John Silver

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John Silver


John Silver is a sailor on a merchant vessel in the West Indies. He spent three years at the St. John's Home for Poor Orphan Boys.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 1 I. played by Luke Arnold

As a merchant ship is being attacked by the Walrus, the Ship's Cook goes into the storeroom and as he is shutting the door, Silver barges in. The Ship's Cook calls Silver a coward and tells him the ship that is chasing them is Captain Flint's ship. He says that ship's cooks are in short supply and he will be spared. A cannonball rips through the ship and a page the Ship's Cook tore out falls from his clothes and Silver comments on it. The Walrus catches up to the merchant ship and most of the remaining sailors on the merchant ship are killed.

Gates comes to a door that is blocked and when he breaks it down, finds Silver inside and the Ship's Cook dead. Silver offers to join the crew and says he is very good cook. Gates tells Billy Bones that Silver wants to join the crew. Randall is petting Betsy when Billy introduces Silver to him. The pirates land at Nassau on New Providence Island and Logan tells Silver that Nassau belongs to the pirates. Silver and Logan unload the stolen items to be taken to Richard Guthrie. Gaunt Man walks up to Silver and demands he meet Blackbeard. Silver is then taken to a room and is brought to "Blackbeard" who is a prostitute with a lot of hair below. He is then pleasured by Max, Idelle and some other prostitutes. Max finds the page and asks Silver why it is so important.

Silver sneaks onto The Walrus with Max's help and starts searching through Flint's books. Silver finds Parrish's Captain's Log and the sheet he has matches the one missing in the log. Flint speaks to the crew that includes Morley and apologizes for their small hauls and tells them the truth of what they have been chasing. He says that a crew member discovered their plans and betrayed them and accuses Singleton of being that person. Gates tells Singleton that he has a choice, a trial or combat and Singleton chooses combat. Flint and Singleton fight and Flint ends up beating Singleton to death. Flint seemingly pulls a piece of paper from Singelton's pockets and hands it to Billy to read. Billy opens the page and says it is the stolen page. Flint tells the crew that he will make them rich and they cheer him.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 2 II. played by Luke Arnold

Randall, who is standing next to Silver, says that the pirates don't like thieves. Gates and Billy start to search for Silver, who sees them looking for him and Silver jumps into the water. Silver makes it to the beach and asks various people including Crewman where various locations are. Silver walks through Max's door and interrupts her Handjob Pirate and Handjob Pirate is upset with Silver's lack of decency. Silver tells Max that Flint has discovered that he has the schedule and they should quickly make the deal and leave for Port Royal. Silver looks through a peephole as Frasier appraises the pearls for Max. Idelle asks him if she can give him oral sex, but Silver declines.

Captain Charles Vane barges in and accuses Max of lying about the schedule and Rackham notices Silver looking through the peephole and tells Vane and Silver runs away. Rackham and Vane go to the Wrecks in the evening and Silver watches them as an Old Man walks up to them and asks for the pearls. Vane yells that Silver will have to appear to them if he wants the pearls. Vane stabs the Old Man to death and Old Man 2 walks up and asks for the pearls. Billy and Flint arrive at the Wastes and they all begin to chase Silver. Silver sneaks next to a campfire and starts to memorize the schedule. Flint and Billy catch Silver and he tells them that he burned the schedule after memorizing it.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 3 III. played by Luke Arnold

Silver writes out the contents of the page he burned and memorized in front of Eleanor Guthrie and Billy. He finishes writing and hands the paper to Gates. Flint reads it and notices Silver left some details out. Silver admits that he left some parts out as he figured they would kill him and offers to join their crew for a piece of the prize. Flint asks him why he doesn't think they will kill him when they get the L'Urca de Lime and Silver tells him that he assumes they will be friends by then. Billy brings Silver to Randall and tells him to guard Silver and make him peel potatoes. While Silver is talking with Randall he asks him if he knows anyone that doesn't like Flint. Turk goes to sit down after arguing with Morley and play dice, Silver is his opponent. Silver has Billy follow him and points out Turk, and Morley and tells Billy they are what's left of the mutiny.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 4 IV. played by Luke Arnold

