Joachim Santos

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Joachim Santos


Joachim Esteban Santos is a miner. His sister is Miriam Santos.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 4 Bite of the Jackal played by Rafael Campos

Joachim Santos, Miriam and other villagers confront Stringfellow Hawke and Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, code name Archangel, when they land Airwolf in their village. He and Miriam tell them that they have scared their animals with Airwolf. Hawke asks for their help and Joachim agrees in exchange for payment. Archangel pays them and Miriam offers to help them. Joachim asks Hawke to stay a bit after they finish and then he and Archangel joke with each other. After Hawke and Archangel leave, Joachim, Miriam and the other villagers follow them in their vehicles. They bury dynamite in the ground and then blow them up.