Kim Perry

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Kim Perry


Kim Perry is a resident of Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. Her father is Matt Perry and her mother is Elizabeth Perry.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Christina Applegate

At a dinner party, Evelyn greets Matt and Kim and Matt tells Kim, Evelyn is a real witch. Elizabeth tells Matt, Mayor Thorpe is boring everyone with a campaign speech and Kim tells Elizabeth this party is better than her last one. Evelyn then explains to Kim how her magic works. After her death, Father Farrow presides over the funeral of Evelyn, which is attended by Sheriff Tatum, Mayor Thorpe, Matt, Elizabeth, Kim and Mrs. Carson. Kim sneaks out of her house and goes to get her cat Bandit. She comes back inside and is grounded for a week by Elizabeth for being out when it is dangerous. At the opening of the racetrack, Kim ignores her grounding and rides her bike to the track opening, but hides in a janitor closet when she sees Matt. She is bitten by a rattlesnake and taken away by Matt. A Female Medic tells Matt, Kim is reacting twice as fast to the snake venom and the Male Medic calls for an an adrenaline shot. Mayor Thorpe tells Matt he is going to tell the people there won't be an opening of the race track, and when Matt tries to stop him, Mayor Thorpe ignores him. Male Medic tells Female Medic, Kim's heartbeat is almost normal and they can transfer her to the hospital.