Billy tells the crew that they will need to careen the ship. He asks the crew where they should do it and Muldoon suggests somewhere where there is plenty of rum. Froom asks if they will have a tent for fornication and Billy mentions that it is something they can discuss later. Billy asks De Groot his opinion and De Groot says The Walrus is unsuitable for the task of careening the ship and asks to find a more suitable beach. Flint says they cannot delay the careening or they will lose their chance at catching the Urca. Billy calls for a vote and all but Morley agree to it. Froom brings up the fornication tent again and after Billy talks about forgoing it, the crew becomes silent. A fornication tent is set up and Randall drops a pig at Silver's feet.

Flint overhears Muldoon accuse Silver of feeding him bad pork. Flint puts a piece of pork in his mouth and tells Muldoon it must be something else. After Muldoon leaves, Flint spits out the piece of pork and tells Silver to get another pig. Silver overhears Morley complaining to Billy and tells Flint that he thinks Billy might be feeling uncomfortable about lying to the crew. The wind starts to make the palms pull away from the sand. As everyone is running away from the ship, Randall sees Betsy hiding under the ship. Randall goes after her and the ship leans slightly and starts to crush Randall. Morley and Flint run to help Randall and Betsy runs away. They start to dig the sand under Randall while De Groot tells Billy that they have to cut the remaining rope to save the ship's mast. Silver runs over and throws his butcher knife to Flint who starts to hack at Randall's stuck leg. The ropes are cut and the ship lurches, Flint manages to pull Randall away, but Morley is crushed under the ship. Flint asks Silver what Billy and Morley were talking about and Silver tells him that they mentioned the name Barlow.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 5 V. played by Luke Arnold

Eleanor goes into her office and finds Silver handcuffed to Randall. Silver warns Eleanor that she isn't giving enough concern to the mob. Eleanor explains to Silver that if she rescinds the ban on Vane, then she will be saying that what Vane's men did to Max was acceptable.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 6 VI. played by Luke Arnold

Eleanor goes to Silver and threatens him if he doesn't help her and Anne Bonny. Silver walks up to Hamund and offers to sell him the stolen page and then suggests Rackham gave Max some of the pearls. Later, Silver tells Eleanor that he doesn't know if he should be more afraid of her or Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 7 VII. played by Luke Arnold

Eleanor asks Flint how the Scarborough knew where to find his ship. Flint tells her that Richard betrayed them and Eleanor says that Miranda Barlow must also assume some blame. She tells him about the new trading system she has set up and tells him that Silver helped her and she agreed to defend him against Flint.

De Groot and Dr. Howell hold back Randall from attacking Silver. De Groot tells Silver that the ship's council voted Randall off the crew. Randall Tells De Groot and Howell that Silver stole the page and not Singleton. Later, Silver tells Randall that more than likely Randall will be killed to be kept silent. Dufresne tells Silver that De Groot plans on handing Silver over to the crew unless Silver can pass a memory test. Silver goes to Randall and offers to be his caretaker so that they both can stay alive. Dufresne, De Groot and Howell go to get Silver after he fails his test and Silver pulls a knife on De Groot, who pulls his own knife out. Randall then starts calling everyone a thief. On the ship, Silver starts to walk away and Logan reminds him that the deal was he never takes eyes off of Randall. Silver tells Randall that he thinks Randall may be faking his condition.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 1 Episode 8 VIII. played by Luke Arnold

As The Walrus is going through a storm, Dr. Howell gives Silver a fake leg for Randall to wear. Gates, Silver and Flint have a meeting in Flint's cabin and Flint has Silver write down the last of the Urca's schedule. Flint compares what Silver wrote down to notes of inlets he has and realizes the course leads to Division Bay. Flint then hands Silver coordinates to give to De Groot. The Walrus and Ranger arrive at Division Bay and Flint briefs his crew. Once they get view of the bay. no ship is there. Logan spots sails and yells it to the crew and yells out that the ship is a Man-o'-War. Flint comes up with a plan to make it appear like the Ranger is attacking The Walrus and then ambush the Man-o'-War as it gets closer.

