Henry Goodsir

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Henry Goodsir


Henry Goodsir is the assistant surgeon on the HMS Erebus in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy. He is an anatomist.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 1 Go for Broke played by Paul Ready

After he starts vomiting blood, David Young asks Goodsir not to perform an autopsy on him, but Goodsir can't promise him anything. Goodsir tries to comfort Young as he is dying and Young asks Goodsir to have his ring delivered to his sister. Young screams out that the Shaman wants them to run and then dies. Goodsir tells Dr. Stanley about Young passing and what he was screaming about and Dr. Stanley tells him to do an autopsy in the morning. Later, Goodsir performs an autopsy on Young, but forgets to recover his ring.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 2 Gore played by Paul Ready

Spring, 1847, Lt. Graham Gore's group, consisting of Goodsir, Thomas Hartnell, John Morfin, Charles Des Voeux, Henry Peglar, Charles Best and Sgt. Daniel Bryant, heads towards King William Island. Goodsir mentions that Dr. MacDonald lent him his journal about his experience meeting a group of Inuk. Gore's group makes it to the edge of the ice shelf. They leave their boat behind and climb over the ice shelf onto King William Island. They walk to the cairn of Sir James Ross and Gore leaves a message behind indicating they are doing well. Gore and Bryant go towards the second cairn while the rest of the group retrieve the boat. Goodsir and the others return to the boat and find it overturned and their supplies scattered. Des Voeux thinks a bear did it, and Goodsir worries there might be more than one. Gore's group is forced inside their tents when they are bombarded by large hail. While they are huddled in their tents, they hear a creature roar. Bryant tells the others, he and Gore were being tracked by a bear. He tells everyone to grab a rifle and when he sees a shadow, shoots at it, hitting a Shaman. Goodsir is called over and finds Lady Silence crying over the wounded Shaman. She starts to say something and worriedly looks around. The others run towards the wounded Shaman, leaving Gore behind. As Goodsir watches, the Tuunbaq charges at Gore and kills him.

The Shaman is brought onto the Erebus where Dr. Stanley refuses to operate on him. Goodsir offers to continue working on the Shaman and John Franklin agrees to it. Lady Silence tries to stop Goodsir until Francis Crozier explains to her what is happening. Goodsir tells Crozier that he can't safely remove the bullet and Crozier tells Lady Silence what Goodsir told him. She walks over to Shaman who asks her to try and control Tuunbaq and then dies. Franklin walks in and orders Lady Silence off the ship and after Crozier asks if she can board the Terror, tells him he is to stay on the Erebus until they figure out what happened to Gore. Goodsir is questioned about what happened to Gore and he tells them that it seemed Tuunbaq had tracked them back to the ship. Crozier asks if they found any leads and is told by Goodsir, Gore thought the ice seemed thicker and then tells Franklin, the Shaman had no tongue.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 3 The Ladder played by Paul Ready

June, 1847, John Weekes finds ivory totems in the Shaman's robe and Goodsir tells him to put them back in with the Shaman. Des Voeux is in charge of discarding the Shaman's body and Goodsir is troubled when he finds out the Shaman is going to be dropped into a fire hole in the ice. Franklin, along with Goodsir, walks to the men stationed at the hunting blind, consisting of Bryant, Pvt. William Heather and Sgt. Solomon Tozer. He asks them what bait they are using and they tell him rats. Goodsir takes a photo of Franklin with the men at the blind. Franklin is invited by Tozer and Heather to wait in the blind with them and Bryant is suddenly grabbed and killed by the Tuunbaq.

