Michael Coldsmith Briggs III

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Michael Coldsmith Briggs III


Michael Coldsmith Briggs III is a Deputy Director of field personnel in the FIRM. His codename is Archangel and he has been with the FIRM since 1964. Michael was a womanizer when he was younger.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 1-2 Shadow of the Hawke played by Alex Cord

Archangel sets up an exhibition for Senator Dietz of Ariwolf. He tells Senator Dietz that Airwolf can exceed the speed of sound and Marella explains how Airwolf works to the Senator. Archangel tells the Senator that the FIRM wants to give control of Airwolf over to the Department of Defense in exchange for the development costs and the first five Airwolves off the production line. After Airwolf successfully passes its tests and after the Senator congratulates Dr. Moffet and crew, Moffet reminds the Senator about Project Proteus and then fires into the control tower, killing Senator Dietz and most of the tower crew. Archangel is injured and loses his left eye and is forced to use a cane. Three months later, Archangel, along with Gabrielle recruits Stringfellow Hawke to reclaim Airwolf. When Angela is killed in Tripoli, Archangel sends Gabrielle in her place. He is on a battleship with Marella and Captain Cameron during Hawke and Dominic's attempt to reclaim Airwolf, during which Airwolf disappears. He then goes to Hawke's cabin and recruits him to do missions for the FIRM. Before leaving, he asks Hawke if Gabrielle suffered before she was killed by Dr. Moffit.

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During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 3 Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella go to Hawke's cabin to recruit him for a mission. They tell him that a military pilot has plans to give a top secret plane over to the Soviets. Archangel shows up at the base that Hawke was sent to and tells him they figured out that Nhi Truong has been trying to get her son into the United States and she is married to Maj. Sam Roper and they believe Roper is the pilot who was going to give the Soviets the plane. Hawke then makes a deal with Archangel, he will give Airwolf to the FIRM if he can try and save the boy, Ho Minh Truong. After Hawke manages to save Ho Minh Truong, Archangel congratulates him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 4 Bite of the Jackal played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Laura Archer are riding in a limousine with Mitchell Bruck on their way to drop him off at the airport. They play a phone call Mitchell had that they recorded and track it to Van Nuys Airport where Dominic has a hangar. They then go to Hawke's cabin and tell him that Mitchell might have downed Dominic's helicopter to catch Hawke in a trap while trying to rescue him. Hawke invites Archangel to fly with him in Airwolf and Archangel agrees to help rescue Dominic. They come across the crash site of Dominic's helicopter, but must retreat when their rotor blade is hit by a rocket. They land on a farm and as they are using an anvil to repair the rotor blade, they are confronted by Joachim Santos, Miriam Santos and other villagers who accuse them of scaring their livestock with Airwolf. Archangel pays Joachim and he and Miriam agree to help them. While Hawke and Joachim are repairing the blade, Archangel and Joachim crack jokes with each other. After they finish, Archangel and Hawke leave in Airwolf. They return to Dominic's crash site and attack the forces there. Airwolf is hit with a leech missile which starts to release a gas and Archangel is forced to use his cane to push it out of the side of Airwolf. They then fly away after Hawke blows up Mitchell's helicopter and they see Dominic in the sky. They return to Hawke's cabin and Archangel and Laura bring Phoebe Danner's father to her.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 5 Proof Through the Night played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella go to Hawke's cabin to recruit him to rescue an agent in the Soviet Union working for the FIRM. He hands Hawke a file of Vladimir Rostoff and when Hawke notices Vladimir has a family that may also need to be rescued, Archangel suggests he go on the mission without armament to save weight. On their way back to FIRM headquarters, Marella asks Archangel if he thinks it is a trap, but Archangel doesn't know. Marella briefs Archangel that there is a surge of KGB chatter in the Ural Mountains area that Hawke was heading to. She then tells him that he has not rendezvoused with the refueling plane. Marella eventually tells Archangel that the mission was a success and they both celebrate. They go to Hawke's cabin and have a meal with Hawke, Dominic, Vladimir and his family Natalya and Tanya Rostoff.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 6 One Way Express played by Alex Cord

Hawke goes to Archangel and asks for his help in stopping Dominic from being able to perform a dangerous stunt. When Archangel finds out Phillip Maurice is involved, he tells Hawke that Phillip has been involved in numerous crimes, but has avoided being directly linked to them. He then asks Hawke to take the job as the stunt pilot to catch Phillip as revenge for Phillip turning over Archangel's agent Sonya who disappeared in East Berlin. Hawke shows Archangel the script which describes the stunt and Archangel tells him he thinks Phillip has a mole in the FIRM. Archangel and Hawke meet with Meryl who gives them details of the movie she learned from Simon Sayes. After Hawke captures Phillip and Vinnie, he contacts Archangel to have them arrested.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 7 Echoes from the Past played by Alex Cord

