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Billy Bones


William "Billy Bones" Manderly is the boatswain on The Walrus in the West Indies. His parents were Levellers in Kensington who published pamphlets critical of the press gangs. Billy was later taken by the press gangs when they found him distributing his parents' pamphlets. He eventually killed the leader of the press gang.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 1 I. played by Tom Hopper

A merchant ship is being attacked by the Walrus. The Walrus catches up to the merchant ship and most of the remaining sailors on the merchant ship are killed. Gates tells Billy that John Silver wants to join the crew. Randall is petting Betsy when Billy introduces Silver to him. The pirates land at Nassau on New Providence Island and Captain Flint and Billy go to Harbour Island to see Richard Guthrie. They are let inside by the Servant and Flint finds out from Billy that the crew thinks he is weak.

Flint tells Richard about Vasquez who had sailed with La Casa del Contracion in Seville. Vasquez was tasked with getting an escort for the L'Urca de Lime, the largest cargo ship in existence. Flint asks Richard to help him recreate the information from the stolen page, but Richard refuses. Flint grabs him by the arm and starts to break Richard's fingers and Billy pulls his pistol on Flint. Captain Hume suddenly arrives with two seamen and asks Richard what sort of business he is conducting with Flint. Richard lies and says Flint is a sugar merchant and Hume orders Flint, Billy and Richard taken into custody and Billy grabs one of the seamen's rifles and the seaman fires, hitting Richard in the shoulder. Flint then grabs Hume and slams his face into the table and Billy knocks the other seaman unconscious.

Flint and Billy put Richard on a boat and Billy gets angry with Flint for lying to the crew. Flint tells Billy that a war with civilization is coming. They arrive at The Walrus and Flint speaks to the crew that includes Morley and apologizes for their small hauls and tells them the truth of what they have been chasing. He says that a crew member discovered their plans and betrayed them and accuses Singleton of being that person. Gates tells Singleton that he has a choice, a trial or combat and Singleton chooses combat. Flint and Singleton fight and Flint ends up beating Singleton to death. Flint seemingly pulls a piece of paper from Singelton's pockets and hands it to Billy to read. Billy opens the page, which is blank and lies to the crew and says it is the stolen page. Flint tells the crew that he will make them rich and they cheer him.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 2 II. played by Tom Hopper

Gates notices Billy is just staring into space and Billy shows him the page in his hand is blank. Flint tells Gates and Billy that the schedule is on the ship and one of the pirates is a thief. Gates realizes the only one that wasn't searched was Silver. Gates and Billy start to search for Silver, who sees them looking for him and Silver jumps into the water. Flint, Gates and Billy land on the beach and Gates asks where Silver went and they are pointed in different directions.

Captain Naft is having a knock off painting of Adriaen Hanneman evaluated by Frasier when he insists they are the same. Frasier points out the difference in their quality, but Naft insists they are the same again. Billy finds Gates watching the argument transpire and Gates tells Billy that they can't be pirates forever. A Boy tells Frasier that Rackham is waiting to speak with him. Gates and Billy follow Frasier to the brothel. Eleanor Guthrie goes to see Max and Gates knocks on the door. Flint, Gates and Billy enter the room and Max tells them where the schedule will be delivered. Billy and Flint arrive at the Wastes and they and Rackham and Captain Charles Vane begin to chase Silver. Flint and Billy catch Silver and he tells them that he burned the schedule after memorizing it.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 3 III. played by Tom Hopper

Silver writes out the contents of the page he burned and memorized in front of Eleanor and Billy. Silver finishes writing and hands the paper to Gates. Flint reads it and notices Silver left some details out. Silver admits that he left some parts out as he figured they would kill him and offers to join their crew for a piece of the prize. Flint asks him why he doesn't think they will kill him when they get the L'Urca de Lime and Silver tells him that he assumes they will be friends by then.

