Robert Golding

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Robert Golding


Robert Golding is a ship's boy on the HMS Terror in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 1 Go for Broke played by Mikey Collins

At the crew dinner, William Strong is eating with Cornelius Hickey, Thomas Evans, Golding, and David Young. Hickey and the others argue what rank the ship's dog, Neptune has. Young starts to cough up blood and Golding calls for a doctor, but eventually dies. John Franklin gives a speech to the crew about how they will soon accomplish their journey. Six days later, both ships are stuck in the ice and the next morning they wake up to be surrounded by continuous ice.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 4 Punishment, as a Boy played by Mikey Collins

November, 1847, afterPvt. William Heather is attacked, Francis Crozier tells Lt. Edward Little the Tuunbaq has made it onto the ship and Golding reports that the Tuunbaq has dragged Strong away. Later, Hickey returns with Lady Silence and a fight breaks out when Golding wants to murder her, while Thomas Hartnell wants her to be questioned. Crozier walks into the deck and fires his gun into the air and orders everyone on their knees. He demands to know who is responsible for bringing Lady Silence on board and Hickey takes the blame, as do Hartnell and Magnus Manson.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 7 Horrible from Supper played by Mikey Collins

April 22, 1848, Manson asks William Gibson if he thinks the first land camp is up. Thomas Armitage tells Golding they would know by now if there had been a Tuunbaq attack on the first group. Hickey seems unconcerned about the Tuunbaq, which elicits a comment out of Sgt. Solomon Tozer. Gibson has the idea to abandon the others and to leave on their own, which he tells to Hickey, Golding, Tozer and Armitage. He also thinks they should see if others would like to join them in their desertion.

Lt. John Irving gives the word, and the group starts their march through the Arctic. The crew meet up with Lt. Edward Little's group, who have already set up camp. During the night, John Morfin collapses and asks Henry Goodsir to kill him. The rest of the camp wakes up and Morfin takes the rifle from Pvt. William Pilkington and points it at Crozier. James Fitzjames orders Morfin to lower his weapon and Morfin shoots towards him before being shot dead by Tozer.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 9 The C, the C, the Open C played by Mikey Collins

The next day after the Tuunbaq attack on the camp, Golding and Hartnell are looking at a headless body and Golding tells Hartnell that he was trying to see if he could recognize who the body belonged to. Thomas Blanky walks up to them and tells them the body belongs to Mr. Honey, a carpenter. Golding tells Crozier, Little and Blanky that he saw the Tuunbaq and it is tracking them. Later, Golding tells Crozier and Little that he saw open water nearby. Crozier goes with a group consisting of Little, Hartnell, and Golding to scout the supposed open water and are ambushed by Tozer, Manson and Des Voeux. Des Vouex shoots Hartnell and Crozier tells a dying Hartnell he did a good job.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 10 We Are Gone played by Mikey Collins

Crozier is brought to Hickey's camp by gunpoint by Armitage. In the evening, the camp is woken up by Hickey and Crozier is brought outside where he sees the butchered body of Goodsir. Crozier is forced to eat a piece of Goodsir and cuts a piece off of Goodsir's foot and the rest of the camp eat. Hickey gets up and hits Tozer in the head with the buttstock of a rifle, knocking him unconscious. Hickey's camp pull a boat across the land until Hickey orders them to stop and has Pilkington fire his rifle into the air to attract the Tuunbaq. As Hickey tells his group his plan, some members start to get sick and vomit. He tells them that he can't go back and killed the original Hickey. Pilkington yells out that the Tuunbaq is coming and Crozier tells the group that it will go after those that are running first. Tozer starts to make a battle plan as Hickey rambles about gods and empires. Edmund Hoar runs away and as Armitage is about to shoot Hickey, Manson shoots him dead. The Tuunbaq kills Pilkington, Diggle, Hodgson, and then Golding.