Archangel is at the location where Domninic's helicopter Hawke was using was found. He asks Charlene if they found any fingerprints and she tells him they are searching now. Dominic arrives and Archangel tells him the helicopter was found completely undamaged and calls Dominic into a building. Marella tells Dominic a group of East German spies were spotted arriving in the United States, and Archangel tells Dominic he thinks Hawke's disappearance is connected. He then asks Dominic to tell him where Airwolf is hidden, but Dominic refuses. When Hawke is rescued, Archangel asks him details on what happened. Hawke introduces him to Susan Hill and when Archangel asks her if she knows where Airwolf is hidden, she tells him she doesn't know, kind of.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 8 Fight Like a Dove played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella go to Hawke's cabin and tell him about Harry "Dove" Lebow and advise him not to help Sarah Lebow. He then admits to Hawke that he has dealings with Helmut Kruger. Archangel and Marella realize Hawke has decided to help Sarah and Marella asks Archangel to warn Hawke. He calls Hawke and tries again to get him to not help Sarah, but Hawke hangs up on him. Archangel flies to Paraguay to Kruger's Estate and tells him Airwolf's scanning frequency. Hawke in Airwolf arrives and then flies off. Archangel and Kruger argue about Airwolf and Kruger threatens to shoot Archangel. Archangel tells him he will talk with Hawke and then takes a jeep out into the country. He meets up with Hawke who then has to fly away after a pair of F-4 Phantoms show up. After destroying the Phantoms, Hawke lands and Archangel tells him, Dominic and Sarah that he sold the Thor weapon system to Kruger so his buyers wouldn't buy from the Russians. He explains how the Thor system has a self destruct system within them, but he doesn't have the device with him. They go to raid Kruger's Estate, but as Archangel parks and tells Sarah to get out, she demands the keys to the jeep. Archangel refuses to give them to her and she shoots him in the earlobe. He then gives her the keys. Back at Hawke's cabin, Hawke, Dominic and Marella ask Archangel how he was shot and Sarah lies and says a sniper shot at them.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 9 Mad Over Miami played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella tell Hawke that Dominic called a distress signal while returning from Florida. Later, Hawke calls Archangel from Sanchez's telephone. Archangel and Marella fly to Sanchez's camp and he tells Hawke that he was training Sanchez and his men to fight communists in Central America. Hawke threatens to tell the newspapers that the FIRM is funding criminals if Archangel doesn't give him three million dollars and he agrees to give Hawke the money. Archangel and Marella meet Hawke at a bar and hand the money over to Dominic and Stella Rivera. After Dominic and Stella return with the prisoners from Cuba, Archangel makes an offer to work with Ivan Rivera.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 10 And They Are Us played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella give Hawke and Dominic a slideshow presentation on Limbawe. Hawke stops them before they can finish and tells them he is not interested in helping them. Archangel then comments that he knows Hawke won't say no and Marella shows Hawke a slide of Colonel Vidor, who was shot down at the same time that Saint John was. When Hawke and Dominic return after accomplishing the mission, Archangel tells Hawke that Vidor lied and didn't know where Saint John is.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 11 Mind of the Machine played by Alex Cord

Hawke gets out of the flight simulator and complains to Dr. Robert Winchester that the controls are loose and he wont be returning for another simulation. Winchester then tells Archangel that he needs both Airwolf and Hawke for the second phase of his experiment to succeed. Back at Hawke's cabin, Archangel and Marella try to convince Hawke to return to the simulation. Archangel tells him that with his help they can train other pilots against Hawke in his prime in the simulation. After a security breach, Archangel tells Winchester and Diana Norris that he is shutting down their program and putting them under house arrest. Later, Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf next to Archangel and Marella's limo and they ask them if they recognize anyone from the photos they show them. Hawke and Dominic then identify Alexi Provov as one of the men they shot at during the security breach and Archangel and Marella tell them Alexi's background. During another security breach, Archangel and Marella drive their limo to the lab and find Winchester shot. He tells them Diana and Alexi stole some tapes with Airwolf's specifications on them and Archangel calls Hawke and asks him for help. Winchester then tells Archangel to tell Hawke to stop using Airwolf's computer and Archangel calls Hawke and tells him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 12 To Snare a Wolf played by Alex Cord

Archangel, radios Hawke and asks him to meet him. Hawke and Dominic land and meet up with Archangel and Marella. Archangel tells Hawke that D.G. Bogard is coming after him and Airwolf. Hawke mentions how others have tried to get Airwolf, but Marella tells him Bogard is both organized and well financed. Archangel then hands Hawke a file with gaps where the satellite Bogard will use to try and find Airwolf wont scan and Marella tells them Archangel is going to be busy answering questions from a Senate Subcommittee. Later and back at Hawke's cabin, Archangel tries to hire Antonia Donatelli, but Dominic tells him Antonia is coming to work for him as his top stunt pilot.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 3 Moffett's Ghost played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Marella are monitoring the radar when they see what appears to be missiles heading towards the United States, and then they disappear. At Hawke's cabin, Marella mentions to Hawke and Dominic if Dr. Burton didn't have to work in secret, he would have won numerous Peace Prizes. Archangel tells Hawke he has to make sure he picks up Dr. Burton, or it would be a propaganda nightmare. Archangel asks him if has had any problems with Airwolf and then tells Hawke, while Marella was monitoring the NORAD map she saw several stray targets. General Gilson stops by Archangel's office and asks him if he is testing a stealth aircraft in NORAD's northern quadrant. Archangel denies testing any aircraft, and General Gilson threatens to shoot any test vehicle out of the sky. Hawke and Dominic show Archangel and Marella, Moffet's video and Archangel tells them Airwolf should be grounded. Marella tells Hawke that the FIRM will try to pick up Dr. Burton, but Hawke refuses. As Hawke and Dominic are leaving, Archangel tells them the computer they requested is outside on a ramp. When Dr. Hanson puts in the floppy disk Marella gave Hawke, a video starts and Archangel tells Dr. Hanson that if she can't fix Airwolf with certainty then she must use a hidden detonation charge to disable Airwolf. At 8000 feet Airwolf levels out and Moffet gives one last message and causes what appear to be Russian bombers to show on NORAD's radar. Archangel calls General Gilson and tells him to disregard the radar notifications and that he is indeed testing a stealth vehicle. Hawke and Dr. Hanson contact Archangel and Marella and tell them the logic bomb has been purged from Airwolf.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 6 Sins of the Past played by Alex Cord

