawke feels he owes it to Mike. In Santa Paula, Dominic and Hawke fly a helicopter near the prison before landing. Hawke, Dominic and Eleanor survey the prison with binoculars and during the evening make their plans on how to rescue Terry. Afterwards Hawke and Eleanor talk and she tells him what she did after Mike's death. Captain Mendez walks into Garcia's office and Hawke is inside. Hawke tells Garcia that he is Terry's uncle and wants to see him and Mendez takes Hawke to see Terry. While Hawke is handing Terry cigarettes and Candy he also asks him how often Terry is in the prison yard. Hawke tells Terry that tomorrow at 1:15 he will land a helicopter and pick up Terry. As Hawke leaves, Mendez threatens that if he spreads any bad news about the prison, then Terry will get hurt. Hawke has another meeting with Dominic and Eleanor and they lay out their final plans. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf in the prison yard and are swarmed by prisoners, but Terry is not where he is supposed to be. Hawke gets out and is captured and yells to Dominic to fly away.

Hawke is beaten and then questioned by Mendez. Mendez thinks Terry must be connected either financially or politically. Hawke is thrown into a cell with Terry and Gentry and refuses to speak with Terry when Terry tries to speak with him. Hawke takes one of Terry's candy bars and gives it to Paco. As Paco walks away to eat it, Hawke looks at how the electricity is set up around the prison. Terry tries to explain what happened to Hawke, but Hawke doesn't want to hear it. Dominic and Caitlin are let into the prison and Dominic walks up to Hawke and Terry and drops cigarettes and candy bars. Hawke tells Dominic he has a plan, but will need help. Terry tells Hawke how Gentry helped him learn how to survive in prison, as Hawke rips the copper wiring from a fan. Hawke asks about Terry's heart condition and Terry doesn't know what Hawke is talking about. Terry asks Hawke if his father was like Eleanor, and Hawke tells him he was a stand up guy. The next day in the prison yard, Hawke stands by the gate, while a car drives up. Caitlin and Eleanor get out of the car, causing a distraction in the prison. They ask Paco for directions and Hawke connects the copper wiring to the prison lights and then places the other end on the metal fence. Mendez notices the wiring and Gentry grabs him and yells he is dying. Terry throws sand in Senders face and runs away. Hawke offers Paco a candy bar and as Paco sticks his hand in the gate, he touches the side of the metal, electrocuting himself. Hawke takes Paco's gun and shoots Mendez in the shoulder while Gentry takes Paco's keys and unlocks the gate. Dominic arrives in Airwolf and starts shooting at the prison while Hawke, Terry and Gentry steal a truck and drive out of the prison. Hawke drives towards a helicopter that Caitlin is flying and Eleanor is in and they all get in and fly off. Back at Santini Air, Eleanor tells Hawke that Archangel told her the FIRM can help get rid of Terry's conviction. Eleanor tells Terry it is time to go, but Terry insists he go with Hawke to fly Gentry back to Texas. Before leaving, Eleanor hugs Hawke and thanks him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 20 The Girl Who Fell From the Sky played by Jan-Michael Vincent

In the evening, while Hawke is fishing in the lake near his cabin, Steele and Henderson are flying a helicopter nearby. They drop a body in the water and Hawke uses his flashlight to see what was dropped. Hawke retrieves the body, and finds Dawn Jenene Harrison still alive. He gets into a helicopter with Dawn and flies away after contacting emergency services. Hawke takes Dawn to Fox Ridge Medical Center and calls Dominic and tells him about Dawn. Nurse Hilda walks up to Hawke and tells him Dr. Forrester would like to see him. Dr. Forrester tells Hawke that Dawn only has minor injuries and tells Hawke, Dawn's arm shows signs of heavy IV drug use and she is suffering from amnesia. Hawke tries to talk with Dawn, but she doesn't remember her name and hugs Hawke. Hilda gives Hawke fingerprints she took of Dawn. Steele and Henderson go to the hospital and they see Hawke talking with Hilda and start shooting at him. Hawke grabs Dawn and they run out of the hospital and fly away. As they are flying, Dawn tells Hawke she thinks she knows Steele and Henderson and tells Hawke she knows she isn't a drug user. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him to contact Archangel to tell him to check Hawke into the El Dorado spa in Rancho Springs. Hawke takes Dawn to Susan Lane's Country Elegance and speaks with Audrea, who is initially rude to Hawke and Dawn and infers they can't afford anything in the store. Hawke gets Dawn's address from Audrea and a name, Lila Maxwell. Hawke buys Dawn a set of clothes and they go to the address Audrea gave Hawke. They break into the apartment and Hawke finds drug bottles in the fridge. Dawn says she doesn't remember being in the apartment. Steele and Henderson go to the apartment and Henderson grabs Hawke and tells him not to make a scene. As they are walking, Hawke grabs Henderson and Steele starts shooting at Hawke. Henderson is shot by Steele and falls dead into a pool and Hawke and Dawn manage to drive away.

