Professor Barton Saunders

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Professor Barton Saunders


Professor Barton Saunders is a researcher at Genetic Engineering Inc. Labs. His wife was Mary, but she died from a chronic illness. Barton faked his own suicide.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 12 X-Virus played by Ken Pogue

Barton goes to Dr. Shimizu's home and Dr. Shimizu recognizes him and orders him to do the honorable thing and Barton shoots Dr. Shimizu in the neck with a dart and kills him. Barton then removes the dart and drags Dr. Shimizu's body towards a pond and pours alcohol on him to make it appear he was drunk and slipped. St. John goes to Bar-Med and speaks with Clive Harper. After St. John leaves, Clive calls Barton and demands he get his money. During the night, Barton and Price sneak up on St. John and shoot him with a dart. St. John regains consciousness and Barton thinks Clive sold him the X-Virus vaccine. St. John is dragged away by Barton and Price into an underground lab. Barton tells St. John his plan to release the X-Virus and then offer the vaccine. He continues that Dr. Shimizu wanted to give the vaccine to the government. Barton tells Technician 1 that he wants another, more concentrated does of the X-Virus administered to St. John. St. John tries to escape, but is caught and is then injected by Technician 1.

Jo Santini finds the door to the underground lab and goes inside, but is caught. Technician 1 tells Barton that St. John has a natural immunity due to once having an extreme case of malaria. Barton tells Technician 2 to get the canisters full of the X-Virus to the warehouse. Barton tells Price to kill St. John and Jo and as Price opens the door, St. John pushes cages of lab rats on him. Jo is shot by Barton with a dart and Barton escapes in a van towards the city with a canister full of the X-Virus. He gets into an elevator with a mother and her child and then climbs to the top of a building and Mike Rivers and Jason Locke fire a laser from Airwolf at the vial of X-Virus, killing the virus and setting Barton on fire.