Archangel asks Hawke and Dominic to spy on a Soviet base in the arctic. After Dominic is arrested for the murder of Lila Santini, Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and asks Archangel to give Dominic an alibi, but Archangel tells him he was ordered not to overtly help Dominic. He then offers to help inadvertently, but can't make any promises.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 7 Fallen Angel played by Alex Cord

In Magdenburg, East Germany, Archangel is standing outside leaning on a castle pillar. Dr. Karl Kruger walks up to him and invites him to eat breakfast with him. Archangel is surprised to see Kruger, as he thought he was dead. Archangel asks about Maria Von Furster and Kruger tells him Maria had nothing to do with his capture. Archangel asks Kruger what is the purpose of him still being alive as anything he knows pertaining to the FIRM would be obsolete. Kruger starts to ask Archangel to work with him when Archangel starts to laugh. Vladimir Kinskov walks into the area and asks what is so funny and then criticizes Kruger for Archangel's treatment. Later, Olga gets a vial of the drug Titum 1221 and Kruger tells her to give Archangel 50cc's more of the drug. Archangel starts to shake and when Olga pauses, Kruger orders her again to give Archangel 50. Olga and two other nurses get Archangel out of his torture tub and Maria and Hawke walk into the room and grab Archangel, who is happy to see Maria. Hawke and Maria help Archangel get in Airwolf, but Maria is shot by Kruger. Airwolf then flies off. At FIRM headquarters, Archangel and the others, including Marella walk into a meeting with the committee. Zeus welcomes him back and thanks Caitlin O'Shannessy, Dominic and Hawke for rescuing Archangel. He then says Marella will have to be suspended until a review board can determine if she is capable of following orders. Dominic argues with Zeus and Archangel demands his staff back. When Zeus refuses Archangel's demand, Archangel pulls out a gun and fires at Zeus. Archangel returns to the castle in Airwolf and Kruger runs back to the lab area and sees Archangel taking the Titum 1221 drug vials. Archangel then tells Kruger that Hawke figured out their plan and put blanks in his gun. Hawke starts to walk into the room with the drug notes and when Kruger points a gun at him, Archangel shoots and kills Kruger. Maria walks up and threatens to kill Archangel, and demands the notes and vials. Archangel puts his gun away and as Maria goes to shoot him anyway, Hawke shoots and kills her. Hawke and Archangel get into Airwolf and they fly away. They shoot down two MiG's and Archangel realizes that Maria was working with Kruger to set him up. Dominic wants to go get beer and bratwurst and when Caitlin suggests they can discuss their next mission, Dominic, Hawke and Archangel act like Airwolf doesn't exist.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 8 HX1 played by Alex Cord

Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf out to search for the HX1 on orders of Archangel. Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and tells Archangel he thinks the FIRM has HX1 and thinks Saint John is working with the FIRM. Archangel denies it and threatens to have whoever stole the HX1 shot out of the sky.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 10 Once a Hero played by Alex Cord

Hawke and Tommy Liu go into a bar, where Archangel is sitting at a table and Loo is standing next to him. Loo demands two thousand dollars and after Hawke pays him, Loo hands him an envelope with photographs, including one that appears to show Saint John. Archangel tells Hawke that the prison camp is run by a warlord in Laos. Hawke thanks Archangel and Tommy warns Hawke that Laos is heavily armed.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 12 Condemned played by Alex Cord

Archangel, gives Hawke a briefing on a viral outbreak in Afghanistan that escaped from a Soviet lab. He tells Hawke a sample was recovered and brought to a World War II bunker in the Aleutian Islands that was turned into a lab. He hands Hawke a tape player and tells him they haven't heard from the lab in 72 hours and the team of four that the FIRM sent haven't returned. Hawke tells Archangel that Dominic won't be back for a couple of weeks.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 14 Inn at the End of the Road played by Alex Cord

Archangel, gives a briefing about LOKI to Hawke and Dominic and tells them that terrorists using LOKI could strike anywhere in the world using any type of aircraft. He tells them the getaway vehicle was seen entering the Hallinan National Forest at Ranger Station 47. Later, Archangel asks for Hawke and Dominic's status and they tell them they haven't found anything yet. Hawke and Dominic tell Archangel they have located LOKI and Archangel tells Hawke that the thieves match the description of paid assassins from Europe. He tells them he thinks the assassins might be trying to kill Killebrew.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 15 Santini's Millions played by Alex Cord

