Detective Le

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Detective Le


Le is a police detective in San Francisco, California.

During the events of Replica (2005) played by David Nguyen

Detective Le stops by Joe Thomas' house and asks Joe questions about Dr. Evelyn Tyler and their relationship. Detective Le asks if she had any problems with anyone and gives Joe his card before leaving in case Joe thinks of anything relevant to the case. Later, Detective Le questions Dr. G about Evelyn and her work and Dr. G tells him, he wishes he could bring Evelyn back to life. Detective Le goes to visit Mrs. Tyler and asks her questions about Evelyn and she tells him about the last dinner she had with her. Detective Le then questions Labtech/Hitman and Labtech/Hitman admits he hit Evelyn's car and fled the scene, but only because he was drunk. Detective Le tells Labtech/Hitman they know he had 20 thousand dollars deposited into his bank, and some more was found in his basement and Labtech/Hitman asks to speak to a lawyer. Detective Le goes to Dr. G's house and as Dr. G is about to try to shoot Joe again, Detective Le arrives and shoots Dr. G to death and tells Joe, Dr. G killed Evelyn so he could get full credit for their research.