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Madi is a member of a group of runaway slaves in the West Indies. Her father is Mr. Scott and her mother is The Maroon Queen.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

Captain Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She asks Flint what his name is and then asks who their quartermaster is. John Silver steps forward and The Maroon Queen asks him how they found the island and who else knew where they were. She asks him if he was in her position if he would take the word of a pirate and then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage. During the night, Silver is brought before Madi by Udo. She asks him why his crew refused their pardons and Silver tells her that Flint wants England to fear him, while The Maroon Queen wants her followers to fear England. Before Silver is brought back to the cage, he asks Madi to save Flint's crew from death from The Maroon Queen. Madi tells The Maroon Queen that her plan to kill Flint's crew is a mistake, but The Maroon Queen refuses to change her mind in order to keep their people free.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 5 XXIII. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

A group of maroons carry Mr. Scott ashore on a stretcher. A medicine woman pours a poultice on Mr. Scott's wound while The Maroon Queen helps and Madi looks on. Flint is brought to Mr. Scott who tells the others to leave. Later, Madi tells Mr. Scott that she talked with Silver so that she could understand something of who Mr. Scott is.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 6 XXIV. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

A shaman dances to music as the shaman applies a paste onto Mr. Scott. Madi asks Udo where Silver is and then goes to find him. She finds Silver and starts criticizing him for not attending the ceremony when she notices his inflamed leg wound. Silver tells her that he has a fever and it will pass. Madi tells Udo to wait while she gets Fremah and Silver tells her that he can't look weak in front of his men or her men. Madi tells him she understands what he is going through and the crown is always a burden, but cannot be worn if he cannot stand.

Fremah applies a poultice to Silver's stump and Madi holds his hand. Afterwards, Silver tells Madi that his burden isn't the crew, but Flint. Later, Madi tells Mr. Scott that she worries about their agreement with Flint, but Mr. Scott assures her that both Flint and Silver have the ability to shape the world to their beliefs and they must be managed to best help them. Mr. Scott then apologizes to Madi for not being around her more so he could tell her about their world. He then tells her to learn about who their common villain is and Madi pulls Woodes Rogers' book from the bookcase.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 7 XXV. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

Flint tells Madi, Silver, Captain Charles Vane and Billy Bones his plan when they arrive at Nassau. Vane doesn't think it is worth it to try and recruit the pirates who turned their backs on them and Flint tells him the point is not to necessarily gain recruits, but to make those who don't join them afraid to fight them. Billy says that Silver should be the one sent to recruit. De Groot tells Flint that Nassau has been spotted. Madi goes with Kofi and Udo to meet with Eme. Madi tells Eme that Mr. Scott is dying and that he asks for a favor. Eme tells Madi that the weapons and ammo will be brought to The Walrus and Madi remembers when her and Eleanor Guthrie were playmates.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 8 XXVI. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

Madi asks Silver how they are able to see Nassau, but the people on Nassau cannot see them. He explains that De Groot explained to him that in their current position, their hull sits below the horizon. She tells him that she heard that he killed Dufresne and says she is concerned of his mind not being clear. After Chidi is assaulted, Madi is brought to see Chidi and Silver tells her that Dobbs is the one responsible and he will be punished. Madi cuts Chidi loose and tells Silver that Chidi will tell the others that he offended Madi and was punished by Kofi. Madi tells Silver, she grew up with Chidi and it was hard not to let him have his revenge, but she thought what was best for their future. Silver assures her that it will not happen again.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 9 XXVII. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

The crew of The Walrus and the Maroons unload the supplies and The Maroon Queen hugs Madi and asks Flint how much time they have before Captain Benjamin Hornigold attacks. She notices Chidi appears to have been beaten and asks Madi about it. Madi goes to speak with Mr. Scott and tells him that Eleanor is in Nassau. She tells him that she believes it will be like a civil war for him, with daughters on both sides, but he tells her that only Madi is his daughter. Kofi blows a horn marking the death of Mr. Scott and Silver goes to check on Madi.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10 XXVIII. played by Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele

The British troops land on the island and Madi leads a child into a hidden cave and tells The Maroon Queen that everyone is accounted for and ready. She then tells The Maroon Queen that she is going to fight with the men. She leaves the cave and Silver hands Madi a rifle and she tells him that The Maroon Queen let her fight, because she knows that soon, Madi will have to take her place as the leader of their people. Kofi tells Madi that Hornigold and his men are there. Hornigold's men and the British troops start firing upon the Maroon camp. The pirates and Maroons ambush Hornigold and Major Rollins' men and start to slaughter them.