William Carpenter

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William Carpenter


William Carpenter is a carpenter in Shere, England. His wife is Pauline Carpenter, and his daughters are Christine Carpenter and Meg Carpenter.

During the events of Anchoress (1993) played by Pete Postlethwaite

Meg returns to the church with Pauline, the Reeve, William and the Priest. Pauline yells at Christine for offering the town's apples to the statue. The Reeve demands that every apple be brought back. but the Priest says that the offering can not be given back. He points out that if Eve had not taken the apple, then they never would have had Mary. Before she becomes an anchoress, Christine is brought to the church and questioned by the Bishop while Oswald translates from Latin to English. The town watch as Christine answers the questions correctly. The Mason then walls Christine into the church with her toy marble being the only thing from her old life that she keeps.

The Priest accuses William of sinning and suggests Pauline is leading him astray. Pauline brings her doe to be bred by the Drover's buck. William sees them and then sees her with the goat and assumes she has done something with the goat. Later, William tells the Priest, Daisy, Bertha, Alice, Mary, Priest's Boy and others that he saw Pauline consorting with a goat and at night she forces him to watch as she has sex with the Devil. The Priest tells the others that Pauline murders the unborn, which causes Daisy to leave. He then accuses Pauline of trying to push him into the river and calls her a witch. Bertha says that she saw Pauline curse the Bishop. Pauline hears a group of villagers chanting witch and coming towards her and hides in the well. The villages find her and she slips and falls into the water. Pauline then drowns.