Senator Younger questions Archangel, and tells him the House Oversight Committee has notified the Senate about payments to Santini Air. Archangel explains the FIRMS relationship with Hawke and Dominic and then walks out of the meeting. Senator Younger calls Archangel and brings up the report of Dominic and the super helicopter which came out during Carl Barron's wedding and tells Archangel he better have a good reason why Dominic was using Airwolf. Archangel goes to Santini Air and demands to know why Dominic picked up Carl. Later, Clark returns to Barron Technology Services and tells reporters he changed his mind about being alone and Margo Brewster will be running the company. Reporter asks again about reports of a super helicopter and Clark tells him after his crash he was delirious and there was no super helicopter, which gets a thumbs up from Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 17 Natural Born played by Alex Cord

Kevin tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin about the murder of Chester Hansen and they contact Archangel, who tells them that Blue Stone Flying Service is the only aircraft company in the area to use the particular helicopters.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 20 Severance Pay played by Alex Cord

Hawke is told by Archangel and Marella that Larry Mason set off a bomb and requested he be present when he speaks with Archangel. Arthur Barnes walks into the office and Larry calls and demands the bonus check he and Joe Kline deserve or he will reveal information to the press. Arthur tells Larry he will personally check into his grievance if Larry turns himself in, but Larry demands his money. After the call, Archangel tells Hawke, Larry and Joe failed to sign paperwork changing their status when OSI was absorbed by the FIRM. Hawke demands some time to bring in Larry and later, Archangel asks First Member Zeus permission to allow Hawke time to bring in Larry, and Zeus gives him 48 hours. Arthur tells Archangel about the report on Airwolf, Larry gave him and suggests the mole might be Henderson. Marella walks in and turns on the television and, her, Archangel, Hawke and Arthur watch a report by Carling about the mercenaries. Arthur and Archangel decide Larry has to be dealt with. The FIRM committee has a meeting and Zeus, Arthur and most of the committee vote to eliminate Larry, while Archangel dissents and walks out with Marella. Hawke meets with Marella and Archangel and they tell him more agents have been killed. Arthur walks in and Hawke shows them the transcripts and notes the differences in how they were written. Gopher walks up with a phone and gives it to Hawke and Larry is told to go to Los Hermanos airstrip in Mexico. Archangel and Marella pick up Larry and are flying him back to the FIRM when a plane starts to fire at them. Hawke and Dominic in Airwolf shoot down the plane. The FIRM committee holds another meeting and Zeus tells Arthur plane wreckage was found along the Gulf and they suspect Archangel, Marella and Larry are dead. Zeus commends Arthur for catching and killing Henderson, but then asks Arthur why a pilot was hired by a Soviet agent in Mexico. Archangel and the others walk in and Arthur is taken away to be killed. Marella and Archangel tell Larry that he and Joe's wife will be getting the bonus he and Joe earned and Larry is flown to Mexico in Airwolf.

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During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 22 Short Walk to Freedom played by Alex Cord

After Cailtin and students are captured by guerrillas, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic about Colonel Arturo Alazar, who he thinks may be backed by a larger organization. Later, he tells Caitlin Marella is on her way with a plane and a group of MiGs are headed their way.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 1 The Horn of Plenty played by Alex Cord

After Hawke is kidnapped, Dominic and Caitlin arrive at G. Van Dorian GVD Fine Jewelry with Archangel, but find the building for lease. They call the phone number on the for lease sign and hear a recording warning not to do things their way anymore or Hawke will be killed. Archangel tells Dominic the FIRM isn't going to let them give Airwolf to the kidnappers. Caitlin tells Archangel she can fly Airwolf, which makes him upset. Archangel gives Dominic 48 hours to get Hawke out and then the FIRM is going to attack the kidnapper's base.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 2 Airwolf II played by Alex Cord

At the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year presentation, Archangel walks into the room with Amanda and motions for Hawke to come over and demands to knew where he was the night before. Archangel tells Hawke a military train was hijacked by a Santini helicopter and 50 gallons of jet fuel were stolen along with missiles. Hawke denies that he, Dominic or Caitlin had anything to do with the hijack. Amanda plays a tape of the hijack which shows what appears to be a Santini helicopter. Archangel and Amanda arrive at an airfield and Archangel is escorted around by the Supervisor and as Archangel is walking into a building, Harlan Jenkins stops to talk with him. Harlan gets upset when Archangel gets his name wrong and tells Archangel, the next time he sees him, he will know exactly who he is. Archangel has a meeting with the Committee of the FIRM including Zeus, Bingham and The Admiral. Zeus accuses Archangel of sharing his loyalty to both Hawke and the FIRM. Zeus tells Archangel the Committee has voted and all but The Admiral have decided to suspend Archangel from the FIRM. Archangel tells Zeus without him there is no Airwolf, and Zeus smirks and says they no longer need Airwolf and a window opens up in the room. Zeus then motions towards the window to Airwolf II, which Harlan is flying. Hawke and Dominic find Archangel playing on a polo field and Archangel apologizes to Hawke and Dominic. He then tells them there is an Airwolf II. Archangel tries to call Zeus and tells the person on the other end, someone may be trying to steal Airwolf II. He tells Hawke and Dominic, Harlan is the pilot for Airwolf II. They arrive as Harlan is leaving and Harlan challenges Hawke to a duel, Airwolf versus Airwolf II. Archangel is forcibly brought before Zeus, The Admiral and Bingham. Zeus tells Archangel about the theft of Airwolf II by Harlan and Bingham asks Archangel for his or Hawke's help in retrieving Airwolf II or shooting it down. Archangel demands access to NDC computer files, the Airwolf budget doubled, full international classification and for Zeus to leave him alone. Hawke and Archangel arrive at Santini Air around the same time and find Caitlin missing and a letter telling them they have Caitlin. Hawke contacts Dominic and tells him Caitlin has been kidnapped and taken to El Dorado Canyon. They sneak onto Alonzo de Lomo's base and get into a fight with Alonzo's men. Alonzo points a gun at Caitlin and has a stand off with Hawke and Archangel. Alonzo surrenders and Hawke and Harlan duel in the sky. Afterwards at Hawkes cabin, The Admiral makes makes roast pig for Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel, Amanda and Brunette and they all toast him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 3 And a Child Shall Lead played by Alex Cord

