Sam 28 Weeks Later

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Sam is a refugee from the Rage Virus living in District 1.

During the events of 28 Weeks Later (2007) played by Raymond Waring

After Code Red is initiated, Sam hides in a depot. When the military starts shooting indiscriminately at both the uninfected and infected, Sam sees Andy and motions to him to come into the depot. As some in the depot including Sam, Scarlet, Tammy, Andy, Depot Man and Depot Woman are trying to figure out what to do next, Doyle tells them their best chance is to leave now in the dark. As they are escaping, Depot Man and Depot Woman are shot and killed by a soldier. Doyle tries to get Sam to run from cover so he can locate and kill the soldier, but Sam refuses. The survivors make it to a park outside London and wait for Flynn to show up with his helicopter. As Flynn takes off after telling Doyle he wont take anyone else but him, Sam jumps onto the helicopter but is shaken off by Flynn and falls to the ground.