The rest of the men in the blind start shooting and Franklin starts to stumble away in shock. Franklin starts calling out for the Erebus and as James Fitzjames and Des Voeux go out to save him, Franklin is grabbed by the Tuunbaq, chewed in half, and dropped into the fire pit with the Shaman. Franklin's remaining leg is brought back to the ship and put inside a coffin by Goodsir. Crozier gives the speech written by Franklin for Gore's eulogy. Crozier finishes the speech and Tozer initiates the 21 gun salute.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 4 Punishment, as a Boy played by Paul Ready

November, 1847, Goodsir looks at the photo he took of Franklin at the hunting blind and of the wounds of Gore and Bryant. After he is attacked by the Tuunbaq, Dr. Stanley examines Heather and tells Dr. MacDonald, Heather's health is not failing. Goodsir stays to watch and learn as MacDonald works on Heather. Morfin tells Dr. Stanley that he is suffering from headaches. Fitzjames tells Dr. Stanley that Lady Silence will be staying on the Erebus and Dr. Stanley has Goodsir take over care of Lady Silence. Before releasing Morfin, Goodsir notices his gums have turned black. Goodsir finds Des Voeux guarding Lady Silence's room and then brings her dinner and tries to communicate with her.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 5 First Shot a Winner, Lads played by Paul Ready

Lt. Edward Little walks to where Lady Silence is being kept and finds trinkets sitting outside her room and John Gregory tells him, the trinkets are removed every morning, but more show up. Goodsir, who was sitting next to lady Silence, hears Little tell Gregory that Lady Silence is being moved to the Terror. He asks if he can come as he is working on a Inuktitut dictionary with Lady Silence. Dr. Stanley is removing the frost bit toe of Le Vesconte when Goodsir tells him, Lady Silence is leaving and asks if he can go with her. Des Vouex makes fun of Goodsir writing a dictionary. Samuel Crispe tells Goodsir they are ready to leave. Cornelius Hickey tries to get information out of Goodsir by using flattery, but Goodsir doesn't fall for it. Dr. MacDonald thanks Goodsir for his help and tells him about when Captain Penny's tooth exploded during an expedition in 1839. Goodsir asks Dr. MacDonald if any of the men are suffering from black gums and Dr. MacDonald remembers reading about a case of lead poisoning.

Goodsir goes into Crozier's cabin and Crozier becomes upset when he finds out that Goodsir has made no progress in finding out about the Tuunbaq from Lady Silence, but only in learning words. Lady Silence is brought into the cabin by Little and is questioned about the Tuunbaq by Crozier. Thomas Blanky recognizes the word Tuunbaq to mean a spirit that dresses like an animal. Crozier tells Goodsir to ask Lady Silence how to kill it, but Goodsir refuses to ask her. When she refuses to speak with Crozier anymore, he orders her off the ship. She asks Crozier why he wants to die and Fitzjames walks in and tells Crozier he needs to step up to his responsibility and Crozier punches at Fitzjames, who pushes him away. Crozier orders everyone out but Fitzjames. Later, Goodsir opens a can of food and serves it to Jacko.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 6 A Mercy played by Paul Ready

January, 1848, Goodsir takes notes as Jacko continues to eat the canned food and shows signs of agitation. Des Voeux tells Goodsir that there is trouble in the lower deck. Goodsir finds a crowd surrounding a cabin door and screeching coming from the cabin. He looks in and hears Jacko thrashing around and pools of blood. Goodsir examines the now dead Jacko and sees it has black gums like Morfin has and realizes the canned food is tainted with lead. He tells Dr. Stanley about the lead poisoning and Dr. Stanley tells him not to tell anyone and he will decide what to do. Carnival starts and Crozier and Thomas Jopson arrive later and find the crew drunk. Crozier holds a speech and tells the crew that they need to return to their homes. Crozier tells them that they will be walking to safety. He continues that they should find help from the Netsilik people on their way and should eventually meet up with Lt. Fairholme and his group. Lady Silence stumbles into the crowd and shortly after, Dr. Stanley starts himself and the carnival camp on fire. The fire spreads through carnival and some of the crew are burned to death. Hickey uses a knife to cut open the canvas and kills Dr. MacDonald in the process. The remaining crew stumble out of the area and the dead are lined up and Crozier is told that Dr. Peddie also died in the fire.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 7 Horrible from Supper played by Paul Ready

