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The Overlord is the leader of a group of people who survived the nuclear apocalypse. He brought his people to an island and told them the outside world was dangerous and filled with radioactivity. The Overlord exiled Yor, the Hunter's family when his father rebelled.

During the events of Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983) played by John Steiner

Yor wakes up on a beach and is seen through a video screen by the Overlord. A group of Androids of Overlord are sent to capture Yor for analysis. The Androids of Overlord tell the Overlord that there are two more intruders and he orders them captured and brought to him. Yor is brought to a room and put on a table. The Overlord appears and introduces himself to Yor. As he is telling Yor what he plans to do to Pag and Ka-Laa, Yor leaves the room. Yor shows Ka-Laa the video showing his past. The Overlord appears and tells them that after the war he shielded his people from the outside world and he wants his people to multiply so he can conquer the world. He then tells them that he will make an army of Androids to replace humans and he will use Yor and Ka-Laa's DNA to make them. Ena leads a revolt against the Overlord and Yor and Ka-Laa are freed. The Overlord issues a red alert and orders all of the rebels destroyed. Yor swings onto the atomic generator and sets a bomb. The Blind Old One tells the Overlord that he is going to deactivate his Androids. Yor and the Overlord fight and Yor impales him with a boom barrier. Yor and the others get into a spaceship and fly away as the generator explodes and the Overlord and the Blind Old One die in the explosion.