Billy and Gates go outside to argue and Billy wonders what will happen if Silver tells the wrong person that Singleton wasn't a thief. He suggests they try and figure out who may harbor ill will towards Flint still, but Gates thinks it will cause suspicion. Billy brings Silver to Randall and tells him to guard Silver and make him peel potatoes. Billy asks Logan, who is sharpening Joji's sword, if he has heard any of the crew grumbling. Silver has Billy follow him and points out Turk, and Morley and tells Billy they are what's left of the mutiny. Later, Billy goes up to Morley and threatens him and Morley tells him that to Flint, the crew is all disposable and tells Billy about Miranda Barlow.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 4 IV. played by Tom Hopper

Billy walks into Gates' office and tells him that it is time. They walk out onto the deck of The Walrus and Gates tells the crew that Billy will be their new quartermaster. Billy tells the crew that they will need to careen the ship. He asks the crew where they should do it and Muldoon suggests somewhere where there is plenty of rum. Froom asks if they will have a tent for fornication and Billy mentions that it is something they can discuss later. Billy asks De Groot his opinion and De Groot says The Walrus is unsuitable for the task of careening the ship and asks to find a more suitable beach. Flint says they cannot delay the careening or they will lose their chance at catching the Urca. Billy calls for a vote and all but Morley agree to it. Froom brings up the fornication tent again and after Billy talks about forgoing it, the crew becomes silent. A fornication tent is then set up. As the ship is being brought onto the beach, Billy remembers the conversation he had with Morley in which Morley told him of the time they were hunting a ship called the Maria Aleyne. He continues that Flint promised them the ship held immense wealth, but once they captured it, it had very little and while he was searching the ship he overheard a man and woman begging for their lives and afterwards saw Flint leaving after murdering them. Morley tells him that Flint murdered them for Miranda and good men will die for Flint's hidden agenda.

Billy walks over and tells Froom and Crisp that they tied the rope to the wrong tree and walks away. As Morley is walking he runs into Billy on purpose. He then complains to Billy that he didn't even raise a concern to Flint about the ship. Later, the wind starts to make the palms pull away from the sand. As everyone is running away from the ship, Randall sees Betsy hiding under the ship. Randall goes after her and the ship leans slightly and starts to crush Randall. Morley and Flint run to help Randall and Betsy runs away. They start to dig the sand under Randall while De Groot tells Billy that they have to cut the remaining rope to save the ship's mast. Silver runs over and throws his butcher knife to Flint who starts to hack at Randall's stuck leg. The ropes are cut and the ship lurches, Flint manages to pull Randall away, but Morley is crushed under the ship. Billy tells Gates that he regrets agreeing with Flint's idea about the ship and admits that he is afraid of Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 5 V. played by Tom Hopper

As Flint and the crew of The Walrus are chasing the Andromache, Billy tells him how fast and at what direction they are heading. Flint tells Billy that he knows that Billy doesn't trust him and Billy says that he knows that men have and are about to die for a lie. Flint tells Billy that the crew needs to feel their actions are based on certainties. Billy asks who Miranda is and Flint tells him that he lives with her and she is a Puritan that shares his love of books. Flint gets upset that The Walrus isn't catching up to the Andromache and orders all the sails be raised. De Groot warns against raising all the sails and Logan and Dufresne measure their speed. Billy agrees with De Groot, but then changes his mind when Flint stares at him. Gates then gives the order to increase the sails and they increase their speed. Billy hands Dufresne a pistol and tells him that he will also have to participate in the upcoming fight.

Billy gives a speech to the crew including Joshua and tells them of Flint's plan of attack using Beauclerc. After the speech, Gates tells Billy that he did a good job and Dufresne tries to get out of fighting. Billy tries to comfort Dufresne and tells him no one ever died during their first fight. Captain Bryson starts firing at The Walrus causing lots of injuries and damage to the ship. Beauclerc snipes Mr. Burnett the helmsman on the Andromache. Mr. Harris goes to take the helm and is also sniped by Beauclerc and the Andromache lurches and loses the wind. The pirates of The Walrus make preparations to board, including Joji and Crisp.

The crew of The Walrus board the Andromache and Billy sees Dufresne looking through Bryson's papers and Dufresne tells him Tom Jameson died during his first fight. Billy then lists off more, Christian Thoms, Will Robbins, Jean DuBois, and the Portuguese guy with the lisp. Billy finds a letter from Miranda and takes it. A Slave calls for Flint and speaks in the Slave's language. Joshua translates for Flint that Bryson sent a message to the Scarborough before he left, where he was headed. A ship appears to their east and the Slave lights a bomb and charges at Flint before he is shot dead by Billy.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 6 VI. played by Tom Hopper

Billy walks up to Logan, who is standing watch for the Scarborough and tells him that Lars is almost ready and he will have the bunker open on the Andromache open soon. Billy talks to Gates about how Richard was supposed to be under guard by Miranda, and yet somehow managed to get free. Billy opens the letter he found from Miranda in which she asks Justice Addington Thomas for a pardon for Flint. She writes that Flint wishes to repent and is a good man. Lars sneaks towards the bunker, but is spotted by Hayes and shot dead. Billy shows Gates the letter and tells him that he knows what happened on the Maria Aleyne.