After Robert Phelps is kidnapped, Archangel, Hawke and Dominic go to Robert's home and find out it was bugged with audio devices. Denise hands Archangel a file on Robert and Archangel reads it to Hawke and Dominic. Clinton Maxwell calls Archangel and tells him they will exchange $300,000 for Robert. Archangel tells Bobby Phelps, Robert will be back by tomorrow and then tells Hawke, Maxwell said Robert collapsed. After Bobby is kidnapped, Archangel tells Hawke to contact all the nearby medical supply stores to see if anyone made any recent purchases for heart monitors. After Robert and Bobby are both rescued, and back at Robert's house, Archangel offers to have the FIRM guard him the next time he is working on a sensitive project. Robert tells everyone he is going to take Bobby to Camp Crystal Lake.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 4 Fortune Teller played by Alex Cord

Archangel is waiting in a jeep in Crazy Horse Flats for Dominic and Hawke to arrive in Airwolf to pick him up. He is kidnapped and taken to a castle like structure in the desert, and brought before Stoner. Archangel recognizes Gurvovich, who is also in the room. He is put into a room and brought out of a coma and then sleep deprived while bright lights shine on his face. Archangel continues to be tortured as Roberts watches in shock. He cracks and provides the last piece of information to make Fortune Teller work. As Stoner is about to shoot Archangel, the Zebra Squad is picked up on his castle's radar. As Henchman 2 is about to shoot Archangel, Hawke shoots Henchman 2 in the head. Stoner flies off as Hawke and Archangel are picked up by Dominic in Airwolf. Hawke chases after Stoner, who is able to control his jet with his mind, and shoots him down. Later, Archangel yells at Dublin for almost having him killed and makes Dublin put his jacket on him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 5 Crossover played by Alex Cord

As Dominic and Caitlin are about to leave in a helicopter, Archangel drives up and tells them something went wrong on Hawke's mission and Marlene tells them the vehicle assigned to Hawke was found 30 feet underwater and they found Victor's body. Archangel then tells them he thinks Hawke is dead due to the evidence. At a military base after Hawke returns with Inge Janek, Archangel and Huffman argue about Hawke not bringing Inge in immediately. Archangel blames Huffman for the mission going bad and brings up Huffman's bad judgement and lack of support he provided to Hawke. Hawke and Inge start to drive up to the base gate, but stop. Archangel and Huffman walk up to the vehicle and Hawke tells them Inge is having second thoughts. Huffman demands Hawke drive Inge into the base and Hawke threatens him. Hawke then drives away and when Huffman sends his men to stop Hawke, Archangel has Marlene drive their limo to block them. Huffman threatens Archangel and says he is going to ruin Archangel's career, but Archangel ignores the threat. Later, Archangel lands in a helicopter at Hawke's cabin and is upset with Hawke for not contacting him in the past five days. As Archangel is walking away, Hawke notices dust on Archangel's shoulder, and Archangel realizes Huffman must have put surveillance dust on him. He tells Hawke to take Inge somewhere else while he gets back into his helicopter and flies away to lead off Huffman. Hawke goes to Archangel's office and asks for access to his computer to look up Garrett Colson. Marlene turns on the computer and Hawke types in Garrett's name, but the response is coded. He asks Archangel to decode the information and Archangel tells him Garrett is a KGB agent. At Santini Air, Archangel picks up Inge who agrees to cooperate and she hugs Hawke before leaving with Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 6 Kingdom Come played by Alex Cord

The day after nuclear detonators are stolen, Archangel questions Ken Sawyer about the incident and suggests it was an inside job. Archangel then tells Sawyer, the FIRM will be taking over the investigation. Lydia tells Archangel, Hawke and Dominic will arrive shortly. They arrive and Archangel informs Hawke and Dominic about what happened the night before and asks them to use Airwolf to scan for high levels of radiation. Hawke and Dominic find a Santini Air helicopter and they tell Archangel someone kidnapped Caitlin. Archangel tells Lydia to contact the governor to deploy the National Guard to help look for the detonators while Hawke and Dominic search for Caitlin. Sawyer calls Archangel and tells Hawke he has Caitlin and orders him to bring Airwolf to him. Lydia radios Dominic and then gets Archangel and tells him only Dominic can hear their conversation and they can hear Dominic's response using a text for speech program. Archangel tells Dominic they located the ship where they think Caitlin might be and it is booby trapped. Babe is brought in to help disable the booby traps. Hansen goes with Archangel and Babe as Babe starts to disarm the booby traps. Archangel and Babe get to the door of the room Caitlin is locked inside. Babe manages to get into the room with Caitlin using a credit card to move the bomb against the door. When they get inside, Babe sees the bomb strapped to Caitlin ticking and tells Archangel his real name. Babe removes the bomb from Caitlin and Archangel tells her everything will be alright. After destroying the plane with the detonators, Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf and Archangel walks Caitlin to them and she hugs Dominic and Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 7 Eagles played by Alex Cord

