Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 3 III.

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In order for Flint's plan to succeed an agreement is made to have Vane captain one of the attacking ships.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Gates - Mark Ryan

Mr. Scott - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Richard Guthrie - Sean Cameron Michael

Miranda Barlow - Louise Barnes

Morley - Jeremy Crutchley

Captain Benjamin Hornigold - Patrick Lyster

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

Dufresne - Jannes Eiselen

Pastor Lambrick - Mark Elderkin

Logan - Dylan Skews

Hamund - Neels Clasen

Turk - Quentin Krog

Phillip - Richard Antrobus

Joji - Winston Chong

Ranger Crew Member - Georgie Calverley

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Detailed Synopsis

Captain Flint wakes up and goes to the kitchen where Miranda Barlow is at. She fixes his bandages and tells him that a neighbor must have seen him and a spy has been planted near the scrub pine. He then tells her that he found the schedule. John Silver writes out the contents of the page he burned and memorized in front of Eleanor Guthrie and Billy Bones. Mr. Scott walks into the room and tells Eleanor that Max escaped from the bordello. Flint gives Miranda a book by Middleton which he found on Captain Parrish's ship and she tells him that she was hoping he would be able to spend more time with her before he left again. They hear a horse neigh and go outside and Gates has arrived with a wagon and Richard Guthrie inside. Hamund and some other Ranger crew members threaten Rackham over him promising they would have a big score and also that they now are down 5,000 pesos. Hamund then tells Rackham to quickly make things right. Silver finishes writing and hands the paper to Gates. Flint reads it and notices Silver left some details out. Silver admits that he left some parts out as he figured they would kill him and offers to join their crew for a piece of the prize. Flint asks him why he doesn't think they will kill him when they get the L'Urca de Lime and Silver tells him that he assumes they will be friends by then.

Flint tells Eleanor that he will need another ship and lists off a series of other things including a dozen 12-pound cannons. Billy and Gates go outside to argue and Billy wonders what will happen if Silver tells the wrong person that Singleton wasn't a thief. He suggests they try and figure out who may harbor ill will towards Flint still, but Gates thinks it will cause suspicion. Billy brings Silver to Randall and tells him to guard Silver and make him peel potatoes. Mr. Scott asks Eleanor where she plans on getting the cannons from and she tells him that she will take them from Captain Bryson. He also tells her that if ships stop coming due to Richard's arrest then they will run out of supplies. While Silver is talking with Randall he asks him if he knows anyone that doesn't like Flint. Eleanor goes to visit Richard and asks for his help to find a business partner. He refuses to talk to her and she tells him that the alternative is him running back to Boston to ask his father and brothers for help. Billy asks Logan, who is sharpening Joji's sword, if he has heard any of the crew grumbling. Morley overhears them talking and nods at Turk to talk with him. Turk gets upset when Morley doesn't want to talk about Flint lying about Singleton. When Turk goes to sit down and play dice, Silver is his opponent.

Gates goes to the fort and is brought to Captain Benjamin Hornigold by Phillip. Hornigold tells Phillip that the chair he is sitting on came from the Plymouth office of Sir Francis Drake and tells him that if Gates ever lays a finger on it, Phillip is to shoot Gates dead. Gates tells Hornigold that Flint is offering one share per crew member and two shares for use of his ship when they catch the L'Urca. Hornigold agrees to the offer and he and Gates shake hands. Miranda brings Richard food and he asks her who she is. Silver has Billy follow him and points out Turk, and Morley and tells Billy they are what's left of the mutiny. Rackham sits down next to Gates and casts doubts in his mind about him being the captain of Hornigold's ship during the attack on the L'Urca. While Dufresne and Flint are going over how much items the crew has, Gates tells Dufresne to leave. Gates suggests to Flint that they ask Captain Charles Vane to take part in the attack instead of Gates leading a crew. Rackham tells the same idea to Vane and says the crew will get five million pieces of eight and it will make Vane look good in front of Eleanor. Eleanor, Rackham, Vane, Flint and Gates have a meeting and Flint immediately brings up that Vane killed Mosiah. After some haggling each party comes to an agreement on terms. As Vane and Rackham are walking back to their camp, a Ranger Crew Member tells Vane that Max is all his. Vane walks into a building where a beaten and naked Max is tied up. He asks her why she left the bordello when she had protection and she asks him how it felt when Eleanor threw him away. Vane then tells Rackham to get Max on a boat so she can leave.

Pastor Lambrick greets Miranda and she invites him to sit down. He hands her that week's sermon on Easter. Richard sneaks by the pirate guarding him and searches the house and finds a painting of Miranda and a man with the inscription Mr and Mrs Thomas Hamilton. Lambrick tells Miranda that members of his congregation told him that a Royal Navy shipped recently docked and England may be planning on taking control of the island. He tells her that if she is a member of his flock then she will be judged favorably when she dies and she gets up and leaves. Eleanor goes to Vane and they have sex. As Rackham is sneaking Max to the boat, he is stopped by Hamund who tells him that the crew will decide when Max leaves. Eleanor hears Max screaming and runs out of Vane's tent and sees Hamund raping Max. Eleanor declares that Vane's crew from now on will be cut off from the island and its resources unless they elect a new captain and join Flint. Anne Bonny starts to walk towards Flint, but Vane threatens her. Eleanor tries to comfort Max, but Max tells her that Eleanor is the cause of everything by not leaving with her. Max then walks to Vane and says she will stay until her debt is paid. Billy goes up to Morley and threatens him and Morley tells him that to Flint, the crew is all disposable and tells Billy about Miranda.