Gates tells the crew of the plan to have four men dangle over the side of the ship to cut a hole in it in order to place a charge inside. After getting no volunteers, Flint choose Paxton, Bobby, Dooly, and Logan. Logan argues with the order and tries to get Billy to stand up to Flint. Gates knocks Logan unconscious and tells the crew that while they are in battle Flint's orders are the law. A pirate whistles to Flint and shows him the rag the slaves placed in the porthole. The slaves are thrown a spike from the porthole and the crew of The Walrus start to rhythmically chop at the Andromache. The slaves attack and kill their guards and then charge into the bunker. Mr. Scott opens the door of the bunker allowing The Walrus crew to come in.

As a couple of The Walrus crew are gathering supplies they accidentally set off Bryson's explosives. Flint worries the Scarborough might have seen the explosion and orders The Walrus to take off even with only a few cannons loaded on board. Flint and Billy go to cut the spire of the Andromache loose from their ship and while they are doing it, Flint asks Billy what was in the letter. The Andromache starts firing at them and Billy falls into the water.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 2 X. played by Tom Hopper

Billy lies in the sand and tied by his hands and feet to posts. Captain Hume walks over to him and pours water on the leather vest Billy is wearing. He tells Billy that he learned the technique from a Spanish bishop and after six days of pouring water on the leather vest, the vest will shrink and collapse Billy's ribs.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 4 XII. played by Tom Hopper

Silver walks over to look at an unconscious man and it turns out to be Billy . Silver then pays Lowly Merchant to hide Billy and Randall.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 5 XIII. played by Tom Hopper

Silver tries to explain Flint's actions to Billy. Billy realizes that Silver is keeping him so he doesn't challenge Flint. Billy tries to leave, but finds out that he is chained to a post. Billy asks Silver how he managed to secure being Flint's right hand man, and Silver reminds him that he told him that he was easily liked. Randall tells Billy that the crew like him and Silver asks Billy what he will tell the crew what happened when Billy fell overboard. Billy demands Silver release him and Randall tells Silver that the crew like Billy also. Silver then releases Billy.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 6 XIV. played by Tom Hopper

Billy walks into camp and is greeted by the rest of Flint's crew and Dufresne hugs him. Billy tells the pirates of The Walrus about his ordeal and that the British Navy is encamped 40 miles away. Dufresne then asks Billy how he fell overboard. Flint returns to camp and shakes Billy's hand and they hug. Later, Billy tells Dufresne that he is supporting Flint in the captain vote and that Flint is right in that England is coming. He tells Dufresne that if Flint doesn't succeed in his plan then he will give Flint over to Hume who made him an offer for nine pardons.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 7 XV. played by Tom Hopper

Billy asks Flint how many votes he has versus the votes for Captain Benjamin Hornigold for captain. Flint thinks he is ahead by four, but Billy tells him Dobson, Brewer and Winslow are all nay votes. Flint thinks Winslow is for him, but Billy tells him that Winslow changed his vote when he got into an argument with Muldoon and then decided to change his vote. Flint believes that he has the better message, but Billy tells him that Hornigold just has to remind the pirates that Flint will betray anyone to get what he wants.

After Flint is told that the Urca gold is gone, Dufresne tells Billy they need to turn Flint over and get their own pardons and Billy tells Dufresne to find other men who would be willing to betray Flint. Billy meets with Dufresne and the other traitors to Flint including Big Conspirator. The rest of The Walrus crew also show up and Billy reveals the conspirators to be the traitors to their fellow pirates that they are. Big Conspirator questions Billy's manhood and Billy beats him up and tells everyone that they will stick together and follow Flint's plan until they are all safe. Billy tells Flint that 18 pirates have defected including Dufresne. He then tells Flint that he believes the crew will need Flint's leadership and so he will do what is needed to ultimately help the crew.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 8 XVI. played by Tom Hopper