Hawke calls Archangel and tells him about the data Roan Carver has on the X-400.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 8 Annie Oakley played by Alex Cord

At Hawke's cabin, Hawke and Kiki are getting ready to leave for Oahu. As they are about to leave, Archangel shows up in a helicopter. Hawke asks Kiki to wait outside and Archangel tells him about the stolen Mongoose. He tells him Slade offered to give up Karl's name in exchange for 1 million dollars. Archangel tells Hawke he is to go to Silver City to pretend to be a stunt man in order to meet with Slade. Later, Hawke tells Archangel, Slade is dead and, Archangel tells him he has a feeling the Mongoose is nearby. After Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin hunt down Karl, Archangel's helicopter lands nearby and Hawke tells him about the destruction of the Mongoose and Archangel in turn gives Hawke a note from Kiki with one word on it, Aloha, which she handed to Archangel as she was with an attractive man.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 10 The Deadly Circle played by Alex Cord

Archangel, and Francesca arrive at Santini Air and he tells Hawke about Jimmy Oshiro, Ralph and Ray's families being kidnapped. Archangel brings up that they all have a connection from Vietnam and they still keep in touch. Archangel then warns him that if Hawke had a family, they might be at risk of being kidnapped also. After Dominic and Caitlin are kidnapped, Hawke and Archangel go to Santini Air and Archangel tells Hawke he thinks the kidnappings may be retaliatory for something and he is going to hold a meeting with Hawke, Jimmy, Ralph and Ray at Hawke's cabin. At the meeting, Archangel plays a video the hostage takers sent with the kidnapped families. Archangel asks them to think of something from their past that might explain things and insinuates it may be something they don't like to think about. Hawke calls Archangel and tells him what Tran told him. Francesca pulls up the list of helicopter pilots that were on the mission Code Named 108 and it includes Hawke's name on the roster. Hawke asks what the mission was about and Francesca pulls up information stating it was believed to have been infiltrated by the Viet Cong and during the mission, multiple innocent villagers were killed. A list of survivors comes onscreen and Hawke recognizes three of the names. Hawke, Archangel and Francesca go to Tran's car dealership and find Lia dead in an elevator. While Hawke and Archangel are searching Tran's office, Hawke sees a large blown up photo of Quang Tho after it was destroyed and realizes the anniversary of its destruction is in two hours. They look at a map showing Tran's large property in the Los Osos Canyon. They get into Airwolf and head towards Los Osos Canyon. Hawke and Archangel arrive at a camp in Airwolf. Two helicopters fly over a hill and Hawke flies to stop them from killing everyone. The helicopters start firing at Dominic who drives towards a group of tall trees concealing the road. Hawke shoots down the first helicopter with Art inside of it, while Tran and Dao fire another missile at the van, causing it to crash. Hawke then shoots down the helicopter with Tran and Dao Van Lat inside of it. He lands Airwolf and helps Dominic out of the van wreckage.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 11 Where Have All the Children Gone? played by Alex Cord

Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin and Archangel are at the funeral for Hawke's friend John Fargo. Hawke is given the U.S. flag and John's Congressional Medal of Honor to give to John's brother, Fargo. Dominic contacts Archangel and Hawke tells him Fargo has a plan to blow up the world. Hawke and Dominic meet up with Archangel and Caitlin and Dominic sees a jet has been launched. A van pulls up and Sullivan runs to Archangel and asks him for his orders. Archangel tells Sullivan to take his troops and take over Fargo's computer room. Sullivan and his troops capture Fargo, but Sabrina Cooke launches the missile. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf to try and stop the missile. Hawke and Dominic are able to catch up with the missile cluster in time and shoot them down.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 12 Half-Pint played by Alex Cord