Silver goes into Flint's cabin and sees him holding a dead Gates and tells him they can still fix things. Shortly after, Dufresne walks into Flint's cabin and Silver tries to convince him to keep Gates' murder quiet. Silver yells at the Man-o'-War that they are being followed by a pirate ship and points at the Ranger. He tells the Spanish Officer where they came from and the Man-o'-War continues on its way. As Flint is about to give the order to fire on the Man-o'-War, Dufresne pulls a pistol on him and accuses him of tyranny against the crew.

De Groot pulls a pistol on Silver. Silver and De Groot struggle for De Groot's pistol. As De Groot is about to shoot Silver, Randall hits him with his fake leg. Silver fires one of the cannons at the Man-o'-War and Flint tells Dufresne not to waste the moment. Dufresne freezes and the Man-o'War fires at The Walrus and Dufresne orders The Walrus to open fire. The Man-o'-War opens fire again and The Walrus is obliterated. Flint wakes up on the beach next to Silver who tells him that he and Flint have been charged with what has happened. Flint asks Dufresne why he didn't kill him and Dufresne takes Flint and Silver to another part of the beach where they look at the shipwreck of the Urca and its chests of gold scattered along the beach.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 1 IX. played by Luke Arnold

Flint, Silver and Dufresne watch as the Spanish crew continue to pile up gold on the beach. Dufresne tells Flint that his trial has been postponed in the hopes that Flint will help him steal the Spanish gold. Flint refuses to help Dufresne at first and then when back at camp starts to tell The Walrus crew his plan. Logan angrily yells that they should be cutting Flint's lying tongue from his head and Dufresne tells the crew to listen to Flint. Flint suggests they steal the warship and then take the gold. He continues to tell his plan of sending two people to kill any sentries on the ship while the rest of the crew readies an assault. De Groot gets upset with listening to Flint's plan and Flint volunteers to be one of the men to kill the sentries and Silver volunteers to be the other.

Dufresne explains to Flint what signals to use and that even if they are successful that Flint and Silver will be expelled from the crew. Flint and Silver then start swimming towards the Spanish ship after Silver is shocked that Flint's plan didn't involve them just escaping. Flint and Silver sneak onto the ship where the crew are sleeping. As Flint and Silver are sneaking around the ship, Silver sees a boatswains whistle and steals it, which wakes the sailor up and Flint stabs the sailor in the neck. Flint is about to kill Silver when he tells him that he is the one who dragged Flint onto the beach. Silver calls the watchman down and Flint kills him, but in the process wakes the crew who surrounds him.

Spanish Boatswain tells Flint and Silver that he could torture them to find out information, but he offers to pay and release the person who tells him what he wants to know, and the other one shall be killed. Silver tells him everything. Silver is released and as Spanish Boatswain is about to shoot Flint, Silver hits him in the head, and he and Flint fight and kill the two guards. They bolt the door and Joshua breaks the door down and he and the rest of The Walrus crew kill the remaining Spanish crew. They then manage to steal the Spanish ship and escape. Dufresne tells Flint and Silver that The Walrus crew voted 17 yea versus 15 nay votes to commute their sentences and they will be brought back to Nassau.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 2 X. played by Luke Arnold

Flint asks Silver why he is helping him, and Silver tells him the reason is, because he wants to become rich and have freedom to do what he wants in life. Silver is pacing and talking to himself about how to make himself essential when Muldoon yells at Randall for taking so long to make their food. Muldoon tells Randall he better not spit in his bowl, which Randall does when Muldoon leaves. Randall tells Silver that he doesn't like Muldoon and Silver figures out that he doesn't need people to like him, but to discover who doesn't like who. During dinner on the 13th of June, 1715, Silver tells the crew that Burly Crewman stole from another one and Burly Crewman punches him. Silver tells Flint his plan of convincing the crew to let him rejoin them and that when he was in an orphanage, a boy named Solomon Little became invaluable to the other boys.