Silver tells the crew a story of when he was on a merchant vessel and when he first saw Charles Town. He continues about how he and the rest of the crew saw the execution of Solomon Little. Mr. Scott tells Billy about how quickly Flint was able to gain influence through the power of a story, but Silver might be competition as a story teller. Billy then tells Scott that Silver stole the story from Bernard. Silver ends his story by telling the pirates that the entire population of Charles Town is eager to see them dead. As Billy is telling Flint about De Groot's plan on getting to Charles Town early, Billy and the others notice Abigail staring at Billy.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 9 XVII. played by Tom Hopper

Billy gathers the riggers and tells them that one of them needs to fix the rigging and Rigger tells him that Nicholas' death is a bad omen. Billy sees Vane's men climb onto the deck and warns his fellow pirates. A battle erupts and during it, Vane kills Joshua and then fights Billy. The battle ends and Jenks tells Vane that the Man-'o' War is secure.

Vane tells Billy that his original plan was to recruit Billy if Singleton won the vote for captain. He tries to recruit Billy, but Billy tells him that he saw the garrison on Harbour Island and Flint's plan is the only plan. The Boat Captain tells Vane and his men that Peter Ashe has a message for them, Flint has violated Peter's trust and he will be placed under arrest. Flint will be put on trial and hung and if the pirate ship remains, it will be sunk. Vane brings Vincent and Silver on deck. Vane tells his crew that Nassau is strongest when it is feared and suggests they free Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 10 XVIII. played by Tom Hopper

Billy tells Silver that there is a difference between Vane rescuing Flint to stop Flint from becoming a trophy and Vane saving Flint. Vane asks Billy to convince his men to not start a fight while Vane is gone and promises not to kill Flint's crew after he gets Flint. As Vane is walking away, Billy tells him that Vane's current plan will not work, but he has something that may help. Billy tells Silver that he has eight votes against Mr. Scott as quartermaster. Yardley has Baymen Lieutenant grab Silver and Flint's crew stand up to block them from leaving with Silver. Billy headbutts Yardley and a fight breaks out, but Silver is dragged away.

As Jenks is about to slit Silver's throat, Flint's crew storm into the room and Billy kills Jenks while Yardley and Baymen Lieutenant are also killed. De Groot tells the crew to raise the sails and Mr. Scott tells them to get ready to sail. Billy has the crew fire upon the blockade ships as Vane's men continue to fire upon the town. Flint and Vane get into a boat and start to row towards the Man-o'War and are fired upon by William Rhett and some militia men. The Man-o'-War opens fire on Rhett and kills him. Flint has Vane's men released and has the ship continue to fire upon Charles Town.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 1 XIX. played by Tom Hopper

Once Flint and his crew return from a raid, Silver orders the plunder to be brought on board. Billy says the vanguard members did a good job, but Flint demands Dobbs be removed for losing his nerve. Hallendale's ship is spotted floating in the water. De Groot tells Silver and Billy that maybe the ship was abandoned. Dooley thinks they should check the ship out in case the crew needs help and Silver agrees, but Flint thinks it is a bad idea.

Flint goes onto Hallendale's ship with Billy, Joji, Dooley and a few other crew members. They find it empty except for the body of Hallendale chained to his desk. They look through his logbook and find the last few pages with We All Die Alone written over and over. Billy says that Hallendale was marooned and Flint notes the only water left for Hallendale was sea water. Flint realizes it is a trap and they return to The Walrus. A ship is spotted and Flint notes that the ship is under British colors and is a pirate hunter. The ship pulls up next to The Walrus and Hornigold tells the crew that he will give them pardons if they surrender. Flint tells his crew that he could never surrender to England after they have taken so much from him. He says that England must be afraid of them if they are offering them all pardons. Flint then tells the crew that they are going to sail into the nearby storm. As Hornigold's ship is about to fire on The Walrus, Flint has the crew sail towards the storm and Hornigold follows him. Billy thinks there must be someone new in charge as it seems improbable that someone could secure so many pardons.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 2 XX. played by Tom Hopper

Flint is woken up by Billy, who tells him that Hornigold's ship has gained on them. Flint goes up top and tells Billy that Hornigold will drive them into the storm and then retreat. De Groot asks Flint if they can lower the topgallants, but Flint thinks if they do, Hornigold will sense their weakness and continue chasing them. Silver tells Billy that the crew should have accepted Hornigold's pardons and then when they were placed back on land, returned to piracy.