While Hawke and Dominic are searching for a Soviet submarine in American waters, they tell Archangel that the submarine has left and he tells them to return to base so he can tell Hawke about news concerning Saint John. In Archangel's limo, Archangel gives Hawke a report that he says he and Samantha checked, which includes a photo of a young boy. They drive to Hughes Junior High and Hawke meets a Teacher. Hawke goes to Archangel's office and Samantha brings up Saint John's profile which lists him as missing in action. Hawke angrily insists that Darren McBride served with Saint John and saw him die in an explosion, but Archangel thinks Darren might be lying. Hawke tells Samantha to bring Darren's profile on the screen and she waits until Archangel tell her to bring it up. Darren's profile includes numerous commendations, but Archangel brings up there is no record of Darren serving in any secret units. Before walking out of the room, Hawke threatens that if Archangel doesn't start working with him then there will be changes. Archangel asks Samantha for everything on Darren and she hands him a file. Hawke, Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin have a meeting and Hawke tells them he is going to adopt Le Van Hawke and is going to start living a quiet life. He asks Archangel to find Saint John's remains. Hawke and Dominic sneak onto the base the caskets arrived at and find Saint John's casket. Archangel, Samantha and a group of military personnel walk into the warehouse and as they open the casket they find it full of drugs. Later, at his office, Archangel tells Hawke the two that died with Glen Carson were Airmen and Carson was indeed in the hospital with Saint John in 1973. Minh Van McBride walks in and tells Hawke, Darren made her do it in order to get into the United States. She tells him she doesn't know if Le is Saint John's, but she was with an American. Le asks Hawke if he will still love him if he is not his nephew and Hawke tells him he will always love him and hugs him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 14 Discovery played by Alex Cord

Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf into a hurricane near the Virgin Islands to collect data for Archangel. Later, Dominic and Caitlin meet with Archangel and Hawke at a FIRM secret location disguised as a barn, where Alma Grace Harrison is being treated. Caitlin asks how Grace is and Archangel tells her, Grace will be fine. Samantha scans Grace's hand and Archangel walks into Grace's recovery room. Archangel questions Grace and she lies to him and says she was taking photographs and was shot by a motorcycle gang. Archangel walks outside the room and tells Hawke, and the others he doesn't think Grace is a spy and Hawke wonders why someone shot Grace. After dropping her off at the hotel, Hawke tells Archangel he lost Grace and Dominic suggests they move Airwolf. Archangel and the others listen in using a remote hearing device as Quist threatens to shoot Grace, but then offers to help explain things to John Bradford Horn. Archangel realizes if Horn steals Airwolf, then he can take over an island country. Grace is brought back to the FIRM lair in the barn and Archangel questions her again and she lies again. Archangel tells her she must help them capture Horn and she agrees to it. Grace is dropped off and is watched by a FIRM helicopter, but she disappears. A tracking beacon alerts Caitlin and Samantha to where Airwolf is being taken and Sullivan tells Archangel that the Zebra Squad is ready and Archangel tells Caitlin and Samantha it is time to go. Archangel contacts Hawke and Dominic and tells them Airwolf is being taken to the harbor in San Pedro, California. Hawke and Dominic are picked up by Samantha in a limo and they travel to the harbor with Archangel and Caitlin. As Horn's 3 Man is about to shoot Grace and Quist, the Zebra Squad arrive along with Hawke and the others. A firefight erupts and Quist is shot dead and Grace is shot by Horn's 3 Man. Horn escapes in his helicopter with Horn's 3 Man and Horn's 4 Man and Sullivan and the Zebra Squad defeat Horn's men.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 15 Day of Jeopardy played by Alex Cord

Tess Dixon is brought to shore by a rubber boat and is met by Archangel and Vivian. Both Hawke and Dominic are also on the beach. Archangel tells Hawke that a congressional committee has been formed to hear testimony from Tess. He continues that Hawke and Dominic's mission is to fly Tess to an undisclosed location whose coordinates will be sent to Airwolf's onboard computer. Vivian then gives Tess a suitcase full of clothes. Hawke contacts Archangel and reports helicopters attacked them and what Tess told him. Hawke tells Archangel there is a leak in the FIRM and they will be flying on their own flight plan until Archangel finds out who the mole is. Archangel tells Vivian to start questioning the ground crew providing Airwolf with the flight plan. Archangel contacts Hawke and tells him they think they have found the mole, Peters and assures him they are safe to again put Airwolf in the FIRM's control. Peters tells Vivian he is innocent, but she tells him all the evidence points to him. He insists he is innocent and has been setup and reminds Vivian that the flight plan was sent to him from headquarters. Archangel and Vivian arrive at the congressional meeting at about the same time as Airwolf lands. As everyone is walking to the meeting, Hawke senses something is wrong and as Vivian is about to shoot Tess, he shoots her first. Tess testifies in front of Committee Chairperson, Kase and the rest of the committee. Kase shoots and kills himself in front of the committee and later Dominic and Hawke explain to Archangel they figured out Vivian was the mole when Dominic was able to track a listening device she was wearing. Archangel tells them the Mexican government arrested Cullen Dixon, Businessman 1 and Businessman 2. Dominic tells him, Tess promised to name the child Stringfellow if it is a boy or Dominique if it is a girl.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 17 Desperate Monday played by Alex Cord

During the hostage situation, Sergeant Colvetti asks Clay if the landline is set up and then briefs Archangel on the situation and Archangel briefs him on Barbara Scarelli's father. Hawke and Dominic arrive and tell Archangel that Caitlin is on the ship. Archangel asks Hawke and Dominic to get him a layout of the Queen Mary after he is given charge of the operation. Clay tells Archangel and Colvetti that Robert Hollis is calling. Archangel answers the phone, but Robert hangs up the phone when Archangel tells him his demands will take time. After the call, Archangel asks Dominic and Hawke to bring Airwolf. Sullivan and the Zebra Squad arrive and they race onto the ship. Dominic flies towards the ship in Airwolf, while Hawke flies in on another helicopter to fulfill Robert's demand. Joseph Scarelli arrives at the Queen Mary and Archangel goes to talk to him. Hawke lands his helicopter and Robert talks with Hawke and Hawke convinces him he isn't a threat as Archangel tells Robert that they are playing by Robert's rules. The hostages are brought out of the ship and most of them are released by J.J. Hollis and Zach Daks except for Alicia Kincaid, Caitlin, Barbara and Ellie Camlane.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 18 Hawke's Run played by Alex Cord

