Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 2 X.

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Ned Low tries to assert his dominance over Eleanor and Flint's plan to regain the captaincy moves forward.

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Black Sails (2014-2017)


Captain Flint - Toby Stephens

Eleanor Guthrie - Hannah New

John Silver - Luke Arnold

Max - Jessica Parker Kennedy

Billy Bones - Tom Hopper

Captain Charles Vane - Zach McGowan

Rackham - Toby Schmitz

Anne Bonny - Clara Paget

Thomas Hamilton - Rupert Penry-Jones

Captain Hume - David Dukas

De Groot - Andre Jacobs

Dufresne - Roland Reed

Meeks - Brendan Murray

Ned Low - Tadhg Murphy

Randall - Lawrence Joffe

Muldoon - Richard Wright-Firth

Pickram - Nicholas Pauling

Captain Lawrence - John Herbert

Frasier - David Butler

Admiral Hennessey - Greg Melvill-Smith

Dooley - Laudo Liebenberg

O'Malley - Karl Thaning

Burly Crewman - Calvin Hayward

Logan - Dylan Skews

Captain Naft - Graham Weir

Joshua - Richard Lukunku

Joji - Winston Chong

Merchant Captain - Norman Anstey

Mr. Holmes - Nic Rasenti

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Detailed Synopsis

Billy Bones lies in the sand and tied by his hands and feet to posts. Captain Hume walks over to him and pours water on the leather vest Billy is wearing. He tells Billy that he learned the technique from a Spanish bishop and after six days of pouring water on the leather vest, the vest will shrink and collapse Billy's ribs. In the past, Thomas Hamilton tells Captain Flint that everyone needs a partner and that he feels that Flint believes his plan to clean up Nassau will fail. Thomas says that the root causes of Nassau's pirate problems are its corruption and poor leadership. He asks Flint what would be needed to return Nassau to profitability and Flint lists farmers, magistrates, carpenters, clergy, food, ships, sailors and an honest governor. Flint asks John Silver why he is helping him, and Silver tells him the reason is, because he wants to become rich and have freedom to do what he wants in life. Meeks speaks to Ned Low about confronting Eleanor Guthrie. Max walks into her room and finds a drunk Anne Bonny who tells her that she feels guilty for betraying Rackham and sleeping with Max. As they are talking, Rackham sees them. Silver is pacing and talking to himself about how to make himself essential when Muldoon yells at Randall for taking so long to make their food. Muldoon tells Randall he better not spit in his bowl, which Randall does when Muldoon leaves. Randall tells Silver that he doesn't like Muldoon and Silver figures out that he doesn't need people to like him, but to discover who doesn't like who.

Flint goes to speak with Dufresne and tells him that originally Gates didn't want to bring Dufresne onboard, but Flint believed in him. Flint offers to give Dufresne advice and suggests he not hug the coast as that will take them through the Kingston route and the other pirates will want to take any ship they encounter and there are far too few members of The Walrus to successfully take over a ship. At a tavern in the past, Flint tells Admiral Hennessey what Thomas told him and Hennessey wonders if Thomas is crazy. Hennessey goes to pee and Flint notices Pickram and his friends looking at Flint and laughing. Flint walks up to Pickram who insults Flint based on his socioeconomic background and insults Thomas and Miranda Barlow's honor. Flint punches Pickram and a fight breaks out until Hennessey stops it. Meeks goes to Eleanor and tells her that they secured a unique item of great value when they took the Good Fortune and tries to convince her to overthrow Ned. O'Malley enters the room and tells her that the Consortium meeting is about to start. She goes to the meeting which consists of Captain Lawrence, Captain Naft, Frasier, and Captain Charles Vane. Rackham confronts Max about seducing Anne and Max tells him that there is nothing he can do about it.

Dufresne tells De Groot what Flint told him and De Groot tells him that perhaps Flint is worried that if Dufresne successfully captured a ship, then Flint's chances of retaking the captaincy would diminish. During dinner on the 13th of June, 1715, Silver tells the crew that Burly Crewman stole from another one and Burly Crewman punches him. Silver tells Flint his plan of convincing the crew to let him rejoin them and that when he was in an orphanage, a boy named Solomon Little became invaluable to the other boys. Eleanor gets upset with how little Lawrence made on his trip. Lawrence tells her that her name is no longer in good order and he had to threaten an official that was trying to arrest him. Vane asks whose name Lawrence used to threaten the official and Lawrence admits it was Vane's name. Ned walks into Eleanor's bar with Mr. Holmes and some of his men. Ned walks over to Meeks and accuses him of betrayal. After the meeting, Vane tells Eleanor that she should leave the Consortium and her partners are weak. They hear yelling and go down to the bar where Ned is cutting off Meek's head with a knife. Eleanor tells Ned he is to leave the island. O'Malley puts a sword to Ned's throat and they start to fight. Ned slashes O'Malley in the stomach and puts his sword to the back of O'Malley's neck. Eleanor tells Ned to stop, but he kills O'Malley and tells Eleanor that he isn't leaving.

On his fourth goings on, Silver tells the crew that Dooley defecated and used his hand to wipe himself. Dooley gets up, punches Silver and then wipes his hand on his face. He then tells the crew about Palmer having sex with the milk goat. The Burly Crewman punches Silver, but is then punched by Joshua. A ship is spotted and Logan tells Dufresne that it is flying English colors. Dufresne then decides to attack it. In the past after the fight at the bar, Hennessey tells Flint that he is worried about Flint's temper. Dufresne manages to take the English ship without a fight. Dufresne and part of The Walrus crew board the English ship and Dufresne tells the Merchant Captain he was wise not to fight. While Flint and Silver are watching everything transpire, Flint tells Silver that there comes a point in the mind of a captain whose ship has been captured, if he did the right thing by surrendering. The Merchant Captain asks Dufresne if he is Flint and the Merchant Captain whistles and a fight breaks out. Joji kills the Merchant Captain, but the pirates and Dufresne are forced to retreat back to The Walrus. De Groot tells Dufresne that they must retreat and Dufresne freezes once again. Flint tells Dufresne that they have to sink the English ship or no one will ever surrender to Flint's flag again and then Flint starts giving out orders. The English ship is then sunk. Eleanor asks Vane to help her and tells him that Ned's crew captured something of great value. Anne wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to Max's bedroom and they have sex. Rackham catches them and offers a compromise that Max will provide all leads to him and then he and Anne will gather a crew and act on those leads. Dufresne asks Flint if the vote was close and then tells Flint that he suspects that Flint gave him the idea on what course to take, because he knew Dufresne would attack the ship and then lose the captaincy even at the cost of the crews lives.