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Betty Ann


Betty Ann "Bet" is a member of the Midnight Society.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 1 The Tale of the Phantom Cab played by Raine Pare-Coull

Gary introduces the Midnight Society and its other members, Kristen, David, Betty Ann, Kiki and Eric, to Frank. He mentions that they go to different schools and have different friends, but an interest in the dark brings them together one day each week to gather together and tell a scary tales. David walks a blindfolded Frank to the center of the campfire and Gary asks who Frank's sponsor is. David tells him that he is his sponsor and Gary tells Frank to become a member, Frank will have to tell a scary tale and if the Society votes him in, then he is a member. Gary hands David a sack and after David throws a handful of powdery material on the campfire, Frank starts his tale, the Tale of the Phantom Cab.

Frank finishes the story, and the Midnight Society members take a vote, and they all vote to let Frank into the group.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 2 The Tale of Laughing in the Dark played by Raine Pare-Coull

Betty Ann starts telling her tale about an amusement park called Playland. One of the amusements was a spook house called Laughing in the Dark. Girl 1 and Girl 2 are walking through Laughing in the Dark when they come to a room full of numbered doors. They open the door numbered 6 and Zeebo pops out and Girl 1 and Girl 2 scream.

Kristen stands up and says she is leaving. Frank asks her what is the matter and Betty Ann says she was just starting the story. Kristen says she hates clowns. Eric makes fun of Kristen as does Kiki. Kristen then sits back down. Gary tells Betty Ann to start from the beginning and hands her the sack of powdery material and Betty Ann pours some of it on the fire and starts her tale over.

As she is telling the story, Frank asks Betty Ann what sort of things were in the spook house and she continues her tale. Kiki again taunts Kristen, who is forcing Gary and Eric to sit close to her, and Betty Ann continues her tale. Betty Ann finishes the tale and Frank thinks the Carney was Zeebo, but Gary doesn't think so. David thinks the Carney was Zeebo's ghost and Kiki agrees with his idea. Kiki taunts Kristen one more time and Eric scares Kristen with a clown mask and everyone runs off as Gary puts out the fire.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 3 The Tale of the Lonely Ghost played by Raine Pare-Coull

As Eric is doing a trick for Kiki, Frank almost makes him choke and Gary has to separate them from fighting. Betty Ann hands David the sack of powdery material and he introduces his tale by saying that it has to do with two very different kids and a love so strong it can survive death.

During his tale, Kristen asks David where Beth was when Amanda came home, and he tells her that Beth was at Sally's house the entire night and Aunt Dottie was working late. Frank comments that now Amanda was alone with Nanny who he thinks is a lunatic, but Eric thinks Beth just told Amanada that to scare her. David says that when Aunt Dottie came home, Amanda told her everything that happened.

David ends his tale and the meeting ends. Frank offers to buy Eric a soda to make amends.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 4 The Tale of the Twisted Claw played by Raine Pare-Coull

Tony is sleeping in bed when smoke starts coming out of the bottom of his closet. The door opens and a Dream Monster comes out of the closet and walks towards Tony's bed. Tony wakes up and the Dream Monster is still hovering over his bed, and he screams.

Kiki asks Eric what happens next in his tale, and he tells her he hasn't figured out the ending yet. Frank and Kristen are upset that he doesn't have a full ending, but Betty Ann says she likes cliffhangers. David then offers to tell a tale. Gary hands David the bag of powdery material and David starts his tale.

As David tells his tale of the twisted claw, Kiki notes that both Dougie and Kevin have used one wish and Gary brings up that something evil happened to make the wishes come true. Eric says he would wish for a million dollars and take his chances. David continues his story.

David finishes his story and Gary ends the meeting.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 5 The Tale of the Hungry Hounds played by Raine Pare-Coull

As Kiki and Betty Ann are putting sticks in the campfire, they hear a howl. Eric, David and Frank walk towards the camp with more wood while making animal sounds. Gary asks Kiki for the matches, but she tells him she can light the fire. David asks where Kristen is, and Eric tells him not to worry while Kiki insinuates that Kristen didn’t want to get her hands dirty helping the rest of them. They hear howling and Kristen walks up with a dog named Elvis. She then apologizes for being late. Kristen tells the group that she has a tale that will have them shaking in their boots. She starts her story as David helps and throws powder on the fire.

During the tale, Elvis whines and Eric asks him if he smells a fox. Betty Ann wonders if Elvis is scared, while Kiki worries, he might be hungry.