On his fourth goings on, Silver tells the crew that Dooley defecated and used his hand to wipe himself. Dooley gets up, punches Silver and then wipes his hand on his face. He then tells the crew about Palmer having sex with the milk goat. Palmer punches Silver, but is then punched by Joshua. A ship is spotted and Logan tells Dufresne that it is flying English colors. Dufresne then decides to attack it. Dufresne manages to take the English ship without a fight. Dufresne and part of The Walrus crew board the English ship and while Flint and Silver are watching everything transpire, Flint tells Silver that there comes a point in the mind of a captain whose ship has been captured, if he did the right thing by surrendering. The Merchant Captain whistles and a fight breaks out. Joji kills the Merchant Captain, but the pirates and Dufresne are forced to retreat back to The Walrus. De Groot tells Dufresne that they must retreat and Dufresne freezes once again. Flint tells Dufresne that they have to sink the English ship or no one will ever surrender to Flint's flag again and then Flint starts giving out orders. The English ship is then sunk.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 3 XI. played by Luke Arnold

During Silver's going on, he tells the crew that Joji has been masturbating onto the figurehead. He then tells the crew that they will be anchoring a mile from Nassau so they won't be seen. Dooley says he wants to vote on the matter. Silver reminds him that they are sailing a Spanish warship and would more than likely be fired upon by Captain Benjamin Hornigold's fort. Dooley still insists he get a vote and Logan diffuses the situation.

Silver introduces Vincent and Nicholas to Flint, who then tells them that their mission is to go back to the Urca shipwreck and to spy on the soldiers guarding it. Flint and Silver arrive on Nassau and notice Hornigold is camped on the beach and not in his fort. Flint tells Silver to tell the crew that Vane and his men stole all their food. Later, Flint tells the crew that he will tell Vane that he and his men must leave by sunrise tomorrow or they will attack the fort.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 4 XII. played by Luke Arnold

Mr. Scott tells Flint and the others that some pirates have joined Vane's forces. Flint tells Silver to go to the beach to try and stop any more pirates from joining Vane. Silver tells Flint that the pirates may have joined Vane, because they don't like Flint. In the past, Thomas tells Flint his proposal to offer amnesty to the pirates on Nassau. Flint tells him that his proposal is a bad one. Silver listens as a man on the beach describes the night Vane took the fort. Bystander recalls that there supposedly wasn't any survivors. After the man on the beach's speech, Silver pays him. Silver and Randall walk around the beach and Peering Pirate tells Silver that a man was pulled from the water and the man is a member of The Walrus crew. Silver walks over to look at the man and it turns out to be Billy. Silver pays Lowly Merchant to hide Billy and Randall. Randall doesn't think Silver is doing the right thing and Billy wakes up and asks for Gates.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 5 XIII. played by Luke Arnold

Silver tries to explain Flint's actions to Billy. Billy realizes that Silver is keeping him so he doesn't challenge Flint. Billy tries to leave, but finds out that he is chained to a post. Billy asks Silver how he managed to secure being Flint's right hand man, and Silver reminds him that he told him that he was easily liked. Randall tells Billy that the crew like him and Silver asks Billy what he will tell the crew what happened when Billy fell overboard. Billy demands Silver release him and Randall tells Silver that the crew like Billy also. Silver then releases Billy.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 6 XIV. played by Luke Arnold