April 22, 1848, Morfin drops the crate he is carrying and Goodsir sees his physical condition and asks him if John Bridgens has seen him today. Lt. John Irving gives the word, and the group starts their march through the Arctic. In the evening, Goodsir asks Henry Collins how he is doing. Collins tells Goodsir that he hates the smell of grease and ever since carnival, he can't stop thinking of the smell of burning flesh, which makes him hungry. Collins then cries on Goodsir's shoulder. Goodsir talks with Crozier about not eating the canned meat, but Crozier says they must until they can hunt. Richard Wall serves dinner and Goodsir pulls Lady Silence away from the food line. Goodsir does an autopsy on Jacko and during the night, Morfin collapses and asks Goodsir to kill him. The rest of the camp wakes up and Morfin takes the rifle from Pvt. William Pilkington and points it at Crozier. Fitzjames orders Morfin to lower his weapon and Morfin shoots towards him before being shot dead by Tozer. Goodsir goes to his tent and cries and Lady Silence walks in and hugs him.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 8 Terror Camp Clear played by Paul Ready

April, 1848, Jopson, Hickey, Crozier, Lady Silence, Goodsir, Blanky, and Hartnell prepare to leave to go where the Netsilik were killed. Crozier's party arrives at the scene of the murder of the Netsilik and finds it contained a mother and daughter. Hartnell grabs a sack of food on the Netsilik sled and Lady Silence tells Goodsir that the family were friends of hers. Crozier's group returns and is initially shot at. Fitzjames tells Crozier that Little gave the order to release weapons and Lady Silence is in danger. Crozier tells Lady Silence to leave and Goodsir apologizes to Lady Silence. Crozier questions Little on why he ignored his orders and Crozier has Goodsir do an autopsy on Irving's stomach. Goodsir finds meat in Irving's stomach, explaining why the Netsilik would have Irving's looking glass and proving that he was fed by them. Lt. George Hodgson admits that Hickey must have lied and Crozier orders Hickey arrested. Hickey and Tozer are arrested and are brought to a makeshift gallows. The trial is given before the surviving sailors. Crozier admits there is no help coming, but tells them that Hickey is a user and has John Diggle open the bag the Netsilik had. Diggle tells the others that the bag has fresh meat and Goodsir reveals that Irving had recently eaten fresh meat. Hickey is given a chance to speak and he tells the others that Crozier had planned to abandon the crew. A laugh rings out in the fog and Collins walks into camp, followed by the Tuunbaq. The Tuunbaq then slaughters many members of the camp.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 9 The C, the C, the Open C played by Paul Ready

The next day after the Tuunbaq attack on the camp, Goodsir is examining William Gibson, who tells him that his knees feel like they have glass in them. Goodsir tells him that he will feel worse as time goes on and Hickey walks in. Hickey asks if Gibson will be able to help haul supplies and when Goodsir tells him no, Hickey grabs a knife and stabs Gibson to death. Hickey has Goodsir come into his tent and orders him to butcher Gibson and when Goodsir refuses, threatens to kill Hodgson if Goodsir doesn't butcher Gibson. Goodsir decides to butcher Gibson to save Hodgson and finds Young's stolen ring, which Hickey gave Gibson. Goodsir brings two sacks of meat and Hickey's group eats the remains of Gibson, including Hodgson. Later, Hodgson tells Goodsir of the summer he spent with some Catholic relatives and how he once went to church with them, and how he only ate, because he wanted to live.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 10 We Are Gone played by Paul Ready

Crozier, whose face is bloody, is brought to Hickey's camp by gunpoint by Thomas Armitage. Crozier tells Goodsir that he expects Little to return to free them. Goodsir mentions that Gibson is dead and was consumed. Crozier tells Goodsir that if they have a chance to escape, he should head southeast. Goodsir then gives Crozier, Young's ring to return to Young's sister, but can no longer remember Young's name. Goodsir asks if he thinks Lady Silence is still alive and Crozier tells him, he thinks so. Magnus Manson walks in to the tent and tells Crozier that Hickey ordered that Crozier not be called captain anymore and he is to bring Crozier to Hickey. Before Crozier leaves, Goodsir tells him not to eat any of his body if he is butchered, but if forced to, to eat from his feet. Goodsir takes a bath and then ingests a poison and slits his wrists.