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Charlie "Chuck" Dawson is a private investigator based out of San Francisco. Chuck was involved in the Simpson case seven years ago.

During the events of Killer Workout (1987) played by Ted Prior

Chuck is hired by Rhonda's senior partner, Mr. Erickson to investigate the gym after Rachael is murdered. He overhears Weight Lifter 1 and Weight Lifter 2 crudely talking about the murder of Rachael. He goes into Rhonda's office and is caught by her snooping in her file cabinet. He tells her he was hired by her partner and she tells him to clean the men's room. As he is taking out the trash he is almost run over by Jimmy who warns him to stay away from Rhonda. They get into a fight and Chuck beats up Jimmy. Debbie invites him to her place and he gets into her car. At her house, he asks her about Jimmy and asks her for Jimmy's address. When she returns they kiss. At work, he hears Jaimy scream and attacks Tom who is standing over the bodies of Weightlifter 1 and Weightlifter 2. He is questioned by Lieutenant Morgan who doesn't trust him. Chuck breaks into Jimmy's house and finds weapons and a shrine to Rhonda. He then goes to Rhonda's house and sees her swimming. He is attacked by Jimmy and knocked unconscious. He wakes up on Rhonda's couch and Lieutenant Morgan tells him he knows he is a private investigator. Chuck tells him he broke into Jimmy's house and found his cache of weapons and shrine to Rhonda and thinks he is the murderer. Morgan tells him to go back to San Francisco and the next day as he is trying to break into the gym to get his stuff, Morgan catches him and gives him the keys to the gym. As he is leaving, Chuck is run over by Jimmy and then stabbed to death by him.