Silver tells Flint that Billy has returned. Flint returns to camp and shakes Billy's hand and they hug. Hornigold tells Flint that it is time to recapture the fort. After Hornigold threatens to hold a council to vote for a new captain, Silver tells Flint that he should have more votes than Hornigold, but Flint worries that if Hornigold loses, he still may attack the fort. Flint reassures Silver that the gold is still a priority. Muldoon tells Silver that Logan went to the brothel. Silver goes to the brothel and tells Max to send Logan back to camp. Max shows Silver the bodies of Logan and Charlotte and Silver comes up with a story that Logan and Charlotte fled to Providence.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 7 XV. played by Luke Arnold

Before the captaincy vote, Silver walks up to Flint and tells him that they need to talk and Flint looks and sees Vincent and Nicholas standing nearby. Silver then tells Flint that the Urca gold is gone. The pirates overhear Silver and start talking to each other about the stolen gold.

Dufresne tells Flint that the pirates have put aside the vote. Flint tells Silver that they need to come up with a good case for returning Abigail Ashe to Peter Ashe and asks Silver to make the case to the pirates. Silver accuses Flint of engineering the gold having gone missing and tells him that he and Flint are no longer partners. Flint tells Silver that if he leaves then Silver will be a nobody while with Flint, the pirates listen to Silver. Silver gives his speech and admits to the pirates that he planned on leaving them when they got the gold. He tells them that he thinks many of them also had that idea, but now with the gold gone, their only other option is getting reconciliation.

Silver tells Max that the Urca gold wasn't put back on the ship, but that the crew guarding it started to die from a sickness and it is now undefended and he bribed Vincent and Nicholas to tell Flint the gold was gone. He then suggests they come up with a crew to get it.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 8 XVI. played by Luke Arnold

Silver tells the crew a story of when he was on a merchant vessel and when he first saw Charles Town. He continues about how he and the rest of the crew saw the execution of Solomon Little. Silver ends his story by telling the pirates that the entire population of Charles Town is eager to see them dead. At the end of his speech, Silver notices Nicholas laughing. Silver has a meeting with Nicholas and Vincent and angrily reminds Nicholas that if anyone detects their story about the gold was a lie, they will be dead men. Nicholas walks away and Silver tells Vincent that Nicholas may become a problem for them. Vincent tells Silver that he sabotaged the ropes so Nicholas would fall to his death. Silver runs to the deck and then sees Nicholas fall to his death.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 9 XVII. played by Luke Arnold

Silver sees Billy climbing the rigging and asks Vincent if Billy will find any indication that there was sabotage of the rope. Silver goes to look for Randall and finds him dead. Vincent pulls Silver behind the stairs and they watch as the crew in the cargo hold are silently killed. A battle erupts and Silver tells Vincent that they have three options, hang in Charles Town, die on the ship or persuade Vane to hand over the ship. Silver and Vincent sabotage the ship. Vane approaches Silver, but is ambushed by Vincent, who holds a knife to his throat. The Boat Captain tells Vane and his men that Peter has a message for them, Flint has violated Peter's trust and he will be placed under arrest. Flint will be put on trial and hung and if the pirate ship remains, it will be sunk. Vane gets free of Vincent and brings Vincent and Silver on deck. Vane tells his crew that Nassau is strongest when it is feared and suggests they free Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 10 XVIII. played by Luke Arnold

Billy tells Silver that there is a difference between Vane rescuing Flint to stop Flint from becoming a trophy and Vane saving Flint. Billy tells Silver that he has eight votes against Mr. Scott as quartermaster. Yardley has Baymen Lieutenant grab Silver and Flint's crew stand up to block them from leaving with Silver. Billy headbutts Yardley and a fight breaks out, but Silver is dragged away.