Flint sees Hornigold turn back and orders the topgallants to be taken down. Billy asks Rogelio if the halyard is free and Murtaugh tells him that it is stuck. Murtaugh climbs to the top of the mast to cut the halyard and the ship is hit by a knockdown wave. Some of the men are knocked overboard and De Groot tells Flint that they must take the topgallant in. Flint cuts a rope and part of the mast breaks away and goes flying away with Murtaugh. Flint tells Billy to have everyone go down below while Flint stays on deck to steer the ship. Later, De Groot tells Flint that the storm drove them into the Sargasso Sea. Billy tells Flint that they lost most of their fresh water and they have very little food. Flint asks how far the nearest coast is and Silver tells him that they are three weeks from land.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 3 XXI. played by Tom Hopper

During the 12th day in the Doldrums, Flint tells Billy and Silver that it will take more than seven to ten days to reach a nearby island and they will have to cut the crews' rations again. He then comes up with the idea to feed certain members of the crew, who are deemed to be of more importance, and not the others. Silver starts to argue with Flint, but Billy stops him.

On day 18 on The Walrus, Billy tells Silver that he needs to accept his water ration and that he will need his strength when Silver finally confronts Flint. Silver tells Billy that Flint has a need for others to see him as the hero and being seen as the villain is torture to him. Palmer and Oates are accused of stealing rations. Silver holds a trial to figure out which one of them stole the rations. Oates insists he would never steal from the crew. Palmer says that during everything that has happened, he has never complained. Flint walks up and shoots Palmer in the head and then starts to reload his gun. Billy tells Silver to do something, but Silver does nothing. Flint then shoots Oates in the head. Billy tells Silver that if Flint tries to kill another innocent member of the crew, he is going to do something about it.

On day 21, Billy tells Flint that they spotted a whale carcass. De Groot says that whale's float after they rot, but Silver insists they go after it and tells Flint he is coming also. Silver and Flint bring a shark back to the ship and feed the crew with it. After the wind returns, the crew of The Walrus arrive at an island and go ashore.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Tom Hopper

The pirates from The Walrus are gathering water and food on the island while also making camp. While Billy is drinking water, he is found by Udo and Kofi. A group of Maroons then capture the rest of The Walrus crew.

As they are being brought to the Maroon camp, Dooley wonders if the Maroons will be less harsh on them due to them fleeing a few slaves, but Billy reminds him that they sold more than they freed. Silver's leg goes out from under him and Twitchy Pirate tries to escape. Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage. Dooley asks Flint what is going to happen to them and Ben Gunn tells him that those who survive the initial purge will then be forced to do hard labor. A dead pirate is dragged from The Maroon Queen's hut and Ben tells Billy that there is supposedly a king that lives elsewhere and provides them with hard to get items.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 5 XXIII. played by Tom Hopper

A group of maroons carry Mr. Scott ashore on a stretcher and Billy, who can't see who it is, asks Silver who is on the stretcher. Ben tells them that Mr. Scott is the king of the maroons. Later, Flint tells his crew about Mr. Scott's idea, but first he must convince The Maroon Queen to agree to the plan. He tells them that if he feels The Maroon Queen will not agree to the idea, then he will take The Maroon Queen hostage and force her to release his crew. Flint is brought before The Maroon Queen and Dr. Howell shows Billy the knife Flint was supposed to use to take The Maroon Queen hostage left on the ground. Afterwards, Billy and the rest of the crew are freed by Kofi.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 6 XXIV. played by Tom Hopper

Dobbs starts yelling at a Maroon when a piece of the mast almost falls on a crew member. Flint asks what is the matter and Dobbs tells him that the Maroon's lashing came undone even though he just showed him how to do it. Flint tells Dobbs that he instructed the Maroon wrong on how to tie the lashing and reminds him that they have to make the Maroons feel like they need Flint's crew. Billy Bones asks Flint how he thinks the agreement between themselves and the Maroons will work and Flint realizes that Billy doesn't believe Flint will be able to accomplish what he promised the Maroons. An island is spotted and De Groot hands Flint a spyglass and he looks out at Ocracoke Island.

