Evelyn (Jaws of Satan)

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Evelyn Downes is a witch and the President of the Greene County Historical Society in Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Diana Douglas

At a dinner party, Evelyn greets Matt Perry and Kim Perry and Matt tells Kim, Evelyn is a real witch. Evelyn explains to Kim how her magic works. Matt asks Evelyn if his dog track will be successful and Father Farrow interrupts and criticizes gambling and Matt counters with a remark about the church not paying any taxes. Matt introduces Father Farrow to Evelyn and she brings up the history of his ancestors who personally killed witches and burned temples. Evelyn takes Father Farrow's coffee cup and after inspecting it, drops it and faints. Later Father Farrow walks Evelyn to her car and she tells him he is in danger and sensed the presence of Satan in his cup. Father Farrow makes a joke of the matter and walks away. Later, Evelyn calls Father Farrow and tells him, his enemy has arrived and they agree to meet later that night. She is later killed by The Snake.