Silver is brought to Jenks who is sitting next to Vincent. Jenks asks Silver to give him a list of ten names of crew members who might help him. Silver figures out that Jenks plans on killing all those not named and tells him no. Jenks then shoots and kills Vincent. Jenks has Silver put on a table and then starts to beat Silver's leg with a sledgehammer. As Jenks is about to slit Silver's throat, Flint's crew storm into the room and Billy kills Jenks while Yardley and Baymen Lieutenant are also killed. Silver is brought to Dr. Howell who removes Silver's injured leg. Later Silver wakes up and Flint tells him what has happened since he was unconscious and that Silver is the new quartermaster. Silver then tells Flint that Vincent lied about the Urca gold having been recovered by the Spanish.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 1 XIX. played by Luke Arnold

Once Flint and his crew return from a raid, Silver orders the plunder to be brought on board. Billy says the vanguard members did a good job, but Flint demands Dobbs be removed for losing his nerve. Silver tells Flint that they should remove Flint from the vanguard crew as his death is too much to risk. Flint says that he will decide when their tactics change, but Silver tells him that it is he who will decide what happens as he is the quartermaster. Dr. Howell tells Silver that Silver's wound is not properly healing and that he should use crutches instead of the boot. Hallendale's ship is spotted floating in the water. De Groot tells Silver and Billy that maybe the ship was abandoned. Dooley thinks they should check the ship out in case the crew needs help and Silver agrees, but Flint thinks it is a bad idea.

Flint goes onto Hallendale's ship with Billy, Joji, Dooley and a few other crew members. Silver sees a ship in the distance. Flint and the others return and notes that the ship is under British colors and is a pirate hunter. The ship pulls up next to The Walrus and Hornigold tells the crew that he will give them pardons if they surrender. Flint tells his crew that he could never surrender to England after they have taken so much from him. He says that England must be afraid of them if they are offering them all pardons. Flint then tells the crew that they are going to sail into the nearby storm. As Hornigold's ship is about to fire on The Walrus, Flint has the crew sail towards the storm and Hornigold follows him. Muldoon tells Silver that the ship has damage from Hornigold shooting at it and Silver tells him to seal it up as best he can. Billy thinks there must be someone new in charge as it seems improbable that someone could secure so many pardons.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 2 XX. played by Luke Arnold

Silver tells Billy that the crew should have accepted Hornigold's pardons and then when they were placed back on land, returned to piracy. Silver and Muldoon are below decks trying to plug holes when Muldoon tells Silver that Silver did his part for the crew. The ship is hit by a knockdown wave and some cannons get loose and crush Muldoon against the wall of the ship. Silver tries to help him, but the cannons are too heavy. Muldoon realizes that he is going to die and Silver again tries to free him, but Muldoon dies. Dooley goes to the bottom of the ship and finds Silver staring the body of Muldoon. Later, De Groot tells Flint that the storm drove them into the Sargasso Sea. Billy tells Flint that they lost most of their fresh water and they have very little food. Flint asks how far the nearest coast is and Silver tells him that they are three weeks from land.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 3 XXI. played by Luke Arnold

During the 12th day in the Doldrums, Flint tells Billy and Silver that it will take more than seven to ten days to reach a nearby island and they will have to cut the crews' rations again. He then comes up with the idea to feed certain members of the crew, who are deemed to be of more importance, and not the others. Silver starts to argue with Flint, but Billy stops him.

On day 18 on The Walrus, Billy tells Silver that he needs to accept his water ration and that he will need his strength when Silver finally confronts Flint. Silver tells Billy that Flint has a need for others to see him as the hero and being seen as the villain is torture to him. Palmer and Oates are accused of stealing rations. Silver holds a trial to figure out which one of them stole the rations. Oates insists he would never steal from the crew. Palmer says that during everything that has happened, he has never complained. Flint walks up and shoots Palmer in the head and then starts to reload his gun. Billy tells Silver to do something, but Silver does nothing. Flint then shoots Oates in the head. Billy tells Silver that if Flint tries to kill another innocent member of the crew, he is going to do something about it.