Flint and his crew land on the beach and are greeted by Blackbeard. Flint tells Blackbeard what has happened to his crew lately and then tells Blackbeard that he plans to reclaim Nassau. Blackbeard reminds Flint of how he came to Nassau and told them that their ways were wrong. He then tells Flint that as long as he controls the pirate fleet, Nassau will remain in the past. Flint says that the captains of the fleet made oaths to him not Blackbeard and Flint asks Vane to stick to their agreement. Vane tells Flint that Nassau doesn't deserve any more from him and Blackbeard challenges Flint to fight with pistols and then swords over who shall claim the fleet.

Dooley and Ellers prepare Flint and Blackbeard's pistols and Ben asks Billy what happens if Flint dies and Billy tells him that Flint will die and they will have the option to join the pirate fleet. The Referee Pirate gives the rules of the engagement which includes no quarter given. In the first round, Flint manages to shoot Blackbeard in the temple, but Blackbeard manages to get up and attacks Flint with his sword. Blackbeard beats Flint in sword-fighting and as he is about to kill Flint, Vane steps in and forces Blackbeard back. Blackbeard then walks up to Flint and tells him take Vane with him and leave.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 7 XXV. played by Tom Hopper

Flint tells Madi, Silver, Vane and Billy his plan when they arrive at Nassau. Vane doesn't think it is worth it to try and recruit the pirates who turned their backs on them, and Flint tells him the point is not to necessarily gain recruits, but to make those who don't join them afraid to fight them. Billy says that Silver should be the one sent to recruit. De Groot tells Flint that Nassau has been spotted.

Silver goes to a tavern with Billy, Dooley and Joji and walks over to the desk holding the pardon books. He warns the former pirates inside that they have betrayed Flint. Tavern Bystander says that Flint is dead. Silver tells the people in the tavern that everyone whose name is in the pardon book originally pledged to defend Nassau and then takes the book. He says that anyone who meets them on the beach will be accepted back, while those who don't rejoin will face consequences. Dufresne stands up and calls Silver half a man and calls Flint's threat weak. He walks up to Silver and calls him an invalid and Silver hits Dufresne in the face with a tankard and then crushes his head with his stump. Once they are back on the ship word spreads among the crew about what Silver did to Dufresne.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 8 XXVI. played by Tom Hopper

Billy opens the door of Miranda's abandoned home and tells Flint that a rider approaches and it is the man Featherstone sent to find out what route Rackham was being taken. While Rackham is being transported by Woodes Rogers, riders are seen approaching and Rackham tells an officer to engage the riders. The riders kill Rogers' escort and shoot the wagon tire, causing the wagon to crash. Two of the riders reveal themselves to be Vane and Anne and Anne kisses Rackham. Flint and Billy grab the chest while Vane and Anne stay behind to try and free Rackham. At the beach, Rackham tells Flint that Vane was captured. Flint tells Billy to bring the cache to the ship while he goes back to save Vane. Rackham and Billy tell Flint that he must return with the cache and Billy says he will agitate the locals to try and prevent Vane from being hanged.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 9 XXVII. played by Tom Hopper

Featherstone and Idelle ride to Miranda's house where Billy is writing anti-British rule propaganda, while Ben sits nearby. Billy tells them his plan of rescuing Vane. Featherstone says they don't have time as Vane is being shipped to England tomorrow, but Billy tells him his plan of buying time by trying to force the authorities to try Vane in Nassau. Featherstone hurries back to Miranda's house and tells Billy that Vane is to be executed in the morning. Before Vane's execution, the Court Official tells the crowd that Rogers promised them order and prosperity. Billy has Jacob Garrett position his men in order to try and rescue Vane.

The Court Official calls Vane an animal and an impediment to prosperity. As Billy is about to have Jacob try and start a riot, Vane shakes his head at Billy. The Court Official asks if Vane has any last words. Vane tells the crowd that the authorities fear not just him but the locals as Vane represents a freedom that still may exist in them. A noose is put around Vane's neck and the cart he is standing on is ridden away. Although Vane's neck snaps, he continues to spasm and Billy has Jacob and his men pull on Vane's body to end Vane's suffering. Ben asks Billy why Vane asked them not to intervene and Billy tells him that Vane knew his death was the only way to start the resistance.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10I XXVII. played by Tom Hopper

Jacob tells Billy that he dropped off the black spot at Captain Throckmorton's bed, but Throckmorton ignored it. Later Throckmorton's body is found hanging from a building. Billy, Jacob, Idelle, Featherstone, Wayne, and Ben come up with a name for John to use for their propaganda and come up with the name Long John Silver.