Kristen ends her story by saying that, Pam was able to convince Beth to let her take riding lessons and Beth was no longer haunted by Aunt Dora and Dora’s ghost was no longer haunted by the howling of the hungry Hounds. Gary reminds everyone to always remember to feed their dogs or they might have a bone to pick with them and then ends the meeting.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 6 The Tale of the Super Specs played by Raine Pare-Coull

At the campfire, Frank tells the others that the scariness of Gary's tales have been slipping. Kiki agrees, but Betty Ann thinks Gary tells the best stories. Kiki says that she can't remember the last time Gary's tale scared her and Gary suddenly shows up and scares Kiki. Gary tells them that David is sick and can't make the meeting. Eric tells Gary that Kiki was saying how his tales haven't been scary lately. He says his tale is about three people, people who believe in magic, people who don't and people who should. Gary then starts his tale.

Frank thinks Marybeth should have burned the super specs or put them in the garbage disposal while Betty Ann guesses the Phantoms aren't real. Gary says that Marybeth didn't know if what she saw was real and when Kiki asks what she did, Gary says that Marybeth went to find Weeds.

After Gary finishes his tale, Kristen asks if the other universe won and Gary says, because Sardo was a fake and Dark Lady/Phantom was real, her universe won. Gary hands out super specs to everyone and when they put them on they see what appears to be a Phantom and they scream and run away.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 7 The Tale of the Captured Souls played by Raine Pare-Coull

Gary tells Eric how old he is in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Kristen wonders where Kiki went and Kiki takes a Polaroid photo of Eric, followed by Kristen, Gary, Betty Ann, and Frank. She then hands the polaroids to each of the members of the Midnight Society and takes a photo of herself. As the Polaroids develop, Betty Ann says the photos of themselves are like ghosts becoming real. Kiki takes everyone's photos and says that sometimes cameras see more than the naked eye and some Native American tribes believed the camera captured a person's soul. Kiki then starts her tale.

Eric asks if Peter was taking a light shower, David wonders why Peter didn't want his photo taken and Kristen thinks maybe Peter was worried what Sally would see if she had taken his photo. Gary asks what the cylinder was for and why there were mirrors in it.

Kiki finishes her tale and says that Danny never told her parents about the truth about Peter, and she convinced her parents to take her to the ocean. Kiki then says that sometimes photos do tell the truth whether you like it or not. With her last photo, Kiki takes a group photo of the Midnight Society and then leaves it at their meeting place.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 8 The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors played by Raine Pare-Coull

Kristen asks the group why scary stories are told during the night and not the day. Gary says everything is scarier at night. Kristen asks why and David says you can’t see things at night and Kiki grabs David from behind and says that some ghoul could sneak up behind you in the dark. Frank asks who is telling the tale that night and Betty Ann says she is going. Eric groans and says she always tells the same tale, it’s kind of gross, but everyone lives happily ever after and then calls her tales boring. Frank calls Eric gross and boring. Betty Ann warns that you can be scared during the day, but the real terror starts at nightfall. Betty Ann then starts her tale.

Betty Ann says that Emma Toll started to pay close attention to the Brauns and the more she watched, the more she noticed how strange they were and how no one ever saw them out during the day.

Betty Ann continues that Lex Braun never enrolled in school and the strange disease that Mr. Mitchell contracted was spreading through the neighborhood. One night, Emma has a dream where her window bursts open and Mr. Braun enters her room through her window and tries to bite her neck.

While they each drink a glass of cranberry juice, Eric points out that Emma going to the Braun house at night is dangerous while David thinks the Brauns might not be vampires, but if they are not vampires, Kristen wonders why everyone is getting sick, and Kiki is excited about the thought of the neighbors having their blood sucked.

Betty Ann finishes her tale by saying with ghosts and ghouls there are no rules, but a vampire’s bite only comes at night. The rest of the group then pour their cranberry juice over the fire.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 9 The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice played by Raine Pare-Coull

Frank shows the rest of the Midnight Society a burial in the woods he found. David thinks it is probably from someone burying their dog, but Frank thinks it is a buried body. Suddenly a skeleton pops out of the ground and the members of the Midnight Society scream and run away except Frank. Frank then high fives Kiki who was hiding int the bushes and is holding a remote control she used to make the skeleton sit up. Back at the firepit, Kiki makes fun of how scared Eric was. Kristen tells Frank that his prank was cruel and immature. When Gary asks who is telling the tale for the night Betty Ann volunteers and Eric sarcastically comments that it is going to be another gorefest. She says that her tale is about an ancient wizard's luck charm which could make the world a person's oyster, but the charm can also be more than someone bargained for. Betty Ann then starts her tale.

Betty Ann says that Alix knew something was wrong with Dean and Dean stopped talking with Alix and started hanging out with a new group of friends.

Frank thinks Dean is going to boil Alix in the chemicals and Kiki asks what the chemicals were. Betty Ann tells her it was muriatic acid and Gary says the chemicals have something to do with the mystic vapors.