On day 21, Billy tells Flint that they spotted a whale carcass. De Groot says that whale's float after they rot, but Silver insists they go after it and tells Flint he is coming also. Silver and Flint row out to the whale carcass and while they are rowing, Silver admits to Flint that he stole the Urca gold from Flint and tells Flint that he must decide if they will be partners or enemies. They get to the carcass and find it to be too rotten, but find it surrounded by sharks feasting on the carcass. Flint harpoons a shark and they drag it onto the boat. They bring the shark back to the ship and feed the crew with it. After the wind returns, the crew of The Walrus arrive at an island and go ashore.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Luke Arnold

The pirates from The Walrus are gathering water and food on the island while also making camp. Flint walks over to Silver and asks him how his leg is doing. Silver tells Flint that he and Billy think that England may have come up with a plan for a universal pardon. Silver thinks they may return to a Nassau that is under assault by the British, but Flint thinks if there was a battle, it is already over. A group of Maroons capture The Walrus crew.

As they are being brought to the Maroon camp, Dooley wonders if the Maroons will be less harsh on them due to them fleeing a few slaves, but Billy reminds him that they sold more than they freed. Silver's leg goes out from under him and Twitchy Pirate tries to escape. Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She asks Flint what his name is and then asks who their quartermaster is. Silver steps forward and The Maroon Queen asks him how they found the island and who else knew where they were. She asks him if he was in her position if he would take the word of a pirate and then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage. Dooley asks Flint what is going to happen to them and Ben Gunn tells him that those who survive the initial purge will then be forced to do hard labor.

A dead pirate is dragged from The Maroon Queen's hut and Ben tells Billy that there is supposedly a king that lives elsewhere and provides them with hard to get items. Silver sees Madi walking around the village and asks about her and Ben says that Madi is The Maroon Queen's daughter. Silver then tells Flint that Madi may be sympathetic to their cause. During the night, Silver is brought before Madi by Udo. She asks him why his crew refused their pardons and Silver tells her that Flint wants England to fear him, while The Maroon Queen wants her followers to fear England. Before Silver is brought back to the cage, he asks Madi to save Flint's crew from death from The Maroon Queen. Silver tells Flint that Madi can be used to help them. Flint tells Silver that Woodes Rogers' plan is something he came up with and resisting it is something against what he used to be.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 5 XXIII. played by Luke Arnold

A group of maroons carry Mr. Scott ashore on a stretcher and Billy, who can't see who it is, asks Silver who is on the stretcher. Ben tells them that Mr. Scott is the king of the maroons. Later, Flint tells his crew about Mr. Scott's idea, but first he must convince The Maroon Queen to agree to the plan. He tells them that if he feels The Maroon Queen will not agree to the idea, then he will take The Maroon Queen hostage and force her to release his crew. Silver tells Flint that Billy doesn't care if Flint dies and tells Flint that he believes that if Flint wants to, he can convince anyone of anything. Flint is brought before The Maroon Queen and afterwards, Billy and the rest of the crew are freed by Kofi and Flint thanks Silver for giving him a reason to stay alive.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 6 XXIV. played by Luke Arnold

Madi finds Silver and starts criticizing him for not attending a ceremony when she notices his inflamed leg wound. Silver tells her that he has a fever and it will pass. Madi tells Udo to wait while she gets Fremah and Silver tells her that he can't look weak in front of his men or her men. Madi tells him she understands what he is going through and the crown is always a burden, but cannot be worn if he cannot stand. Fremah applies a poultice to Silver's stump and Madi holds his hand. Afterwards, Silver tells Madi that his burden isn't the crew, but Flint.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 7 XXV. played by Luke Arnold

Flint tells Madi, Silver, Vane and Billy his plan when they arrive at Nassau. Vane doesn't think it is worth it to try and recruit the pirates who turned their backs on them and Flint tells him the point is not to necessarily gain recruits, but to make those who don't join them afraid to fight them. Billy says that Silver should be the one sent to recruit. De Groot tells Flint that Nassau has been spotted.

