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Voldemort is a deceased evil wizard. He died after killing Lily Potter and James Potter and then attempting Harry Potter. Voldemort is also known as "He Who Must Not Be Named".

During the events of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) played by Richard Bremmer and the Ian Hart

In the Forbidden Forest, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Fang come across a robed figure hunched over the wounded unicorn and Fang and Draco run away, leaving Harry. As the robed figure glides towards Harry, Harry is saved by Firenze who warns Harry the forest isn't safe. Harry enters the last room in the area guarded by Fluffy and finds Professor Quirrell staring at the Mirror of Erised. Professor Quirrell tells Harry, Professor Snape was actually trying to save him during the Quidditch match and Snape knew he was up to something. Professor Quirrell wonders how to get the Sorcerer's Stone and a voice suggests he use Harry. Harry looks into the mirror and the mirror shows him the Sorcerer's Stone is in his pocket. Harry lies to Professor Quirrell about what he sees in the mirror and Professor Quirrell removes his headdress, revealing Voldemort's head living on the back of his skull. Professor Quirrell attacks Harry, but Harry manages to kill him when he notices that his touch wounds him and Harry causes Professor Quirrell to dissolve by touching him in the face. As Harry is holding the Sorcerer's Stone, Voldemort's spirit comes at him and Harry goes unconscious.

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