Archangel and Lydia go to the spa Hawke is staying at and Hawke gives Archangel, Dawn's fingerprints and the drugs he found. Rossiter has a meeting with Senator Steven Houston and Rossiter tells Houston that Dawn has been taken care of. Hawke, Dawn, Dominic and Caitlin go to Archangel's office and Archangel and Lydia tell them, Dawn has an arrest record for prostitution. Hawke thinks the information is wrong and Dawn agrees to go through a procedure that may cure her amnesia. Dr. Johnson conducts the procedure and afterwards tells Archangel and Hawke, Dawn's real name and her job with the Commerce Department. He also tells them about Dawn's affair with Senator Steven Houston. Dominic gets Airwolf while Archangel, Hawke, Caitlin, Dawn and Lydia go to Rossair. Archangel walks into Weldon Rossiter's office and Caitlin, Hawke and Dawn walk in after him. Archangel tells Rossiter and Houston about the charges they are about to face and Rossiter calls in Steele and Guard/Phillips. Guard/Phillips holds Archangel and the others at gunpoint while Rossiter and Steele get away. Caitlin distracts Guard/Phillips and Hawke punches him unconscious. Archangel calls the Zebra Squad who get into a shoot out with Rossiter's men. Dominic picks up Hawke in Airwolf and they chase after Rossiter and Steele in their A16 helicopter. Steele shoots at Airwolf and Hawke blows Steele and Rossiter's helicopter out of the sky. Back at Santini Air, Dawn thanks Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin and then hugs Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 21 Tracks played by Jan-Michael Vincent

During a kayak competition, Hawke is beaten by Kirk. Dominic tells Hawke he lost a lot of money betting on him and Caitlin tells Kirk he was winning the entire time and Hawke calls her a traitor. Susan brings Kirk his wheelchair and they kiss. She explains to Caitlin what POINT stands for and Susan tells her the members of the group are going to ascend San Exito Peak. Kirk introduces Hawke, Caitlin and Dominic to the rest of the group including Ben Foran, Charlie Callahan, Maurice Kemp, Rudy Cruz and Levitt and then they start their journey up the mountain.

As they go along the trail, they pass by Mustached Hunter who stares in astonishment as they go up the trail. They stop to have a beer and hear a gunshot in the distance. At night, Charlie and Cruz play a rendition of Moonshadow and Hawke plays a Blues version of the song. The next morning, Levitt tells Hawke and Cruz he doesn't think he will continue on, but the others try to convince him to continue. Hawke radios in and tells Dominic they are doing fine and right on schedule. They all make it up a peak, including Levitt, and celebrate. As Callahan is giving a speech, he is shot and killed by an arrow shot by The Cat Man. They see The Cat Man and Hawke shoots at him and then realizes the radio is broken. They decide to try and escape by going back down the mountain and The Cat Man follows them. The Cat Man shoots Hawke in the shoulder with an arrow and he tumbles down a slope.

Kirk takes Charlie's gun and shoots at The Cat Man who runs away. Levitt is lowered down on his wheelchair and rescues Hawke who also has a broken leg from his fall. Hawke has the idea to bait The Cat Man. After Maurice sets Hawke's leg, Hawke climbs up a ridge while the others try to get down the mountain on their wheelchairs. The Cat Man starts shooting at the members with his bow and arrows and as he is about to shoot one of them, Hawke fires at him and breaks his bow. Airwolf crests above The Cat Man and he runs away. The members tackle The Cat Man and beat him. Back at base camp, Caitlin argues with Hawke about him going to the hospital. Susan tells them all they are happy to have them back and they celebrate.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 22 Birds of Paradise played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Le Van Hawke goes to Santini Air and tells Hawke, Minh Van McBride is missing. Caitlin and Dominic ask him further questions and he tells them Minh has been missing for a week. They go to speak with Archangel and Marlene pulls up Minh's information on the computer. Archangel can't provide any information on Minh and Hawke insists on doing more. Hawke and Le search Le's house for clues. Hawke finds a piece of paper and calls Archangel and asks him to check on some phone numbers. Hawke goes to a club where Disc Jockey is playing. Assistant Manager walks up to Hawke and assumes he is a delivery man and tells him to come back tomorrow. Hawke starts questioning the Assistant Manager and when Hawke shows the Assistant Manager a photo of Minh, the Assistant Manager points towards where Vargas is sitting with Sandy and Lynn. As Hawke walks up to Vargas, Vargas Bodyguard 1 and Vargas Bodyguard 2 stand up and stand behind him. Hawke shows Vargas, Minh's photo and Vargas tells Hawke he hasn't seen her. He shows the photo to Sandy, Lynn and the Bodyguards but none of them admit to knowing her. Hawke shows the Disc Jockey, Minh's photo and then shows it to a bartender. As Hawke is leaving, Lynn pulls him into the bathroom and tells him, she saw Minh with Kincaid at Nick's Paradise. She continues that Minh and Kincaid got into a fight when he saw her talking with someone who she said was her sister.