Hawke calls Archangel and asks him why the FIRM killed Jerry Karston. Archangel denies any knowledge of the hit and Zeus, who is standing nearby, picks up the phone and listens in to their conversation. Zeus orders Hawke to come in for a debriefing, and when Hawke refuses, Zeus tells Archangel he is sending a team after Hawke. Hawke makes another phone call to Archangel. Archangel tells Hawke, Zeus has people looking for him and doesn't know why Jerry was killed. Archangel, along with Rhonda, wait for Hawke and Archangel shows Hawke some photos. Hawke identifies Victor Resnick and Archangel tells him, Victor disappeared in East Berlin six months ago. Archangel reveals to Hawke that Jerry was a double agent and had promised the FIRM schematics. A FIRM helicopter comes over the horizon and starts shooting at Hawke and Archangel and Archangel tells Rhonda to drive away after calling the incident in while he leaves with Hawke. The helicopter continues to shoot at Hawke and Archangel and Hawke flies into a tunnel, while the other helicopter crashes into the side of a mountain. At the art gallery, Hawke turns and looks at Caitlin, who is in disguise along with Archangel. Marilyn walks towards Hawke, along with Victor, Edwards and another agent. Marilyn tells Hawke all they want is his raffle ticket. Victor asks Hawke for the ticket for his and Marilyn's life, but Hawke runs away with Marilyn. The Zebra Squad arrives with Sullivan and they kill two of the agents, but Victor and Edwards get away in a helicopter. Dominic lands in Airwolf and Hawke and Marilyn get inside. Victor contacts a ship for retrieval, but Hawke is able to shoot Victor and Edwards' helicopter out of the sky. Archangel congratulates Marilyn for helping Hawke and she shows him all of the raffle tickets she took from the art show.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 19 Break-In at Santa Paula played by Alex Cord

Eleanor tells Hawke that Archangel told her the FIRM can help get rid of Terry Haines' conviction.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 20 The Girl Who Fell From the Sky played by Alex Cord

Archangel and Lydia go to the spa Hawke is staying at and Hawke gives Archangel, Dawn Jenene Harrison's fingerprints and the drugs he found. Hawke, Dawn, Dominic and Caitlin go to Archangel's office and Archangel and Lydia tell them, Dawn has an arrest record for prostitution. Hawke thinks the information is wrong and Dawn agrees to go through a procedure that may cure her amnesia. Dr. Johnson conducts the procedure and afterwards tells Archangel and Hawke Dawn's real name and her job with the Commerce Department. He also tells them about Dawn's affair with Senator Steven Houston. Dominic gets Airwolf while Archangel, Hawke, Caitlin, Dawn and Lydia go to Rossair. Archangel walks into Weldon Rossiter's office and Caitlin, Hawke and Dawn walk in after him. Archangel tells Rossiter and Houston about the charges they are about to face and Rossiter calls in Steele and Guard/Phillips. Guard/Phillips holds Archangel and the others at gunpoint while Rossiter and Steele get away. Caitlin distracts Guard/Phillips and Hawke punches him unconscious. Archangel calls the Zebra Squad who get into a shoot out with Rossiter's men.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 22 Birds of Paradise played by Alex Cord

Hawke, Dominic and Caitling go to speak with Archangel and Marlene pulls up Minh Van Mcbride's information on the computer. Archangel can't provide any information on Minh and Hawke insists on doing more. Hawke finds a piece of paper in Minh;s house and calls Archangel and asks him to check on some phone numbers. Hawke goes back to speak with Archangel and Marlene brings up Kincaid's bio. Marlene then brings up the bio of Isela Arragon. Archangel has Marlene bring up more information on Kincaid and they find out that he is a sponsor of numerous female refugees. One of the refugees listed is Le's mom. The next day, Dominic tells Archangel and Hawke that he heard from other people at the airport that Kincaid's helicopter is heavily modified. Caitlin comes back from an audition on one of Kincaid's movies and the only part of the role involved getting naked. Archangel gets Hawke and Le new clothes to blend in with Kincaid's crowd. 2nd Bartender gives Kincaid the phone and tells him Bartlett has called. Archangel uses a voice distorter to mimic Bartlett's voice and confirms who Hawke is.

Hawke takes Kincaid out on Airwolf. He then has a lunch meeting with Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel and Le and tells them about the flight he is going on with Kincaid. At the meeting site, Vargas and Vargas Bodyguard 2 try to drive off, but Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin arrive and Archangel shoots out Vargas' tires. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and they fly after Kincaid and Isela who escaped in Kincaid's helicopter. They catch up to them and shoot Kincaid and Isela out of the sky. At the FIRM headquarters, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that the police confirmed Minh's death. Le walks into the office with Caitlin and Marlene and Hawke tells Le that he will come to live with him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack

Jason Locke tells Hawke that Archangel was reassigned to the Far East.