Betty Ann ends her tale and David thinks there will be a sequel. Eric thinks the world is doomed Gary ends the meeting.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 10 The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun played by Raine Pare-Coull

Gary says that Frank was supposed to tell the tale for the night, but due to an unusual situation, he has agreed to pass it to Eric. Eric tells everyone that his grandfather died that week, and his grandfather was from Ireland. He continues that his grandfather would tell different tales and act out different parts. Before his grandfather died, he gave Eric his hat and told him that the hat was blessed with the power of the pixies. Kristen asks what a pixie is, and Eric explains that pixies are like fairies. Eric talks about Kelpies who would trick small children so they could eat them and his favorite pixie, the leprechauns, whom his grandfather got the hat from. Kiki asks what a leprechaun is, and Eric describes them as like little old men that make shoes and dress all in green and wear strange little hats. He says that his grandfather got the hat when he offered a leprechaun a trade with the words mine be yours and yours be mine. Eric then starts his tale.

Eric says that Jake wanted to be an actor more than anything else and his big break came when he was cast in a play called Will-o'-the-wisp, about leprechauns and goblins. It was Jake’s first play and about to be his last.

David, Betty Ann and Kristen note how weird it is that Jake’s ears became pointy. Eric then says that this is when the plot thickens.

Eric finishes his tale says that Will-o'-the-wisp was never performed again, and Erin had disappeared forever. Eric dedicates the tale to his grandfather and the other members of the Midnight Society clap and hug Eric.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 11 The Tale of the Dark Music played by Raine Pare-Coull

As Gary is tending the fire, Frank runs from the woods up to Eric and asks him where he was. Kristen tells Frank it's okay and they waited for him. Frank says that Eric was supposed to wait for him and grabs the flashlight from Eric and Betty Ann asks what the big deal is? Eric says that Frank lost his flashlight and tells everyone that Frank is afraid of the dark. Kiki acts shocked and Kristen makes a joke about Frank always acting like such a tough guy. Betty Ann says that sometimes she gets afraid in the dark, but Frank insists he just wasn’t sure if he could find his way without a flashlight. Frank threatens to kill Eric, but Gary says Eric is telling the tale for the night and Eric taunts Frank that it’s about a little boy who is afraid of the dark. Eric says that everyone knows that there is nothing in the dark that can hurt you, most of the time. Eric then starts his tale.

He says that Andy wasn’t doing so hot after his parents got divorced and Mrs. Carr wasn’t making much money. He tried to help her with his paper route, but things were pretty tough. Suddenly their luck seemed to change when Mrs. Carr inherited a big house from an uncle who passed away.

Betty Ann thinks it is a boogey man in the basement and Kiki thinks the boogeyman might be Uncle Niles. Betty Ann asks if Frank is okay, but Kristen and David notice he is gone. Eric says Frank couldn’t handle the tale and is a chicken. Gary tells Eric to continue and thinks Frank will come back. Eric says that Andy ran to get Mrs. Carr.

During his tale, Eric says that Andy was hypnotized and didn’t remember anything that happened.

Kristen asks if Andy fed Christina to the cellar being and Eric says Andy didn’t, but he made sure Christina didn’t bother him anymore. Kiki says she would have fed Christina to the cellar being and David tells Eric his tale was good. Gary puts out the campfire and Eric asks where Frank is since Frank has his flashlight. Kiki tells Eric just to wait for Frank and when Eric asks someone to wait with him, Kristen asks him if he is afraid of the dark.

During the events of Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1 Episode 12 The Tale of the Prom Queen played by Raine Pare-Coull

As Frank walks to the meeting place with some wood, he complains that Kristen is still not there. Eric says that Kristen is always late and Kiki says it's because of Kristen's need to look perfect and wear makeup. David tells the others that Kristen has a great story, but Gary says they have rules. A draped figure glides towards them from the forest and everyone runs to the other side of the meeting place. The figure reveals themself to be Kristen and says she is there to tell them a story. Betty Ann tells Kristen excellent, but Kristen stays in character. Eric asks Kristen what's up with her costume and she calls him a geek and tells him it's for effect. She says her tale is one of woe that has been told around many campfires, but she's there to tell the one true version. She then asks for help with the Midnight dust and Gary spreads it while Kristen starts her tale.

Kristen says Dede stood over the grave holding a bouquet of wildflowers as if taking a moment for silent prayer.

Later, Kristen says that Dede, Jam and Greg went to the library to scan the newspapers on microfiche and started looking from 1950 to the present. While looking through the newspapers from 1956, they found an article on the accident.

Kristen takes the corsage off her wrist and throws it into the campfire. Betty Ann calls them brave kids, while Frank says they are brave, but also stupid. Kristen says they checked the cemetery records for Judy Larsen and Gary remembers it is the grave they are looking for.

Kristen ends her tale and Gary puts out the campfire.