Hawke goes back to speak with Archangel and Marlene brings up Kincaid's bio. Marlene then brings up the bio of Isela Arragon. The next day, Le asks Hawke and Caitlin if Minh is coming back, and Hawke tells him, he doesn't know. Hawke agrees to let Le help him find Minh. Dominic tells Archangel and Hawke that he heard from other people at the airport that Kincaid's helicopter is heavily modified. Caitlin comes back from an audition on one of Kincaid's movies and the only part of the role involved getting naked. Archangel gets Hawke and Le new clothes to blend in with Kincaid's crowd. Hawke and Le go to Nick's Paradise and asks 2nd Bartender about Kincaid and she tells him she has never heard of him. Kincaid walks up and Hawke tells him a friend named Billy Bartlett told him to look up Kincaid. Hawke tells Kincaid he is a pilot for hire. Kincaid introduces Hawke and Le to Isela and as they leave the club, Parking Attendant assumes Hawke drives a Lamborghini, but he instead leaves in a helicopter. Hawke flies Kincaid, Isela and a group of prostitutes, including Eurasian Girl, to drop them off for a group of hunters. Hunter and Hunter 2 walk up to Kincaid and the prostitutes and Hunter suddenly pulls out a gun. Hawke uses the helicopter to create a barrier between the Hunters and Kincaid and the prostitutes and they escape.

Hawke dances with Isela at the club and after Kincaid pulls Hawke aside to make him an offer, Le goes up to Eurasian Girl and starts asking her questions. Kincaid tells Hawke, he got the idea for the name of his club from his time in Vietnam when Bob Hope would visit with a group of attractive women. He shows Hawke a briefcase full of cocaine and offers him over a million dollars to be his co-pilot on a drug deal. Hawke takes Kincaid out on Airwolf. He then has a lunch meeting with Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel and Le and tells them about the flight he is going on with Kincaid. Hawke flies Airwolf to the meeting location and Vargas and his Bodyguards drive up. Kincaid lands in his helicopter and demands Hawke exchange Airwolf for Le, who Isela pulls out of the helicopter. Le asks what happened to Minh and Kincaid tells him he threw her out of his helicopter. Le escapes and runs towards Hawke, who shoots Vargas Bodyguard 1 dead. Vargas and Vargas Bodyguard 2 try to drive off, but Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin arrive and Archangel shoots out Vargas' tires. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and they fly after Kincaid and Isela who escaped in Kincaid's helicopter. They catch up to them and shoot Kincaid and Isela out of the sky. At the FIRM headquarters, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that the police confirmed Minh's death. Le walks into the office with Caitlin and Marlene and Hawke tells Le that he will come to live with him.

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During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack played by Jan-Michael Vincent

Jo Santini is flying in a helicopter with Hawke showing him a wind drift auto compensator she built. They test out her machine and it works. At the FIRM headquarters, Chick plays the contents of an envelope Jo found, which consists of an audio tape for Hawke. Jason Locke walks in and takes the tape and Hawke demands to speak to Archangel. Locke tells Hawke that Archangel has been reassigned to the Far East. Locke tells Hawke, he is now in control of dealing with Hawke and tells him to be patient in regards to St. John. Dominic gets into his helicopter and as Hawke goes to speak with him the helicopter blows up. Jo visits Hawke in the hospital and Hawke asks Jo to take Airwolf and find St. John. St. John is picked up by Airwolf and then visits Hawke in the hospital. Hawke tells St. John about Dominic's death and then tells St. John he doesn't want to die in the hospital. St. John then leaves with Hawke and flies him away in Airwolf.