Tim Shimizu

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Tim Shimizu


Dr. Tim Shimizu is a researcher at Genetic Engineering Inc. Labs. His father is Dr. Shimizu. Tim was a medic in the United States Army in the Vietnam War and once saved St. John when St. John came down with a bad case of malaria.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 12 X-Virus played by James Saito

St. John and Tim are reminiscing about their time in Bangkok as they run. Tim gets a notification on his pager that Dr. Shimizu is dead. St. John and Tim go to Dr. Shimizu's house and Tim doesn't believe Dr. Shimizu died from an accident. They go to GEI Labs and Tim finds a virus from a sample from Dr. Shimizu. He tells St. John, that the virus breaks down the white cells within the body. Dr. Shimizu's house is quarantined by the Health Department and Tim and St. John go back to Dr. Shimizu's house, but don't find any evidence of the virus in the home. While St. John and Tim are looking at the Bar-Med photo, they find a newspaper article taped to the back of it with a story about a scientist committing suicide named Professor Barton Saunders. Tim continues to study the virus and tells St. John that the virus was man made. Tim suddenly collapses and is taken to the hospital and quarantined. Later, St. John, Jo Santini and a now cured Tim go to a bar and Tim tells them that the X-Virus vaccine is going to be used as a treatment for malaria. Jason Locke and Mike Rivers are playing a game of pool nearby and Mike scratches the cue ball.