Silver goes to a tavern with Billy, Dooley and Joji and walks over to the desk holding the pardon books. He warns the former pirates inside that they have betrayed Flint. Tavern Bystander says that Flint is dead. Silver tells the people in the tavern that everyone whose name is in the pardon book originally pledged to defend Nassau and then takes the book. He says that anyone who meets them on the beach will be accepted back, while those who don't rejoin will face consequences. Dufresne stands up and calls Silver half a man and calls Flint's threat weak. He walks up to Silver and calls him an invalid and Silver hits Dufresne in the face with a tankard and then crushes his head with his stump. Once they are back on the ship word spreads among the crew about what Silver did to Dufresne. Flint asks Silver how he is doing emotionally and Silver tells him that sometimes he feels good after doing the bad things he must do.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 8 XXVI. played by Luke Arnold

Madi asks Silver how they are able to see Nassau, but the people on Nassau cannot see them. He explains that De Groot explained to him that in their current position, their hull sits below the horizon. She tells him that she heard that he killed Dufresne and says she is concerned of his mind not being clear. Dooley tells Silver that he needs to speak with him and takes Silver to the cargo hold where Dobbs, Joji, and Wayne are standing over Chidi, who has been beaten up and has his hands tied. Dobbs says that in the Maroon camp they killed Parker, Louis, Graves, and Simon and Chidi was the one who chose them to be killed.

Dooley suggests they either kill Chidi or let him kill Dobbs, but Silver decides to tell Madi what has happened. Madi is brought to see Chidi and Silver tells her that Dobbs is the one responsible and he will be punished. Madi cuts Chidi loose and tells Silver that Chidi will tell the others that he offended Madi and was punished by Kofi. Madi tells Silver, she grew up with Chidi and it was hard not to let him have his revenge, but she thought what was best for their future. Silver assures her that it will not happen again and while Dobbs is sleeping, he is beaten by Dooley and a few other pirates. Lookout spots ship sails and Silver tells De Groot to head back to shore.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 9 XXVII. played by Luke Arnold

The Royal Lion continues to chase The Walrus. Leadsman calls out the surface depths to Dooley who then repeats it to De Groot. The Leadsman continues to yell out depths and De Groot tells Flint that both anchors are ready. Flint tells Mr. Williamson to hard to port and to drop the anchors and The Walrus turns to face the Royal Lion. The crew of The Walrus and the Maroons unload the supplies, and The Maroon Queen hugs Madi and asks Flint how much time they have before Hornigold attacks. She notices Chidi appears to have been beaten and asks Madi about it. After The Maroon Queen and Madi leave, Silver admits to Flint that Dobbs assaulted Chidi and then Silver had Dooley and Wayne beat Dobbs. Flint tells Silver that the real reason he had Dobbs punished was because the darkness took over him and that he must learn to control the darkness. Kofi blows a horn marking the death of Mr. Scott and Silver goes to check on Madi.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10 XXVIII. played by Luke Arnold

Flint digs a hole to bury Rackham and Anne's treasure chest in. Silver asks Flint if he thinks it is a good idea to bury the chest without telling friends and Rackham agrees with Flint that it is best that The Maroon Queen doesn't know. Flint tells Silver that The Maroon Queen knows and she agreed to it as long as Silver knew where it was hidden. Silver asks Flint if he is having second thoughts about the upcoming war with England and the soon to be personal losses that will happen on both sides, but Flint only regrets the necessity of it. Silver asks Flint what caused the rift between him and England, but Flint doesn't answer. Later, Flint tells Silver about his relationship with Thomas Hamilton and what started his war with England. Silver tells Flint that he chose Dobbs to lead Hornigold into a trap. Flint is surprised that Silver chose Dobbs due to Silver having recently punished Dobbs. Silver reveals to Flint that he believes that Dobbs feels shame for having disappointed him and will do anything he asks to regain Silver's good favor. The battle begins and Silver hands Madi a rifle and she tells him that The Maroon Queen let her fight, because she knows that soon, Madi will have to take her place as the leader of their people.